How to make Celi’s Sweet Chilli Sauce

Look at those beautiful grapes, if I could make a wine that tasted just like these grapes I would be thrilled, and look at my beautiful flower, eaten by the bad bugs.  But still beautiful.

Thing Two asks that no-one notice the little drop of milk on his nose. 

He is trying so hard for a solemn serious look.  

This is where the guineas sleep at night. Which is fine but they set up a din in the night if anything strange strolls past and of course this fence is only a stones throw from the bedroom window. But if you do throw the stone to try and shut them up they scream at the stone as well. Last night they were wild with noise screeching and stamping, as the coyotes were very close. The dog howling was so loud that I went out with my torch twice to check the animals. I yelled back at the coyotes too and unlike the guineas they shut up the moment they hear me.

After all the chores are done in the morning. The dogs and I walk the fences, the dogs leaving their scent on all the corners to let the coyotes know where our boundaries are. Right at the end of the walk Ton is allowed to race to the porch and retrieve one of his toys from the tin jug where they live now.  And we play.

TonTon and I practice this shot every morning,   me throwing the ball then shooting him catching it and sometimes, maybe once or twice, we get the  shot.

The Final Sweet Chilli Sauce.

In  a blender: 3 garlic cloves, 3 seeded hot red peppers, 1/2 seeded red capsicum (sweet pepper), 1/3 cup rice vinegar, 1 cup water.  After you have chopped and blended, pour into saucepan with 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 tsp salt. Bring to a rolling boil for about 5 minutes.  Then thicken with 1 small tablespoon cornflour (cornstarch).  Jar.

The hot sauce will keep in the fridge for quite some time.  I intend to make another larger  and stronger batch today.  The heat from this sauce dissipates reasonably quickly so I will also freeze and dry the abundant crop of peppers and make a batch whenever I want it. It comes together very fast.
Chicken given a final hot toss in this chilli sauce with pine nuts, caramelised capsicum and kale. A very good dinner.

Good morning. Time to do the milking and feed the animals.   You all have a lovely day.


On this day last year –  How to make a ginger-beer bug.

66 Comments on “How to make Celi’s Sweet Chilli Sauce

  1. That’s a wonderfully simple sauce and as i’ve just poached a chicken I may well be making that. I’ve tried to photograph Trigger doing that ( not Roy Roger’s horse but our daughter’s poodle) with no success:)

  2. Good morning, c. Lovely photo of those grapes. Theys looks nice n sweet. Tomorrow morning is youngest son’s wedding day, so I’m off for a wax and buff like an old car. I suspect that a car scrubs up better though. Have a lovely weekend, and love to my farmy friends. xx

  3. I love the shot of your dog going for the ball mid-air. I hope the coyotes are quiet tonight so you can have an uninterrupted sleep xx

    • The coyotes will be around for a while now that the creeks are rising nicely and all the little dinners are starting to scurry about again! I don’t mind as long as they stay on their side of the fence.. c

  4. The meal with the chili sauce looks absolutely delicious!!! I will try it this weekend!!! Oh, and give Ton Ton a big hug from me! He is such a sweetie, just like you!!! Happy Friday! Di

    • I am thrilled with the sauce as i put it in everything, even when i make grilled cheese, but on chicken is the best! c

  5. Ah, guinea fowl. They sound like a 1000 rusty bicycles. I used to sit outside at dusk with a slingshot to keep them from roosting in the tree outside our window. Sweet memories.

    • What an excellent idea, i like how your mind works.. Though they certainly let me know if a strange animal comes onto the property.. c

  6. That dog in flight is just marvelous… how you can toss a ball and then capture him jumping is amazing… I love this blog… that sauce will be made and put on chicken strips tonight, with a lovely salad… just hope I don’t get it to hot … hate the burning bubbles the next day…

    • I made john do the taste test!! if you don’t like it too hot just 2 peppers or even one would do.. there are so many variables when you use fresh chillies.. and you can always make the next batch hotter.. c

  7. Good looking recipe- but I’m not very good with chilli’s – I make a similar medium hot sauce with red peppers (capsicums) which is the hottest I can take! I just went back for your ginger beer bug recipe. You can’t get ginger beer here, so I’m going to have to brave the idea of explosive bottles!

    • They mostly exploded because we used champagne yeast. My last batch had no casualties at all.. I can’t get ginger beer here either, it is all ginger ale which is not the same thing! c

  8. Celi, I had always been told that good salsa/chili had to be hand minced, and that using the blender or food processor in making them was cheating… Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one! Quick, easy and delicious is awesome every time!
    ~ Lynda

    • I am a cheat.. I am thrilled that you are one too! Actually I even went so far as to try to make it with the immersion blender in the sauce pan (always trying for less dishes) and just about knocked myself out with pepper fumes, I could not breathe (laughter), imagine doing it by hand.. one day i will try with a mortar and pestle but not yet!! c

  9. Enjoy hearing about your day and seeing your animals–so sorry you are being kept up at night. The recipe sounds great and doable — I am all for fairly simple when it comes to cooking.
    Have a good morning- LouAnn

  10. I had been thinking about what to do with my abundant pepper crop and now I know. Thanks. Your dinner looks delicious.

