The professor

Do you see The Professor doing his high wire act? I love his new name. I wonder what he calls himself. dried-up-015

Grace my woofer/farm hand from Korea told me that her mother is worried about her travelling around America by herself. So though I do not ususally show faces we thought we would put a picture of her on the  blog every now and then so her mother can see that she is safe and well. dried-up-021

Yesterday she and Berit gardened and worked on taking down old fences.  We ate well and worked hard and I was very happy with the work my little team achieved. dried-up-022

Poppy is just like a dog,if she does not get a good walk every day she is wild and naughty. dried-up-030

After consultation with the vet. Daisy has been milked for the last time and each quarter has been chemically dried up.  She is exhausted and fragile. Though healthy now, she is in dire need of rest and recuperation. So after her last milking I escorted her out into Daisy’s paddock, where she has not been since her accident. Her water is clean and filled to the brim and I let the sheep in there as well for company. I leave her alone now.  And that is the end of the dairy season for this year.  I am a bit sad. But relieved that now she can rest and hopefully regain her vigor. Poor old Daisy. She has had a time of it this year. dried-up-033

Grace can cook as well. Isn’t that just wonderful.

The last of the chickens went to the poultry processing plant this morning. My work is now officially halved.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy

miss c



46 Comments on “The professor

  1. I think it’s so great that you have helping hands on the Farmy. I hope Daisy’s break from lactating gets her back on her feet … And are you thinking of lots of things to do with the chicken you’ll be eating soon?

    • Yes i hope she gets stronger too, it has all taken its toll on this big animal. These chickens will be especially tasty, there are six fine roosters in there!..c

    • The other one is being called Minouchki (did I spell that right?) it is such a pretty cat name. Less work is both frightening and relieving. Now I Ican focus on gardens and food. My flower gardens especially need lots of attention and I am very much looking forward to that. (so are they I bet!) c

  2. Welcome to all the new Farmy Faces: Professor High Wire, Invisible Berit, Talented Grace… I hope you will take a little rest now, Miss C?

    • No milking in the morning in the middle of summer will take some adjusting too, but i am very much looking forward to the early morning gardening.. c

  3. Mothers are the same all over the world. I’d be worried about my daughter, too. But your helper’s mother need not worry about her daughter while she is with you.

      • Looking at the photos from today’s post, she appears to be a gentle soul as well. I hope she will stay. 🙂

  4. I shall go to bed soon very happy . . . . two sensible helpers [Korean food is wonderful: can Grace teach you some recipes for which you can get ingredients?], and two pusses with names I so like!! Am hoping for decent weather for Daisy’s recuperation . . . hope there is some laughter on the farmy . . .

  5. Love your new names for the kitties! Poor Daisy deserves her rest now – she has worked real hard this year.
    Rain has finally stopped here and we are looking for clear skies, dry winds and cool temps for at least the next few days. So like you I have a lot to catch up with in the garden. Picked some tomatoes this morning that have fallen off from all the rain, and some are starting to turn mushy. So into the pot to make soup with. Glad I got my onions out of the ground before all that rain hit (6 inches in 4 days!!). Now to try and mow the grass that is real long – may have to wait a while for it to dry a bit more though.
    Tell Grace she has a lot of people here that will look out for her too, and if she wants to move around the country at all, I am sure some of us would be glad to put her up!

  6. So good to hear about the WOOFER as I have been curious about how often you get a good person from the program. The two staying here are not from the program, just people who wanted a new start and wanted to try living like me. We’re thinking of getting a WOOFER at some point though once we have more housing on site.

  7. Grace is going to learn so much and what an adventure for her. I agree that Moms are all alike and you are very kind to show a few snappies of her now and then so that her mom can sleep easier. I love the Professor ( but my heart will always belong to Marmalade) and am happy that Daisy will have time to recover and get healthy again even thought it is a little sad. Enjoy your slower pace (hahhhaa) and know that we are all out here waiting for the next post with the next round of lovely pictures.

  8. Sounds as if you have had a wonderful summer season. Good all the chores are being completed long before that nasty stuff is once again upon us.

