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The professor

Do you see The Professor doing his high wire act? I love his new name. I wonder what he calls himself.  Grace my woofer/farm hand from Korea told me that her mother is worried about her travelling around America by herself. So though I… Continue Reading “The professor”

Marmalade poses as Dennis the Menace

Marmalade, your wee puss, raised  by hand since he was only a couple of weeks old,  is a horror. He seldom touches the floor, preferring to zoom about the room flying from chairs to tables to couch to sideboard, leaving a  frothy broken tide… Continue Reading “Marmalade poses as Dennis the Menace”

Sheila gets miss c all to herself

Anytime I was outside yesterday, puddling about with the children, Sheila the Hereford pig was attached to my leg  like a limpit, a really big limpit. Literally leaning on my leg as we walked about. She chatted and shared secrets, and followed me everywhere.  Gossiping… Continue Reading “Sheila gets miss c all to herself”

Drinking from Puddles and making Sauerkraut with Whey

Puddles are superior drinking water evidently. John is a great believer in fermented foods – most especially sauerkraut (he is of German extraction – the extraction being way way back in the mists of time).  Live foods are incredibly food for the gut and… Continue Reading “Drinking from Puddles and making Sauerkraut with Whey”

A little Surprise, then Another one…

This certainly is a  surprised chook but no this is not the surprise – This is the surprise! But in a way no surprise at all.   The Matriarch walked into a wild scene at the hairdressers yesterday, they were all excited because a… Continue Reading “A little Surprise, then Another one…”

In My Kitchen and Mary’s Cat has an Announcement

Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial has a lovely tradition at her place.  She encourages us to post a wee peek into our kitchens,then let her know  and  she posts our sites, in a column on her page. So here we are.  Have… Continue Reading “In My Kitchen and Mary’s Cat has an Announcement”

Poor Daisy has a cold. So I have given her a pumpkin.

Hope you all had a great weekend. c

Monday Morning Farm

This is what I saw when I began the chores this morning. A cat sleeping in my shopping bags. You know the bags that you pause on the verandah. The plan being  to  stow them back in the car later. Then they never make… Continue Reading “Monday Morning Farm”

An award on a late late summers day

Look what miss valentine sent me, an award, this is wonderful! She is a stunning, sensitive, honest, hardworking girl with freckles who loves m&m’s and I would love you to drop by and say hullo. And thank you for this Miss V. Evidently and… Continue Reading “An award on a late late summers day”

That Bad Thing

Munch, munch. Morning miss c. Who dat? “Oh…um..  (gulp)                                                                      … Continue Reading “That Bad Thing”