Marmalade poses as Dennis the Menace

Marmalade, your wee puss, raised  by hand since he was only a couple of weeks old,  is a horror. He seldom touches the floor, preferring to zoom about the room flying from chairs to tables to couch to sideboard, leaving a  frothy broken tide of disaster in his wake and trailing wild dogs and cats behind him. No-one can go to bed until I put him back in the basement. He is the terrible christmas toy. The loud drunk at the party.  The loud mouthed teenager. Dennis the Menace. He is a thief and a robber, always on the bench gnawing at anything left out. Leaps onto the table when we are eating. Eats the dogs food while the dogs are still eating it. Pounces from a great height onto anyone and anything.  Every time a door opens he is lined up and through it, whether it is inside or outside or the toilet. No wastepaper basket is safe. No cupboard left unscathed. Every basket of laundry has him in it. Every time I throw the blankets across the bed to make it, he is under them. Every load of dishes in the dishwasher has to be checked for the cats tail as he licks the cutlery clean. He is a horror.


Look at him pretending to be just the sweetest kitty. We have raised a monster. And I don’t know about you but if butter does not melt in a mouth there is something very wrong going on. Just adorable our bad kitty is.

Tui, the most inquisitive of the two peahens was eating out my hand today.



Though I was wearing gloves or this would have been a scary exercise. Have you seen how sharp their beaks are?

cat-018 cat-026

The temperatures came up above freezing, so the dogs and I went for a walk.  No wind. But my face was burning with cold.


The creek that is really a ditch.

cat-038 cat-040

What can you do. Dogs love walks.

My afternoons are filled with trolling through all the winter posts, looking for just the right ones to supplement the little Winter on the Farmy book.  So I love the walks too.

Sheila was well and happy this morning, she ate her vegetables and we had a chat, she had a massage then she was happy to wave us off and go back to her deep warm bed. Do you remember when we took Charlotte in to be bred, it took almost two weeks for her to ovulate so I am not concerned yet.  At least with this farmer I can visit every day and maintain the connection with my big fat pig. I am feeling positive.

Good morning.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm


84 Comments on “Marmalade poses as Dennis the Menace

  1. I’ve just got back from a snow shoe walk accompanied by 2 dogs, makes clambering through deep snow that bit more entertaining! A mere minus 6 today

    • (Laugh!).. Egoli and Marmalade play with much vigor so he has chosen the biggest of the other Marmalade cats to be his big buddy. Thankfully. He will need big strong friends to hook him out of trouble. He still plays with Boo, but not as much, they both get too rough!.. morning wendy.. c

  2. That sweet picture of innocence couldn’t possibly be responsible for all that mayhem! 🙂 Maybe Egoli should initiate him into the world of mousing? Laura

    • Now that Egoli and Marmalade are friends Egoli has taken to laying about the house.. sigh, the influence went the wrong way.. c

  3. That blooming kitten belies all the charming photographs you have posted in the past! Has the hattie come yet? Unfortunately I didn’t post it on the tracker service. I’ve knitted one for me, but not lined it as it doesn’t get that cold here.

  4. Nice to see the big dog doing so well in the winter chill. I am sure Sheila will look more kindly on the boar once she is in heat. Worth waiting to get nature on your side even if it is a week or two. Her home away from home looks very accommodating, his pigs are really nice.

  5. Good morning, Miss Celi. Good news about Sheila. I think you’re going to be very happy when she’s safely bred and home again… It’s a stormy night here. The low in the Coral Sea is still making up its mind about staying a gale or actually growing up into a big bad cyclone. The house is battened down, supplies are laid in, batteries bought and we’re ready. It’s due on Friday morning.

  6. Is that kitty a great source of laughter or annoyance? I suspect laughter, in which it’s all good. A very happy morning to you, c, and to the farmy.

  7. I had no idea that Marmie was quite this naughty. Your vivid comparative descriptions summed up this bad kitty’s character in ways which we humans can relate to. (Sorry about that sentence ending in a preposition.) Naughty, lovely kitty. We don’t love him any less.

