Pig in a Pot

Poor Poppy wants nothing more than to sit in her water pot.

But Sheila said No. pigs

Sheila that was a little bit mean.

dutch belted cow



The hay is rolled and drying fast. Bad weather comes in tonight so I am hoping to bale this evening.  We have had a perfect few days.. which makes me even more  of a sky watcher.

I hope you have a lovely day

Love your friend on the farm,



33 Comments on “Pig in a Pot

  1. I thought it was a Pig in a Poke..which I think is olde English saying meaning pig in a bag….. but poor Poppy,,,Sheila can be a bit bossy but I would rather give in than argue with her….size is everything!

  2. Good luck bailing. My fingers are crossed to keep the clouds away. Poppy still believes she’s a small piggy, and wonders why she can no longer take a bath in that basin of water. Sheila, who can see the truth, is impatient, and understandably so. Sheila’s a proper grown up, Poppy still a noisy, boisterous teenager. I wonder if motherhood will calm her…

  3. New way to cool your heels I guess. Shelia says that is definitely not lady like at all….

  4. Maybe poppy wants to keep her babies cool! I hope your weather holds. We had a lovely bright day yesterday at 16°C and I actually removed my jacket today is supposed to be partly cloudy at12°C. Alas, it feels cooler and there is no sign of any sun!

  5. Good luck with the bailing! We’re done, but it was a race against the rain. Though today it’s 34 C and we had to get the herd over to the trees. Crazy weather.

    • whoops! I mean “baling” … I think I got distracted by Poppy who looks to be bailing water from her pot!

  6. I’m about to throw myself into a pot over here in Italy. IT’S hoo-boy HOT. I think I would love pigs if I knew any personally. I feel like we have a lot in common.

  7. And I thought, there’s a special recipe on the way: Pig in a Pot – why not? Ha-ha.
    Greetings and have a lovely and a successful day, too.

  8. Your animals are often so very entertaining, and provide a delightful laugh to start my day 🙂

  9. Good luck with the hay tonight. I pray the weather will stay dry for you long enough to get it in. The field next to us was cut yesterday, and log and behold, the sun stoked up a furnace today, so I reckon they’ll soon be baling.

    Sheila: you know you’d never get your bulk in that pot, so why not leave it for pregnant Poppy?
    Enjoy your day, Miss C.

  10. Poor Pop Pop Poppy! Sheila can be so bossy! Hey that rhymes! 🙂 You have a lovely day too Miss C. How could you not, out there on the Farmy!

  11. what a riot of activities on the farm!!! tell John to get her an ole 6″ high and long metal water feeder!! then Poppy can just plop in there!! Poor Poppy ~ she looks so frustrated!! Sheila is funny!! wish I knew what she was saying!! I always I could hear an animal’s thoughts!! Boo is getting quite the show!! Hope you get that hay baled Celi! some great shots: Pig in a Pot!!

  12. Mr. Flowers is a better than a wind sock at the airport! My but it must be difficult to prance around with the wind tossing your pomp and parade all over the place! Not very sexy… or professional. Alas, such is life on the prairie! Something tells me Poppy won’t give up even if Sheila says NO. 🙂

  13. By the time I keyboard this it will have been a case of baling ‘yes’ or ‘no’! Do hope for the former so you have some hay there! Poppy looks oh so uncomfortable trying to fit her bulk into that container!! As one of my dearest blogfriends would say ‘silly toi’ 🙂 !! Love the Mr Flowers/dog who wasn’t even looking up photo at that fantastic tail . . .

  14. You need to get her a bigger pot. Thanks for the belly chuckle sure needed that today. I hope you are doing well. Take care

  15. You have to give Poppy credit for trying. Is that Daisy’s bobby in the last photo with Queenie’s bobby? He’s gotten SO BIG since we last saw him.

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