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Water in the garden and an important discussion.

I have always been fascinated by water in the garden. And butterflies, bees and birds, not to mention toads, frogs, snakes and our collection of  little garden inhabitants share my fascination.  Water adds a reflective shimmer to the ruffled, vibrant, undulating collection of colours… Continue Reading “Water in the garden and an important discussion.”

Congratulations to you all: 40,000 hits!: lets choose our postcard giveaway pics

I started writing these pages in  July so I am just thrilled to bits by your response. And would like to say thank you for getting me this far.  Now, as you know, I am going to produce a collection of POSTCARDS from your… Continue Reading “Congratulations to you all: 40,000 hits!: lets choose our postcard giveaway pics”

Searching for the shot.

Last night the new macro  extension tubes for my old Nikon were delivered.  Such excitement.  I am a little girl with this stuff.  I lined them up, (there are three) put them on and off the camera. Lined them up again and waited until… Continue Reading “Searching for the shot.”