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Pig in a Pot

Poor Poppy wants nothing more than to sit in her water pot. But Sheila said No.  Sheila that was a little bit mean. The hay is rolled and drying fast. Bad weather comes in tonight so I am hoping to bale this evening.  We… Continue Reading “Pig in a Pot”

Summer Quarters

Sheila my Big Fat Pig  and Hop and Pop Poppy are finally out in their Pig Hut for the summer.  This is the first time that Sheila has had to sleep outside and she is deeply unimpressed. For the last few days she has… Continue Reading “Summer Quarters”

The professor

Do you see The Professor doing his high wire act? I love his new name. I wonder what he calls himself.  Grace my woofer/farm hand from Korea told me that her mother is worried about her travelling around America by herself. So though I… Continue Reading “The professor”

Boo will have to mind the baby today, it will be a busy one.

Dawn across the sea of snow. Marcel is doing very well. By yesterday afternoon he was following me about the kitchen. Boo Nanny is having to adjust to her lambie rising up and standing and being almost a tall as his Nanny. Boo is… Continue Reading “Boo will have to mind the baby today, it will be a busy one.”