  8. Oh you have a kitten like mine! JJ is a proving to be a handful. No fear of anything and keeps chasing the big cats every where. I keep telling Kia to just cuff him one and put him in his place, but she just hisses an backs away.
    So it has caught me – the flu that is. After more years than I can count without succumbing, this year I have it in spades! I feel like a blimp that has sprung leaks everywhere. Wonderful timing too – have contractor putting in new ceiling in guest bedroom, plus sanding wooden floor (that someone painted black!!!) and soon plumber re-doing all the pipe work in the kitchen! So much to do and all I want is to curl up in a ball and tell the world to go away……

    • Oh no! maybe it has something to do with all the dust and spores released with renovations.. hope you feel better soon.. c

    • Hi you don’t know me, but I do know the flu! Wine t through years of regular suffering. Antihistamines, antibiotics, anti everything but flu! What finally worked -‘that is, I worked it out for myself! – is gallons of liquid to flush away the bugs. No, seriously. Hot lemonade with honey – no sugar -, 1/4 tsp o salt too. Drink, drink,drink. Morning noon and night. And if you can. Keep it up for a good long whole after this bout subsides, you will have enough vitamin c to protect you. Yes, it takes a ges and perseverance but at least you don’t feel like a Limp rag! Aged of course soup with lots of pepper and nourishment. I am a vegetarian so I stick to veggies! Do you have turmeric? Boil with a glass of milk. Also, while boiling, a pinch of salt and pepper or ginger. Will leave you feeling very soothed and great to give you a good night’s sleep, It’s a classic Indian therapy. Turmeric is an antiseptic. It cures those sores inside as much as an external application stops bleeding instantly or helps heals wounds quickly. It’s a sort of “first aid remedy” in our kitchens always,

      Get well soon.

      • Thank you for the information! Actually I am feeling tons better and like you I relied on natural stuff to aid me. All that you have written I did, and I have one more to add. I was suffering really bad with my chest (tight) and a nasty cough, so did some research. Came up with THYME! One ounce steeped in 2 cups of hot water for 15 minutes. Strain and add heaping spoon of honey and drink. Do once a day, no longer than three weeks (not sure why). Well I have only done it for three days and my cough has gone and my chest is back to normal – I can breathe again!
        Thank you again for taking the time to write to me.
        Hugs, Lyn

  9. Marmelade assures me that you are making it all up 🙂

    I have to say that I like a pet with a bit of character (we owned a cockatiel who used to take on the dog!) but that might be a tad too much character even for me.

    I can see how cold it is at the farm, but gosh, it’s so beautiful. And how lovely to hear that Sheila is happy again. I guess it’s just a waiting game, as when they are “in season” that light switch will go off in her brain and then the boar will be looking like Colin Firth in a wet shirt…

  10. You will never sway my love of Marmalade. He is adorable and I can never believe that he is as you painted him. Well……maybe I can but I choose to ignore it and still love him. Glad you were able to get the doggies out for a walk —we are supposed to hit the double digits today. Heat wave.

  11. Hahahaha!! I just spit my coffee right over the table when I read your first sentence….LOL! But how can it be? Naw….just look at that sweet serene face! Marmalade could never be a horror! Aren’t cats wonderful creatures? To be so free and have such great fun and folly everyday….bet you can’t wait until he reaches the “sleep all day in a spot of sun on the floor” phase….LOL!!
    Have a great day, Celi 🙂

  12. When I adopted my Birdy cat as a kitten, it was the first time I’d had a baby animal in the house in a long while — Beany was nine months old when I adopted her. I couldn’t believe what a naughty thing she was. And she didn’t come programmed knowing what the word ‘no’ meant! Thank goodness the other pets are willing to lend a hand in raising / wearing out these mischievous little ones!

  13. When I got my first kitten (the others had been grown up when they came to us), I actually phoned the animal physiologist at Massey University – who laughed and laughed.
    I bet Marmelade is craziest in the evening?
    Crazy is ‘normal’ – apparently!

  14. Jekyll and Hyde …. Sweet little Marmalade has under currents of Monster Mash,…..just wait till he gets to be old..he might have calmed down by then

  15. Just look at how big that kitten is getting. No surprise Egoli has joined him in the house, Marm introduced him to the good life! So happy that Sheila is content. I will cross my fingers and toes that she likes the next boar.

    • the sows next to her are starting to come into heat so i am hoping that will move her hormones along.. she seems awfully calm though.. c

  16. Lol he has to be some what of a menace being raised by nanny boo. 🙂 my marmalade hides in the straw and attacks me when I try to get some for the cows. He is not a very generous fellow.

  17. A crazy cat is a happy cat! Remember what a terror Boo was? He has taught his kitten well! 🙂 C. could you wear a ski mask? You are going to burn the skin right off your face!!