  9. we also have had helpers from Korea this year,. One young lady was hitch-hikeing her way around europe. I can understand why Grace’s mother is so worried..I also was very worried about Wang especially when she arrived here in a car with three young men. Luckily she was safe but it could have been completely wrong and dangerous. She did not seem to even consider what danger she was putting herself in..but that is todays young people!
    Very happy to hear that Daisy is on the road to recovery…stay that way Daisy!
    Maybe with two helpers you can take things easier for a while….Take care Miss C love you lots xxxx

  10. Ha ha – all your pigs are like dogs 😉
    BTW, are those grain silos in the third picture from the top and are they part of the farmy?

  11. How wonderful of you to reassure Grace’s mother with a photo. As a mom, I can totally relate to her concern.

    I am sorry to hear about Daisy. But it seems for the best, even though the best is not always what we hope/want.

  12. Hi Grace! You fit right in to the picture there! (moms are like that, worrying. It’s what they do – Ci knows)
    Love the new kitty name – glad he decided to whisper it to you.
    Off the run the would be naughty dog if left inside on a rather mile day (cool front? what? It’s below 90 in August)

  13. Oh Miss C you are going to miss that milk and cream …. but we all want Daisy completely well again! Has the vet confirmed if she and Queenie are pregnant yet? I am birdsitting an African Grey parrot for 11 days – now there is a new experience 🙂 Laura

  14. I love the name Professor for that little cat, she looks a lot like my moms. I’m glad you’re getting some help . Take care of your self, I didn’t while I was in Germany and now I have shingles , too much stress.

  15. August is always a sad and happy time for me also. The work starts to easy off in preparation for harvest. A slight slowing down. Then gearing way back up to gather in the September harvest..another slow down until late October when we finish up the corn.


  16. As a mother of sons (both grown) who live a far flung distance from me, like 16-24hrs on a plane, what you have done for Grace and her mum is good. Very good. Good morning to you, c, and to Grace, and the farmy.

  17. C. I haven’t been able to comment for a week or so..have been up in B.C. without internet…which was kind of nice to be unplugged for awhile! I agree…Grace is in the best of hands in the best of places…an experience she will never forget! We go to a tiny, family, owned Korean restaurant every week for lunch…it is the best food…we can’t even eat rice now without Kimchee! 🙂 What are those little meat balls? that Grace prepared?
    Sending Daisy healing thoughts for a long R & R…and you too! xo

      • Those are just ordinary meat balls. Her mother has sent us her recipe for kimchi, Gracie has helped her make it before so we are going to give it a go.. exciting! c

  18. Good for Daisy! And good for you! With Grace there you have help and a human to interact too 😉 hehehehe. The professor is a cute little thing. My kids want a cat, but we’ll see. We already have two dogs, three fish, one turtle (and I like to add 4 children to that), so we are kind of crowded here 😉
    Good day to you too C

  19. The Farmy is so suited to a small team, and exchange of talents… another wonderful step in its evolution 🙂 Love the kitty names. And although it’s unfortunate that milking is in hiatus, retiring to go on another day is better in the circumstances. Enjoy this “quieter” part of the summer… flower gardening, I think, feeds the soul 🙂

  20. The look on little kitten’s face is very professorial and inquisitive, perfect name. Am very impressed that Grace would come all the way to the Farmy as her ‘holiday’. Unfortunately traveling alone, especially for women, is still a bit risky so I can understand her Mother’s concern. Very considerate for you to post her photo on your blog. Please catch up on some rest and give Daisy a hug from me.

  21. Grace can cook?? Oh my… I’d be dancing a jig if I had a cook helping out here! I’m happy your load is lightening – now if all of the critters would cooperate!

  22. Poppy is also like a little kid: one can get away with so much more mischief when one is ridiculously cute! 😉 Delighted you’ve got good help on your hands, hoping Miss Daisy finds real healing swiftly, and sending many hugs to you and all of the farmy!!!

  23. What a blessing to have helping hands with the farm work. You have needed this for quite some time.

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