ALL DAY YESTERDAY and all the day before that the wind blew hard and hot. Like a blow torch. My skin was black with dust and my hay fever was out of control. The storms and rain last night was very welcome. Though Boo jumping onto the bed when the thunder rolled was not so welcome.The flowers on the magnolia all popped open in yesterdays heat and were fried dry on the same day.

The ducklings did spend most of the day in the turkey house out of the winds – I had to herd them out for a photo shoot. It was so hot last night that I turned all the chicks and ducklings heat sources off. I have to mention here that July temperatures with April winds are a nasty mix.


Do you see their little wings forming?


They look so Neanderthal. By late afternoon we were at 90F and still blowing hard with racing rain clouds above us.

DSC_0369 (2)

I brought Sheila into the barn. She was on the list to bring in this weekend so I can prepare her big field for resowing. So this is just a few days early.  I have no more straw for her house and did not want the old girl sleeping on wet ground. She was obviously grateful.


The piglets are almost always drinking from their mother while she and they are standing up now. She does not sing to them anymore but stands still and sleepy like an old horse and they drink their fill.


It won’t be long now and I will wean her from these fat babies and she and Sheila will continue down to the root cellar for the summer.

Yesterday my neighbor came and sowed the sweetcorn.

Our lives run in these cycles. I don’t feel the comfort of them yet. The cycles of the seasons make me feel trapped. Mired in inertia. Though mired and inertia are not comfortable sentence – bedfellows. I need to make sure to challenge myself often or I get restless. I think many of us are like this.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: The blow- torch heat has broken. Thanks Gods. And rain for the fields and gardens and sown seeds. YAY.

Thursday 05/03 80% / 0.29 in
Isolated thunderstorms this morning, then mainly cloudy during the afternoon with thunderstorms likely. A few storms may be severe. High 77F. Winds SW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

Thursday Night 05/03 50% / 0.1 in
Windy with scattered thunderstorms. A few storms may be severe. Low 64F. Winds SSW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

5:48 AM 7:51 PM


Waning Gibbous, 89% visible 11:25 PM 8:27 AM


35 Comments on “WIND LIKE A BLOW-TORCH

  1. That wind sounds hellish! I’m glad I saw the bit at the end that said it had dropped. It’s stressful for everyone: you, the animals and the land. You’re having such bizarre weather these last few months. Fingers crossed for something a bit more normal and moderate, for everyone’s sake.

  2. Ninety degrees & high winds sound a horrible combination & the blowing dirt would be almost as bad as stinging sand hitting you in the face in the desert. Who wouldn’t feel inert or trapped. I would be shouting into the blast, “Let me out of here!” Thank the gods is right that’s its over & there is cool rain & normal temperatures. Some sort of test, Celi, & you passed it!

    • I was filthy after working yesterday and my nose was running all day long from the dust – the fields are empty oceans of dry dirt so it just blows right through the house too.

  3. The blossom picture is amazing!…and such a great capture of the ducks too..those little buggers don’t stand still long.
    They look like they are smiling, I never noticed that before. 🙂

  4. Love the yellow Magnolia, thanks ☺ the ducks blue bills always make look twice somehow. Hope the nasty hayfever clears soon. Laura

  5. My nose is wrinkled at the 90 degrees and wind! So the duck bills – the little bulb thing in the middle at the end – wonder what purpose that serves? I’m so curious on how they will look full grown. The sounds of all the animals with the new added sound of ducks must be wonderful! Pat Boo for me…. I know storms are scary at night. I’m not fond of them either.

    • he is such a baby about storms – lucky I did not have the good sheets on the bed – he would have got a short shift then -storm or no storm

    • That little bulb thing is more like a sharp hook. I cannot for the life of me remember what it’s called (if I ever knew), but am too tired to Google it. However, I do know what it’s for! It is just sharp enough, hard enough and pointy enough to break through the egg shell when the ducklings are ready to break free. Then over the course of a few days or so, it breaks or falls off so they have the typically rounded bill.

      Nature is amazing!
      Chris S in Canada

  6. Whoa! What a majestic picture of Mr. Flowers! And YAY, finally your tulip magnolia is blooming! xo

  7. Soon all the babies will no longer be babies, everyone is growing so quickly with the good food and care.

  8. Wow. That weather pattern was bizarre. I’m glad that is over. And everyone seems OK. That shot of the trees and sky in the wind is amazing. And the flower: so beautiful. I hope today is much nicer.

  9. So bizarre, this year, isn’t it? We have also jumped straight from Winter to Summer in the space of barely two weeks; gone from March/sugaring off weather to this – the Buds have only had a few days to break and now we’re up into mid 20’s??! I see your Magnolia shows the marks of both ):
    And you’re right: SO much pollen with-held, from so many species, for so long… *sigh*
    How is your asparagus responding to this sudden intense heat after being frost-nipped repeatedly, Celi? Too brief to be noticed, I hope!

  10. I think challenges & projects are the key… seasons and cycles do what they do, years pass quickly. So to be able to delineate them with quests, ocasions, and accomplishments & celebrations -significant or small- gives shape & meaning to what could otherwise become a blur.

  11. Everything is blossoming in a matter of hours. And I can’t look at the ducklings without thinking “vogue”.

  12. Gads! Weather! I have never experienced any severe weather, but I do not like the sound of it. We get significant wind. We get significant warmth. I suppose we get quite a bit of weather. However, we do not get warm wind! That really sounds unpleasant, and would be bad for the forest.

  13. Oh those ducklings are just so cute … and yes I can see their wings forming. Wind is so destructive, how I loathe it, especially when trees are laden with blossom. Hope that hay fever is under control ..

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