WELL, Almost everyone.I opened the door for the ducks and for the longest time this is all I saw.


TonTon was watching them very closely and very still and Boo hung way back but still the dogs scared them and they waddled at speed back into their house at the sign of any movement.

And quite out of the blue (and the skies were very blue yesterday) – there they were, playing in their water and enjoying the sunshine.






I have run out of hay and while I find more I have let the cows out – way too early – into their pasture.  The grass should be much higher, they will eat this down way too fast but I have no choice.  When a few more bales arrive I will bring them back up to the concrete but for the moment they are more than happy to be under the summer trees.DSC_0329DSC_0335

This shot (below) is taken across the two acres that we have absorbed from Johns family acres and sown in hay grasses and oats. The seed is in the ground and if the rains do come this week the oats will surely pop up. Buckwheat is another very good recovery crop but I use oats because I can cut and bale it for feed.


Land recovered from mono agriculture, after years of tilling and spraying and GM cropping, takes a long time to recover its health.  Decades really. But all that is another story for another post. Or a previous post. We just plod along as best we can and hope that the next generations will carry on after I am gone. Though we don’t even own this land – it is all tied up in Johns family trusts and things, the older generation is still in charge. I just take out a couple of acres every few years and am grateful they can bear the loss of income.

The big pigs, Molly and Manu are also allowed out in their field. Now that the cows have been over it once. I cannot tell you how relieved they are.


Can you see them? In the distance?

Good morning. I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Hot and Windy. That will get the grass growing.

Tuesday 05/01 0% / 0 in
Sunny early then partly cloudy and windy this afternoon. High 82F. Winds SSW at 20 to 30 mph.

Tuesday Night 05/01 20% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. Low 62F. Winds SSW at 15 to 25 mph.

5:51 AM 7:49 PM


Full, 98% visible 9:34 PM 7:09 AM

38 Comments on “EVERYONE IS OUT

  1. My goodness, that grass is wonderful, such a vivid, vital shade of green. I’m not at all surprised the cows are delighted to be out on it. I think I’d be rolling around in it myself after a winter on hay. Your Campbell ducklings are wonderful, so well grown and lively. Lots of happy new life on the Farmy.

    • Yes! The spring grass is an otherworldly colour I think – especially against the dead gray of the fields- the big machines are planting maize as gas as they can now so soon we will be all green again.

  2. you need super express grown grass…made especially for such times as the grass is not enough and there is no hay….hope that it will all get sorted out (its growing at amazing rate in my garden)

  3. Happy May Day! Now – if there is a May Pole to be found – I might just dance a jig around it. 😉 Beautiful GREEN pictures.

  4. Rain is forecast for most of this week here. I hope you get some as well. Good morning!

  5. Are the flowers and leaves coming out on the trees yet? They still look pretty bare. Everything is turning green around here! Very exciting!!! 🙂

  6. Hooray! Hooray! Calloo, callay – it’s May! And green-up time, as they say in my native land, Kentucky.

  7. Curiosity got the better of the ducks – no doubt they’ll forget about the dogs when they get used to them.

  8. every day is a lovely day when I read your posts in the morning! They send such cheer and contentment to me knowing how much care you give to the land and all the animals.

  9. You have greened up beautifully and getting warmer everyday, at last, enjoy. Laura

  10. Look at that green! I’m just starting to see signs of life around here, though I know we’ve been emerald-colored by this time in past years.

  11. We’re planning for rain, wind, thunder, with snow higher up today. We’ve already done one mowing with the tractor, and this rain today will help it all to grow back at twice the speed of light!

  12. Oh my, your grass is so much longer than here. It’s really quite behind, my horses are longing for some green. I did manage to rake all the winter debris out of the veggie and flower beds and it was warm the last couple of days. If the thunder storms do come tonight as predicted everything should pop. About time too!

  13. Our grass is just a green haze in the fields yet. But it won’t be long!!!! Warm weather in the forecast and rain all day insures quick grass growth! Yay!

  14. I have a stupid question. When you give the pigs hard boiled eggs, do you peel them?

    • Nope. I just smash the whole egg shell
      And all into their Greens. For the big pigs I just say open wide and pop the eggs in one after the other

      • Thank you! Looks like my piggies will be having some more treats.

  15. Mono culture and all those other add ons are always so bad for the soil and the microorganisms .. how nice to be able to sneak a few acres here and there. Lovely images Celi .. that grass looks luscious. 🙂

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