Building fences with BooBoo

Fencing is my least favourite job. But BooBoo is always happiest outside with me.

Ton is not fond of fencing because he hates loud noises (especially when I am driving in the fencing posts with the post bommy-knocker thingy) and he will always race back to the house.

TonTon the Border collie. Lying on his inside bed. Wooden chest in middle background. Red couch behind that then windows.

But once Boo has put his toys away he always comes outside with me.

Rolls of snow fence. Open field with fencing under construction. Old barn in background. White calf hut to the right.

Yesterday I rolled up all the snow fences, pulled out the T posts and began to lay out the hog panels.

Once I am out in the field I cannot believe it took me so long to get to this fencing job. When I was milking I was out in the fields every day.

You will remember that this field I am creating will be for Hey Jude and FreeBee. They will root around in here for the summer and turn it all over, eating up all the weeds and fertilising as they go. It will be next summers garden. Once it is finished I will sow it in oats and once everything is greened up I will lead the big-as-a-fat-pony pigs over here and set them to work.

Farm dog sitting in empty winter field. Large cloudy sky above. Horizon flat.

Today I will drag over more hog panel; they are stashed in all kinds of weedy out of the way places so it will be a job. The number of panels I can find will determine the size of the field for Jude and FreeBee.

And like all choices the panels will determine the size of 2024 kitchens garden.

Look below, apparently the heated water bucket (unplugged for obvious reasons) is the favourite place to lay an egg.

Black chicken with red comb sitting in blue bucket to lay egg. Bucket is attached to barn wall.

Who knew.

Pot belly pig nose showing from under straw and blankets. Old barn interior. Orange, Red and Black Rooster in foreground

Can you see WaiWai’s little nose poking out from under his bed. He makes that bed himself through out the day then burrows under from the bottom until he is totally covered.

Have a gorgeous day!


PS Here is a shot of one of my gardens from 2015. Working full time at the mill made the gardening tough, then I was away, then I was teaching.

But today I sent in my resignation to the online teaching crowd.

So I look forward to getting back to The Kitchens Garden.

Spring is coming and there is a lot to do before I commence my annual journey to Australasia.

The kitchens garden. cabbages, kale, rhubarb in the middle background. Then chicken tractor with more garden behind it. In the long background in a field of sunflowers.

I will restructure my travel next year (2024) so Hey Judes garden will get tons of summer attention. But this year it will be spring and late summer gardens.


26 Comments on “Building fences with BooBoo

  1. Welcome to the Lounge of Comments – I would love to hear from you!

    I am off out to collect the eggs and find those hog panels then I will pop in to say hullo! It is Sunday! A busy day on the farmy.

  2. I so love Boo’s toy pictures. He is a dear old boy. So many changes happening for you C, as long as they seem right and true for you. I love feeling more connected again to TKG and the farmy. I have missed this place over these many years of work and travel, but like everything else in life those years have made you wiser and have now brought you back home for even more important work in a much bigger sense. Is that Wai’s rooster standing watch?

  3. Those dogs are such characters! I remember your amazing pig paradise garden from a few years ago – that was realy something.

  4. I LOVE this name: post bommy-knocker thingy. I take it this is not a trade name—–more a descriptive name thingy thing. I have various thingies around these days as my memory isn’t exactly what it used to be.

    • My Dad used to do that too. Even when we were young – make up names!

      It was a family joke.

      The thing behind the whatsit. By the thing a ma gig!

  5. Busy, busy, busy, you pack so much into a day, you must be shattered by the end of it. I hope you find some time to put your feet up at the end of the day. Wai Wai’s bed and his rooster, such a funny old boy. Having always been such a loner he does seem a bit more tolerant of company in his old age! Have a good week.

  6. Ah, Ton, bless. He must be getting up in years. I’m not keen on loud noises myself.

  7. Your summer garden will be beautiful as was last year’s. Lucky you to have happy 4-legged workers to help. I loved the picture of BooBoo with his toy, our girls always greet us at the door with one of their ‘babies’ in their mouths. Old dogs are simply the best, we treasure every day with them (although puppies are fun as well). We are off to New Zealand tonight and gone for 3 weeks and will miss you all.

      • We are flying to Auckland tonight and spending 4 days there, then down to the South Island for a 2-week hiking tour. We were all set to go in March 2020, the Prime Minister closed the borders 2 days before our flight was to leave San Francisco. Then life, weddings, moving elderly families into care homes, and new puppies got in the way until it could all be rescheduled. The folks at New Zealand Trails have been very patient with the 7 of us (although we let them keep our money for 3 years). Friends keep asking us if we are excited, I think we are all too nervous that something will happen at the last minute. I won’t be relaxed and excited until we are on the runway! I am enjoying your blog. March is a sad month, I agree. Although usually, February is just as bad.

  8. It’s SO good to have you posting regularly again! And now the Farmy is back to life and real again in my imagination, peopled with creatures who’ve been there all along, but a bit invisible. When are you heading south? It would be so serendipitous if we were in the same place at the same time, but that’s a bit much to ask of the Universe. We’ll be in Melbourne 18th- 22nd June…

    • You are right! The stars are not aligning. I think I am there is July. I have had to change my dates so John could go away and am not leaving here until June 26 I think. Then two weeks at the beach before going to Aussie.

      • You are leaving home two days after we get home… I’m sad about that, but it would have been a bit of a miracle if it had worked out.

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