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Back on the farm and everyone is safe and sound. 


We backed the stock trailer up to the pig gate and Molly almost climbed right over the gate in her excitement to get in. We drove her to the West Barn where she leapt off the trailer and trotted with great enthusiasm down the… Continue Reading “IN LIKE FLYNN”


The cows across the way are healthy and happy. Manu and Poppy are together. Though we only have Manu’s nose so you are going to have to take my word for it. And back in the home barn.  And now I must away!  I… Continue Reading “ACROSS THE WAY”


Do you see it? That little full-to-the-brim milk tongue. 



Hop and Pop Pops Up

– Poppy. Trying to jump the gate. Because BooBoo was drinking milk on the other side. Shades of the old Hop and Pop. A terrifying thought.  Gave the poor dog quite the fright. Lady Astor has won a gold star every day for six days… Continue Reading “Hop and Pop Pops Up”


Yes! For the first time in Months, we had a sunny day all day. The whole day.  And tomorrow is the shortest day.  Oh JOY! Here is something I found on the internet. I don’t know what half that means. All that is really… Continue Reading “SUN!!!”

Glorious SUN

We had sun all day yesterday.  Sun! It is so long since we had a sunny day. So long that we have sat under that tin lid sky.  The sun drew everyone up out of their houses, we were all giggly and I completely lost the kune… Continue Reading “Glorious SUN”

Look what came in the Mail

Chicks and Ducklings. In the mail! John and the Matriarch want duck for Christmas dinner.  But I bought a few extra so I could breed them too. Sadly two of the extra were dead on arrival. So we have four Orpington ducks.  The chickens are a… Continue Reading “Look what came in the Mail”

We need to talk about Charlotte

But first.. what is wrong with this picture.  Yes!  Do you see it, too? It is not often that we have a steer grazing in the drive.  And a dog paying no attention AT ALL.  He had broken out of his pen (well we… Continue Reading “We need to talk about Charlotte”