    • John always grows piles of the things, never labels them and actually uses about 52 a year, even this sauce does not use that many!! So I will still have heaps of them to freeze and dry.. c

  11. How lovely to have an abundance of peppers. I always shut my guinea fowl in the hen-house at night so they don’t keep me awake. Sometimes they won’t come in and roost in the tree that overhangs the pond and then make a noise in the morning because they can’t get into the hen-house. Pea sized brains.

    • I’ll say, not too bright at all, I have to train mine to go back in the barn at night, i think the peacocks chucked them out but they will not survive our winter stood out on a fence.. not at all.. morning Anne..c

    • Excellent, let me know how it works out and make adjustments anywhere you like.. after all i had to make it up in the end.. c

  12. It is a wonderfully simple recipe Celi, it must really allow the fine ingredients to shine. I love hot and sweet together so this will be something I will make.

  13. Do you think if I yell at an owl in the middle of the night, it will quiet down? I swear this owl was hooting right outside my bedroom window the other night. To be honest, I woke myself fully up just to listen to it.

  14. I’ll be filing this recipe away, Celi. I’m not a big hot sauce user but I’d rather make my own than buy more, if the need arises. And your recipe is certainly easy enough. Been a while since TonTon got the spotlight; being skunked doesn’t count. I don’t know how you manage to throw the ball and capture him catching it, but there you have it. Great shots! So far so good with the mozzarella. In a little while I’ll try and “spin” it. Enjoy today’s rain, Celi. I love the sound of it.

    • I throw the ball above the point i have focussed on.. then click.. does not work all the time though as i am seriously bad at throwing balls!! looking forward to the mozz!! c

      • Bad news on the mozzarella front. The curds formed just fine but I couldn’t get them to stretch. I’ve got more milk and will try again tomorrow. If this doesn’t work, I’ll try again when I return from my visit home. Fingers crossed.

    • Bands of coyotes live all over this region and many others. My little troupe have not bothered my stock to date, so I prefer to keep them. They keep the bad packs of coyotes at bay .. but in answer to your question – yes it is legal to go out and shoot as many as you can find, Though I prefer not to go down that path.. c

  15. Perfectly timed recipe Celi, well it would be if the chillies ripened ……. but like you I freeze them whole so I can merrily make this when they get their act together. Right, it’s late, I’m late, have a lovely day my frriend

  16. Good morning, c! I’m going to have to try that sauce! I love hot sauces, and this looks great. 🙂

  17. A sure sign of a change in the air – the coyotes moving closer. I’ve heard ours this week, too.
    Love those shots of Ton…I love Sweet Cleo, but I sure do miss my Smart Dog.

  18. Celi it is amazing how parallel our life is. The big field behind our home is planted with corn for the dairy cows. It is definitely as eye as an elephants eye. It is also very very close to our home and the dairy farm next door. The coyotes are taken advantage of this dense cover to move in close. Unfortunately today one became too bold and was almost in the barn where the dry stock hangs out. He has gone to coyote heaven. Our neighbor Farmer does not like having to shoot coyotes. They are part of the system that keep the rats in the drainage ditches in check. Living on the delta close to the Fraser River our house is actually below sea level. Your photographs just make me smile and say sweet. Have a splendid weekend and a sleep-in Sunday morning. Virginia

    • They know where the line is as a rule, any dog that oversteps it has to go, or they will lead the rest of the pack in ..I have been pretty lucky so far.. c

      • I understand Celi. It is the same here. They can wander around the back forty but when they come into the yard that’s it. Have a wonderful week-end.

  19. YUM! Will definitely make some of this.
    There’s something centering about walking fences: checking the fence/posts, noting animal tracks, and birds started…thinking and prioritizing what needs to be done. Talking. Just ordinary stuff. I used to do it with my dad. (and various dogs). It’s like setting the world in order?
    Great shots of cat, sheep and guineas – they are so loud! (but it’s their job)
    Have a nice weekend!

  20. I quite like, from time to time, laying awake listening to the night sounds but I’m not sure I’d enjoy the coyotes, I’d be up yelling as well. Have put your final chilli sauce at the top of my to do list, had the nod of approval for the chicken dish by the G.O. ( who also smiled at Ton and Thing 2’s photos) if I swap the kale for snow peas – thank you 🙂

  21. Dinner looks lovely! I bet it smells good, too. I used to have a kitty who looked just like that. Always solemn, no lap-sitting nonsense for him. But that was ok, I had enough who wanted to be on my lap! Coyotes seem to be showing up everywhere these days.

    • Thing 2 is like that as well, he would never sit on a lap, Thing 1 on the other hand is always looking for a snuggle!

  22. Celi – now exactly why did you leave this wonderfully simple chilli sauce recipe right down the line? Hope not to have to buy any after this! And, thought I knew most of your menagerie by now BUT all of a sudden there is ThingTwo and I dearly feel like making close friends and that drop of milk is cuddly endearing to remove!

  23. Look at Ton! He is one handsome dog! And how you were able to catch the photos at those precise moments is quite amazing! 🙂

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