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My friend John from Chicago has many Aunties called Zia (Tia means Aunty in Spanish) and his favorite  (though he has other favorite Aunties too) has an apple tree here that has just come into blossom. Planted right beside the turkey house. And then… Continue Reading “THE THREE TIA’S”

New Friends

Now that the small and infirm rescue piglets have moved on, the two big healthy piglets the last of Tahiti’s litter have been blended rather reluctantly with Molly’s Mob. They will soon get used to being one of a big group. They will certainly… Continue Reading “New Friends”

Talia: the little calf

Special Edition. Here are a few photographs of Talia for you as promised. And yes with all the changes and the Last Dinner for Kevin and Victoria things were pretty stretched today.  So I am a little later than I had anticipated. Teensy Talia… Continue Reading “Talia: the little calf”

You take your foot

No matter where you go. You take your foot. Yesterday I kept feeling a wee prickle in the sole of my foot. It was almost a subconscious annoyance. For a while I moved my foot  about in the shoe, taking it in and out as… Continue Reading “You take your foot”

Flip Side

And so it started to snow. Just a little bit for a long time. And still it was not cold. Not really cold. Just snowing cold. But quite, quite different from the last few weeks of mild winter. Not one of the animals changed… Continue Reading “Flip Side”

The White Truck

Now that it is colder I need the white truck to transport me and the dogs and the pigs food and waters across to the West Barn. Of course I am usually carrying 6 x 5 gallon buckets  of water. But yesterday was warmer and… Continue Reading “The White Truck”

Summer Quarters

Sheila my Big Fat Pig  and Hop and Pop Poppy are finally out in their Pig Hut for the summer.  This is the first time that Sheila has had to sleep outside and she is deeply unimpressed. For the last few days she has… Continue Reading “Summer Quarters”


Beautiful pictures today. I said to Our John through coughs and snorts and much blowing of the nose, (the best rags for a cold are chopped up old cotton nighties or T shirts. Very soft on the nose. I have a very diverse rag… Continue Reading “Beautiful”


For the first time since early summer Our john had both weekend days off. So between much deserved naps he was able to get some barn maintanence done. This whole barn is slipping North, sliding off its concrete foundation.  Years and years ago it… Continue Reading “Dancing”

Oh dear

We had a good old fashioned farming day yesterday. Mama and Mia were shifted into the rat house paddock, separated from the lambs now for a good while. Mia has gone for company and Mama because that naughty Meadow is still stealing a drink… Continue Reading “Oh dear”