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Flip Side

And so it started to snow. Just a little bit for a long time. And still it was not cold. Not really cold. Just snowing cold. But quite, quite different from the last few weeks of mild winter. Not one of the animals changed… Continue Reading “Flip Side”

Pat’s Eye

Pat agreed to pictures not words so here is what she saw yesterday. I hope you have a l0vely day! We will. Your friends on the farmy, Pat, Hugo and Celi    


Well, a kidnapping of a calf actually. I went out to milk yesterday morning – no sign of Daisy and no sign of Aunty Del and no sign of Marcel  (Aunty Del’s  ever present minder.)  Then I saw them all, way down the back of… Continue Reading “Kidnapping”

Rubbish Men catch a Giggle

Yesterday I introduced you to the farm house in the orchard, we talked about its high ceilings and long old fashioned sash windows. It also had a long wide corridor that ran past all the bedroom doors and to a massive solid wood front… Continue Reading “Rubbish Men catch a Giggle”