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  Speed is of the essence at the end of the day. The days are folding back into themselves way too early –  I start work in the dark but prefer not to finish work in the dark.  But am always caught out. Trying… Continue Reading “NO GlOOM”


“Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life”. Lord Byron

The cave

Yesterday was cooler so I tried to spend some time inside doing interesting inside jobs as opposed to the drudgery inside jobs that I do At Speed.  So I packaged up more postcards to be sent.  Then I worked in my new Cave.  John… Continue Reading “The cave”

Last day of giveaway postcard choices and votes.

We are very close to a beautiful collection.  Your choices so far are perfect. Here are a few more suggestions from your fellow readers.   Your responses to this project have been astronomical.   And in fact often you have pointed to the same… Continue Reading “Last day of giveaway postcard choices and votes.”

Congratulations to you all: 40,000 hits!: lets choose our postcard giveaway pics

I started writing these pages in  July so I am just thrilled to bits by your response. And would like to say thank you for getting me this far.  Now, as you know, I am going to produce a collection of POSTCARDS from your… Continue Reading “Congratulations to you all: 40,000 hits!: lets choose our postcard giveaway pics”