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Fruit on the farm

My first raspberry crop is coming along nicely.  I am hoping for enough to make good old fashioned raspberry jam.  The blueberry crop is as pathetic as ever. Blueberries really do not like this swamp soil. They need something a bit more acidic.  There… Continue Reading “Fruit on the farm”

The Kitchens Garden

Sometimes we forget that the Kitchen Gardens are just as vibrant and busy as the Kitchen’s Garden Farm with all its animals.  Here I have big vegetable gardens and just as big is the flower garden.   Big flower gardens are not usual out here… Continue Reading “The Kitchens Garden”


The girls have been bred by the Lady Vet and her very long very skinny silver syringe that she stores down her top so it does not get cold.  Both procedures went smoothly. In a little over a month we will take blood samples for a… Continue Reading “bred”