  18. Is Egoli the tabby you featured just a couple days ago sitting on bales of hay? Or is that Author?
    When we brought our Martini cat home (she was al black) she disappeared for a whole day. We looked and looked for her panicky she hadn’t used her litter box once. When I went to make dinner I opened the drawer under the oven and there she was curled in a pie pan. My husband was sitting at the kitchen table having a martini, and that’s how she got her name.

    • well little martini certainly knew the warmest places to sleep. Egoli is the big Orange cat. He was found wandering at another farm about 6 months ago I guess. Author disappeared a long time ago and the tabby you saw on the bale was our bad Scrapper, who still is the scrapper of the family. LuLu the other orange cat is asleep on the couch as i write. So we have three orange cats and one tabby now.. c

  19. Hmm, oh dear, seems little Marmalade is a wild one. I can say with utmost confidence (not that this will help you now) but all my cats settled when they became adults or there about give or take and “they” say it helps having them neutered to calm them, well that and so there are no more wee Marmalades running about to cause move havoc.
    Have a super day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  20. have you tryed squirt guns to chase him off the counters?
    or old fashoned mouse traps under couple layers of newspapers?
    the traps go off, but the paper keeps them from closing on paws, just scares them with noise and movement. unless he is like cat i had, he would ”stalk” the newspapers just to set trap off

    • The water pistol idea is an excellent one, I shall find one on shopping day! thank you ron.. all my mouse traps are in use trying to catch the bloody mouse, all these cats AND a mouse!.. c

  21. As long as he’s crazy but loveable – I had a crazy and vile cat once. He was called Sid Vicious because he was evil from day one…I loved him though!

  22. Guess Boo Nanny taught him well. 😉 So glad to hear that Sheila is happier and that you can get around. We’re in a bit of a jam here the past 24. Glad I work from home.

      • The snow wasn’t so much, just 2 inches, but the ice underneath the wet snow combined with 4 million people leaving work and school at exactly the same time trying to drive home on ice shut down the city. The city didn’t put salt on the roads. Pathetic.

  23. “The terrible Christmas toy” had to laugh over such a precisely perfect description.
    Housebound crazies: Spring can’t come soon enough.
    So glad Sheila is close enough – she seems to miss you and need contact. (I know, they aren’t people but….)

  24. You just need a squirt bottle and they usually have a setting for ‘stream’. Cats are very smart and learn quickly “NO” and a squirt of water. I would never use a mousetrap near a kitten. Little paws get under newspapers. You have a tree dweller, looks like. I miss having kittens around, and your Marmalade is just a little boy getting into mischief. When I had young boys I also raised Siamese cats. It was always a three ring circus! So happy Sheila is doing better, too.

  25. Our cat Lula, started out as a tiny darling little gray kitty. She’s just over a year now and she’s a menace just like Marmalade. This morning one of the girls stopped on the stairs to pet her and she allowed that and then bit her. She loves me and sleeps with me every night. She is the size of a small dog and will daily smack the dog upside the head …. he weighs over 130 pounds. She bullies him out of his bed. I have had a squirt bottle for her since she was a tiny tiny kitty and she does. not. care. She eats butter if I leave the lid off the dish. She climbs up on the roof and then cries to be rescued (much like Marmalade on the wardrobe). I adore her but she is the most rambunctious cat I have ever had. Luckily she is so pretty.

    love to Sheila.

  26. Kitty Crazies…. Like Boo had puppy crazies…. they grow out of it thank goodness, but it seems to take forever.

  27. Reading about Marmalade was deja vous for me. Basil was a tiny tiny barn cat when he arrived at our home. From the very first day his paws never touched the floor. He would fly from table to couch, to chair, and then left skid marks on our mahogany dining room table stopping only when he sent a pair of Waterford crystal Candlesticks crashing to the floor. That’s it! He is going back to the farm! Twenty years later he went to kitty heaven and left an enormous emptiness in our lives.

  28. The terrible Christmas toy that you can’t “lose” the batteries for… oh but what wonderful kitty company he keeps… I loved every single one of the Commenters’ Lounge anecdotes, and had a good laugh at “Colin Firth in a wet shirt” 🙂

    • The blue quilt was made by Johns great grandmother, i am not sure who made the pink one, I must ask The Matriarch. morning nanette.. c

      • evening now, hello 🙂 thanks for the info about the blue quilt, that has been around for quite some time then, lovely that you and the sweet kitty get to use them. I’ll be interested to hear about the pink one too.

