Last day of giveaway postcard choices and votes.

We are very close to a beautiful collection.  Your choices so far are perfect. Here are a few more suggestions from your fellow readers.   Your responses to this project have been astronomical.   And in fact often you have pointed to the same shot, which has been quite startling. 

We can only have one Daisy card though, so here you will have to seriously help me choose between these two.  Daisy in front of the car is too long (Daisy enciente)  and I am loathe to crop it. I shall keep that one as your first choice for the calender.  Many of you asked to consider the cow and her cat! 

Below is a Farmy group shot.  Look at Mama with her head resting on Mia’s head. Remember all these photos are in quite a raw state. They will have a lot of work done on them before going to the printers.   Though now that I look at this group shot the back of that calf is too close to the edge.

Peghorn. I have a series of these as I crept closer to him (on my belly, thank goodness for my padded clown suit) so there is another that has more space around him.  The postcard will be approximately 6×4. 

Moaning Mia’s Moustache.  In the original I hopefully can add space for a printers crop  (called a bleed) so we do not lose the tip of that ear. 

Mama and her nose. Sunrise. 

With postcards there is a certain amount of the image that you will lose in the printing, so if the subject is too close to the edge, the cropping will compromise the shot. The trouble with a large number of the TonTon images is that he has been shot too close.   And his action shots are impossible. If the tip of his ears or his tail are cropped off the image will lose its power.  And I am not happy with the focus in this shot. (sigh)

We may have to miss TonTon out for now. 

In a Frogs Eye and the Bee on Marbles are IN!   They are wildly popular. Even if it is small, we will make sure that this is a perfect retrospective collection.

If you pop back in to help me again today it will be fine as far as the draw goes, everyone who comments, here or on FB or in an email gets one chance.  I bet you are wondering how we are going to do the draw. Well, TonTon is undergoing rigorous training on how to draw a name out of the PomPom hat. He is trained to bring me anything I point to then say Gimme, so this is an extension of that command.   I will fold each vote into a little paper parcel and he will (hopefully) pick out  a piece and bring it to me.  Three times. Well that is the plan anyway. A lot can go wrong.  I will shoot it for you so that you can see that it will be entirely random. (Random being the operative word) One way or another he will choose three winners.

Yesterday in the morning I cleaned every floor in the house. Then yesterday afternoon I went to the barn and thoroughly scooped every floor out there.  So my arms are feeling stretched this morning.  I see the dawn coming now. Today the sky is perfectly clear.

The moon last night was so full and so bright.  You know I have no curtains, so the bedroom was streaked in light, the window shapes creating long shadows, as though the afternoon sun was blazing  but had been put through some kind of lunar photo shop and all the gold had been deleted leaving only silver. The shadow designs were hard and geometrical. I lay in bed in the dark early, early this morning, before I got up to write, watching this light and wondering how to describe it to you. Some images cannot be photographed. They need to be spoken of. Some cannot even do that.

Anyway. I am loving this process of choosing a selection of pictures from the archives for the first collection of postcards to celebrate the 40,000 mark of the kitchensgarden.   This first print will not be repeated. It will be a limited edition.  Each card will be numbered. This is why I want to get it exactly right. Fingers crossed I have chosen the right printers and all goes well in that department!

Now, it is 19F (-7C) so I am going to put on all my clothes and  go outside to play. 6.40 am and dawn. I am getting earlier and earlier. It looks like it will be a fantastic sunny day today.

Good Morning!


93 Comments on “Last day of giveaway postcard choices and votes.

  1. As much as I love that first shot of Daisy, I have to say that I agree — cow and cat! I also love the corn shot from the previous post. Congratulations on your milestone. It is richly deserved!

    • Many other people have suggested that one too annie, but unfortunately it was a casual shot on the run and i chopped half his ears off, and the press will chop the other half so sadly that one does not pass match the equation. Thank you too! c

  2. Daisy and her flerd and tonton 003 would be my choices plus moaning mia’s moustache.

    You are such a generous blogger – how can we repay you?

    • You already repay me with all your lovely words. And after the three winners there will be a few sets left over that I can sell to cover the costs, so it is all good. c

  3. Good morning Celi! Oh boy, more tough choices but no guessing that I would have to choose “the cow and her cat” and really love the uniqueness of “Moaning Mia’s Moustache”. How sad that TonTon might have to be skipped this round – maybe you can do a set next time of just him!
    🙂 Mandy

    • I will have to pass cow and cat with my team as I do not have the original anymore, that computer crashed and burned a lot of work, but we will work on it and see if we can bring it up to code. Fingers crossed. c

  4. Good morning Ceci! I’m partial to Daisy in the doorway, her expression, her back-lit ear that I want to reach out and pet, and the beautiful aged barn wood. (Lighting and composition are strong and beautiful.) And Peghorn’s an amazing shot! I like very much too Moaning Mia’s mustache. I suppose it doesn’t help your process much when a person votes for three. You make it awfully difficult! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

    • I have considered the butter churn and also the coffee grinder, that is a good thought, what were you doing up at midnight?! c

      • Baby Girl with a bad cough…and a Grandmom with a runny nose.
        The joys of having a preschooler in the house again… She’s happy as a clam this morning. I’m draggin’…
        Forgot about the coffee grinder – those were great, too.

  5. Love the farmy group. A calendar! now thats an excellent idea. Let me know if you have those made up I will buy one off you. It must be so difficult to choose from the photos. They truly are all amazing. Feel free to pop over and clean my floors!
    Regards Florence x

  6. Daisy dusk to dawn has always been one of my favs, and I’ll tell you a secret …. she’s been my laptop’s desktop image since the day you posted that story. I adore her.

    The pegleg photo is also excellent. Brilliant colours.

  7. Floor cleaning and postcards – sounds like a hectic time. Cow & cat gets my vote and please can I put my name down to buy a set if I´m not a lucky winner! This is all so exciting…. 🙂

    • Oh Tanya, that would be great! Of course you can buy a set -if TonTon does not choose your paper and no bribing the dog with treats!!. . celi

  8. Ok, a quick peruse from the beginning, and I found these few more…Mary’s Cat guarding her dish of food, The Murphy on the car roof, the no recipe bread, and maybe one from the Evanston Farmer’s market? Even though technically not on the farm…

    • