Boo will have to mind the baby today, it will be a busy one.


Dawn across the sea of snow.

Marcel is doing very well. By yesterday afternoon he was following me about the kitchen. Boo Nanny is having to adjust to her lambie rising up and standing and being almost a tall as his Nanny.


Boo is trying very hard to be gentle, but  Boo is only just, maybe, almost a year old. Boo is a puppy too. And he desperately wants to play.  So he and Marcel are under supervision only for now.  Now that Marcel is walking Boo will lay down and wack Marcel’s ear up, with his nose, again and again, trying to get him to play. Then leap before him, crouched.  Then lick him all over with vigour.  Then run ahead and run back. “Get up and play –  get UP!!”  But no Boo Boo. This Baby is too fragile.

Still,when everyone is sleepy they are perfect together.


Yesterday popped up above freezing with a stiff breeze so out went the washing.


I checked the bee’s store house, no sign of any bee eating anything. But that was to be expected. In the next few days it may get warm enough .. we will see.

Yesterday I picked up a bottle of PG 600 from the vets. It is basically an estrogen replacement. Sheila is reluctant to come into heat so this will flood her system with hormones and hopefully give her a  kick start into fertility. Today Sheila will receive, via injection (from The Piggie Midwife :not me),  a good big healthy dose of PG600  (6- 10 cc’s the sperm man said) then 5 – 7 days later she should (hopefully)  be in heat and then she will be visited by the Arch Angel Hershel  (I was brought up Catholic I am allowed to make these kinds of jokes) via the Piggie Midwife:not me and her catheter, and  hopefully, fingers crossed and etc,  Sheila’s reproductive system will have kicked into action and we are back in business.


This is Sheila’s naughty face.


The sperm of the Arch Angel Hershel  (image below stolen from his site .. there is a very kind man on the other end of the phone there if you need advice) will be delivered Monday evening via an unsuspecting courier.


So fingers crossed.  Again. (Maybe he was just very young when this shot was taken, he looks so small next to our big beautiful girl.)

And later today my new milking machine is due to be delivered.  If it has not been held up by  the weather.


Daisy would beat me with a stick if she saw how wide she is looking in this shot. But really it is just the lens ( yeah right!) – I wanted to catch her shadow.


NO, Pania you are not fat honey.12tuesday-040

You are just round and warm. And waiting for Godot.12tuesday-060

Dusk approaching across a sea of snow.

I hope you all have a lovely day

Your friend on the farmy


78 Comments on “Boo will have to mind the baby today, it will be a busy one.

  1. Good morning. You sound in better spirits today, although I don’t know how you manage after all you’ve been through/are experiencing.

    I plan to hang my laundry out today also given the temp will, once again, reach 40 degrees. Yesterday I was scraping away ice and snow in shirt sleeves. But, tomorrow, we are under a blizzard watch. What a long and weary winter this has been in southern Minnesota.

    I am clinging to the promise of spring, as are you.

    • Not another blizzard, you poor thing, but I said to john the other day; Feb is usually when we get the snow, so no use looking for spring quite yet.. soon though.. soon.. c

      • Today I was scraping, shoveling and chopping and the sweat was literally dripping off my ears! In Feb.! MPR I feel for you, here in east central Wi. we’re on the other end of the weather system and expecting sleet, snow and freezing rain. You’re so right, it has been long & weary.

    • Strangely Boo does not like the cats near the lamb, so he has been sending them off. Marmalade has discovered the verandah today and is sunning himself. He doesn’t care! c

  2. So glad things seem to be getting back on track your end! Seeing the Sun sure helps us find more energy I think. Although this morning is dull, drizzle and damp. But I’ll take that over the white stuff – which is s..l..o..w..l..y melting, leaving behind nothing but MUD!
    Had a problem with my kitchen floor, it started sinking! So my great contractor spent a day in the tiny crawl space, jacking up and putting in pillars under the kitchen. Fingers crossed it will be ok now! Think with all the ‘moisture; in one shape or another has made things shift. Still the cottage has been here sine 1900, so I hope it will last a little longer, at least the rest of my lifetime!
    Hugs Lyn

    • Oh no, your lovely little cottage sinking into the mud.. lets hope when things dry up it will get stable again.. We have Abundant sunshine today.. i am off out to hang another load of washing out in it! c

  3. I am so pleased that Boo and lambie are progressing so well. Once Marcel is up and running you will really see some fun.
    you sound a lot happier today than you did in past few days. You have had lot to contend with and it looks as though the worse is over and we can look forward to many new babies arriving.
    take care sweet lady…we are all rooting for you xxxxx

  4. Poor Sheila, first a nasty case of PMT, then the Immaculate Conception…(I too am allowed to make these jokes). All of the nasties, none of the fun. But I think she’ll be an excellent mother; after all, she has a very advanced sense of humour!

  5. As for Mr. Sperm, yes, he is small except in one glorious anatomical detail, which protrudes with pride. How are you holding up with all that snow, Celi? I’m curious about what it does to the mind and mood day after day after day after day.

    • Other than getting very good looking legs from high stepping through deep snow to walk the dogs, I think the biggest thing is the brightness, today is very bright, I need sunnies inside! Wonderful though.. much better than the gloomy days. But still the snow has not affected my mood, just my mobility.. c

  6. Wow all that snow would be enough to keep me indoors… I love your Boo, what a dog, deserves a book written about him in the future… hope the pig has lots of piggies in the future…

    • Morning Bulldog, I really really hope that this procedure will bring Sheila up out of her slump, I know the bright sun and warmth will help too.. c

  7. I agree that the boar looks young and very handsome too. The first time that we hired Boris the Boar to service our two girls, he was young and hansom too. The second time however he was a bigger, seriously ugly brute with a mean nature to go with it!! Hope all goes well with your plans and that wee Marcel continues to thrive.

  8. Delivery from Randy for the non-catholics 🙂 Marcel is a very large puppy …. glad he is on the road to growing up big and strong. Wishing you a whole patch of green something soon. Laura

  9. Aw, poor Boo doesn’t know a Lamb is not a playful pup….He thinks Marcel looks kinds like an odd puppy…. Happy Wednesday…. One day closer to spring right? I’m so ready for a little color….

  10. Your posts always put a smile on my face, because no matter what is happening, you always find something good to share. This winter has been rough for you, so forty degrees must feel like a heat wave! (I am imagining how nice your laundry is going to smell when you fold it later) It was 70 here yesterday and now we are expecting thunder storms. Sheesh! Marcel looks good on all fours! 😀
    The above is so random, a mish-mosh of thoughts, but you can’t make paragraphs from just one sentence, or so I was drilled in school. 😉 Sending you wishes for a very lovely day, Celi!

  11. I am glad the little lambie is doing better, and I love Boo Nanny!!! and those are some of the CUTEST photos I have EVER seen!

  12. Love the sea of snow shot! Glad to hear Marcel is doing well. Looks like a busy day on the farmy – enjoy the warmth!

  13. My goodness, that’s a lot of snow! My goodness, that’s a lot of pig handsomeness! I don’t know how they get a pig stud (probably not correct terminology there) to stand like a horse does, but that’s a fine figure of a pig, even if he does appear to be a bit smaller than Sheila. I think it will be a good match. Love seeing Marcel up and at ’em and Boo looks very proud of himself in that shot, as well he should be. I forget that he’s a puppy when I see how responsible he’s made himself for these two younger tykes. Glad to see and hear that everyone is fine on the farmy today. You deserve peace and tranquility for quite some time.

  14. Wonderful pictures, as always Celi! I always love seeing Sheila’s face, and was wondering about Big Dog, as he hadn’t appeared in any shots of late. Good to see him ‘lookin’ good. And of course Marcel. So, so sorry about Meadow and her other lamb. Farm life can be very difficult at times. On a happy note for me, I’m in Arizona with my sis soaking in the sun and 80 degree temperatures. So needed after this past winter! Hopefully spring will be home to stay when I get back in a week! 🙂 Sending you warmth from AZ!

  15. good boy Boo!! I knew you could it for Mama ~ save little Marcel! you a good caregiver!!
    I love that shot of Sheila! She’s telling you I like life the way it is ~ I don’t need to get pregnant!
    Boo and Marcel running around ~ playing where’s crazy little Marmelade!
    Have a good one ~ Carol

  16. Perhaps Boo is just mistaking the lamb for a Bedlington Terrier! It would be an easy mistake to make! Such a good little dog he is, though… Mine would probably just try to kill the lamb. The Bigger girl might behave, though.

    • This morning he is doing much better, but this poor wee lamb walks all over the house with one dog trying to make friends and the other (Ton) trying to herd him gently to the door and OUT of the house. c

  17. I don’t know where to start. Boo really does need a children’s book –actually two so far –all about him. He’s so extraordinary. He must wonder why this boy big as he is doesn’t want to play. And then poor Ton doing what comes naturally! Poor Marcel.
    I don’t know how you keep tabs on all that is going on on the farm. You’re a whirling dervish, I swear. And such a funny line “unsuspecting currier”. Hope Marmalade doesn’t stray off the porch. I worry about him meeting a predator.

    • Marmalade is an inside cat, he does not go far, but he does love the sun, they all come in at night now. That is the best i can do, hopefully it will be enough..

  18. Your lovely first photo of the sun rising is just what you need. Hopefully you will have more sunny and less trying days in the coming weeks. 🙂

    • It already is MUD season here and I am having to put up child gates to keep dogs from bringing it in! Sorry to hear you have a different kind of dog causing you problems! We have them here in VA too, but luckily I have a 6ft fence around the major part of my property so chickens are safe.

  19. Both the dawn and dusk photos are simply stunning, Celi. They really show the austere beauty of the landscape. And I hope the milking machine arrives with ease and isn’t delayed. I always wish for you ANY convenience that would lighten even a wee bit of the load. Nanny Boo is a sweetheart. ox

  20. I’m so thankful the little one is doing better. Boo is obviously the resident nanny!

  21. Lambs do not have claws and teeth to defend like kittens do. Nor do they hiss, spit or growl. They are prey animals, unlike cats and dogs. They even smell like prey. Rough play can escalate very quickly to something very ugly. I tell you this because it happened to my bottle lamb. Keep a sharp eye out. Now that I see the handsome boar, I will admit that Sheila might (might) be ever so slightly plump. Pleasingly plump, that is.

    • Oh yes, Thank you for bringing it up. This is why i have the dog crate. When Boo is with the lamb he is under supervision. In fact Boo is pretty much under supervision all the time! And when the Lamb gets to wader about Boo goes outside.. This wee fella is way too fragile, plus Boo cannot think he can play with sheep.. He is of course allowed to lie quietly and guard them.. c

  22. Good old … er, young … Boo!
    Still, it is rather sad that the Boo/Marmelade bond seems to have drifted.
    Not necessarily inevitable. We had a cat/horse one which was lifelong.

  23. I’m so happy to hear that Marcel is doing well. He sounds like he’s a fighter.

    It is amazing to me that cows carry they calves on the side like that. Seems like it would be so uncomfortable being lop-sided like that 🙂

    Best of luck with Sheila. I hope that you will one day have little Sheila’s running around the farmy.

  24. Glad to hear that you’re no longer in crisis mode. What a couple of days that was — and I’m sure we don’t know the half of it. What a beauty of a day today was! We’re in for a weather roller coaster over the next 36 hours, though, and it’s supposed to be very windy tomorrow evening, so, please be careful. No more flying around the farmy! 🙂

  25. That first photo does look like the ocean. What progress Marcel’s made! Poor Boo, just can’t seem to figure that little guy out. Too bad his name isn’t Bo & you could have named the lamb Peep.

        • I hope we have a dry day for the shearing this year, last year the shearer turned up out of the blue and it had been raining the night before, I had a terrible time drying the wool. and it never stopped raining! This year i will get more organised. c

  26. Reblogged this on The Meadow View and commented:
    I love visiting Celi’s farm each day. I thought I would share her site with you tonight. There is comfort in reading bloggers writing from the south, the west, and across the ocean – all talking about the craziness that has been this winter. Check out Celi’s blog. She has a wonderful way with people, animals and words!

  27. Love it today we will hit the 40’s they swear so my laundry will be caught up and hung out as well over the frozen snow pack surly to get slippery today 🙂

  28. Lovely photos, Celi. I was out early yesterday to visit friends and didn’t take time to comment. As usual, you started my day off with sweetness and hope.

  29. Your dusk and dawn pictures are simply beautiful! I hope the shots don’t give Sheila PMS!

  30. that’s funny MISS C i have been sitting on a milking machine for three years now brand new never used it. it was easier to milk by hand than to have to clean it up. it took me twenty minutes to milk the cow that’s from walking out of the house to walking back in .. Missy says its power milking the cow kinda looks at me and braces her self our cow only has three teets that work the forth oraface (not sure on the spelling of that 🙂 ) seems to be not there.

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