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We backed the stock trailer up to the pig gate and Molly almost climbed right over the gate in her excitement to get in. We drove her to the West Barn where she leapt off the trailer and trotted with great enthusiasm down the… Continue Reading “IN LIKE FLYNN”

A dream

Do you remember I told you about that young man, (who actually found me on the woofer site – got  in touch then disovered that I was only 8 miles from the acre plot that he intends to turn into a gently organically, sustainably… Continue Reading “A dream”

Every day dawns anew, washed, shiny and ready for living in.

Every day there is a new dawn. Every day. Everyone gets one. It is true. No matter what troubles we are dealing with,  we all get another chance tomorrow. Yesterday the farmy woke to a little  snow and more of the deep chill.  Not… Continue Reading “Every day dawns anew, washed, shiny and ready for living in.”

Water in the garden and an important discussion.

I have always been fascinated by water in the garden. And butterflies, bees and birds, not to mention toads, frogs, snakes and our collection of  little garden inhabitants share my fascination.  Water adds a reflective shimmer to the ruffled, vibrant, undulating collection of colours… Continue Reading “Water in the garden and an important discussion.”

Celi Diet: growing good food in subzero temperatures

Yes, yes I know what you are about to say.  Just last week I would not even admit that autumn/fall was on its way, let alone begin to talk about winter.  Now I am heralding  the plummet, discussing sub zero temperatures, when only yesterday… Continue Reading “Celi Diet: growing good food in subzero temperatures”