  29. Hi Celi, Lovely post today as always. I hope you will include in your book the post about finding Mama. That was a riveting and amazing story. It happens to be the post through which I discovered your blog, so I’m partial to it, but it’s also the kind of story that needs to be told. Very moving!

    • Ah yes, that was in winter too, I shall find it, thank you for the idea, I had forgotton about that one.. c

  30. What a naughty catling he is 🙂 And I had never thought about butter not melting in a mouth, I guess that must mean you are ‘super cool’ how funny! I meant to ask did you ever get a warm hat in the end? I think of you every time I plaster my beanie on my head and sigh ‘hat head’ to myself (such a city girl I am) xx

    • I have very curly hair, so i dread the hat hair, Viv (in france) has knitted me a hattie and it is on its way, until then I am under two deep hoods and have Hood Hair! Worse!.. c

  31. Maybe Marmalade has cabin fever, and needs a season in the outdoors (coming up in due course) to work off all that energy. Or just growing up. So glad to see the temperature has lifted a little. You need these times of reprieve. I went to the beach yesterday, just for you, and have posted. I pretended you were there too, lying in the warm sun with a big sigh.

    • It would be a HUGE sigh! A HUGE beachy sigh, i shall come and have a look, but if you do not see my comment you know why now.. c

  32. Being absolutely hopeless with names did not quite realize there were four pusscats calling your house home at present: OK ~ Marmie [sorry, bad Marmie!], Egoli [following Marmie’s behavioral patterns it seems!], LuLu [who seems to get the good rap!] and Scrapper [another wild one!]. Oh dear . . . as if there were not enough problems on the farmy!! Easy enough to laugh from here 🙂 ! And I am!!!!

  33. As a fairly newcomer to your blog, I had not read the story on how you got Mama. Hard to believe there are stupid people out there keeping animals. Well, yes, I have seen it, too, and it just breaks my heart to see things like this. Isolating a sheep or any herd animal is cruel, IMHO. Yes, I, too think it would be a good story for your Farmy book.

  34. Visiting via a link on Robin’s blog, and what a great visit it’s turned into, Cecelia, (now I’m hearing Simon n’ Garfunkel singing in my head) many thanks for sharing your life and humour. xx

  35. Marmalade is a “caution” as they used to say, probably because he’s totally secure and warm and loved by humans and canines alike. Total security equals the freedom to wreak havoc at will for sheer entertainment 🙂 I love every single thing you write Celi!

  36. Oh, I love the wild ones, the only partly domesticated animals. I love the full-heartedness of them: Fully Cat. Fully Dog. Like Marmalade. And my Lou – part cocker spaniel part Tasmanian devil. He puts it all out there and he’s in, on, over, and on top of everything. He inspires me to be “all in” with life.

  37. Hi C., I have been following your post for a while now. Love your cats. Love cats! Please would you give them an extr hug each from my husband and me?

      • 😄 my neighbour a few years ago had two cats and she swore they hated men – until finally I had to tell her that for all these months now, they were with me each night, one sleeping at our feet and the other one – ON my husband! And neither liked to be disturbed an inch, I assure you!

  38. I empathize with you whole heartedly! I have had my hands full with a puppy who must be reincarnated from one of Marmalade’s relative’s! Did I say that? Did it make sense? Ha!
    They will run you ragged and you just have to keep working on teaching them how to behave appropriately! 😉 Little monsters that they are!
    We are using time outs now for unwanted behaviors ie., jumping on the cabinet doors and people, using little alligator teeth on hands, and swinging on bathrobes as you walk! LOL
    Slippers are not safe! 🙂
    I have missed all of you! Kitties and puppies grow up so fast!!!! Summer is now 18 pounds and 19″ from the top of her shoulder to the floor! Seems like overnight!
    Love the photos of Marmalade! I’ll send you one of Summer so you can see my little monkey!
    So happy Sheila is vacationing at the nice farm nearby! Handsome men and all! 😉
    Still very cold here and I can’t wait for spring!!!! Warmth and sunshine!
    Take care! And enjoy that little whipper snapper! The pups look happy and how nice you can take them out for walks! Must be warmer on your side of the prairie!
    (((hugs))) Mere

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