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ALL DAY YESTERDAY and all the day before that the wind blew hard and hot. Like a blow torch. My skin was black with dust and my hay fever was out of control. The storms and rain last night was very welcome. Though Boo… Continue Reading “WIND LIKE A BLOW-TORCH”

A little red kite

Yesterday Connor our second woofer joined the fold. It is a funny thing how a person begins an intense communication with me as they travel across the country and sometimes across the world to my little farm. As they get closer our txts and calls… Continue Reading “A little red kite”

The Kitchens Garden

Sometimes we forget that the Kitchen Gardens are just as vibrant and busy as the Kitchen’s Garden Farm with all its animals.  Here I have big vegetable gardens and just as big is the flower garden.   Big flower gardens are not usual out here… Continue Reading “The Kitchens Garden”


It rained almost all day yesterday. Lovely gentle warm rain. I came in from the evening chores soaked to the first layer and happy as a lark. The trees are blooming. Here are two of my favourites: Magnolia ‘Butterflies’  This is the most wonderful… Continue Reading “Rain”

The Winters Tail

That nasty Discontented Winter has created some gaps in the gardens.  Big gaps. It’s icy tail flicked across the gardens and sent killing shivers down the spines of trees and vines. The peach tree and a couple of a little apple trees -Dead. Also a big apple tree… Continue Reading “The Winters Tail”

The cave

Yesterday was cooler so I tried to spend some time inside doing interesting inside jobs as opposed to the drudgery inside jobs that I do At Speed.  So I packaged up more postcards to be sent.  Then I worked in my new Cave.  John… Continue Reading “The cave”

It rained and it was a good rain

Shortly after the camera and I and a new friend took a tour of the grounds, the skies opened and it poured. Though the term the ‘skies opened’ is questionable. As we walked around the skies closed above us. Then lowered down.  There may… Continue Reading “It rained and it was a good rain”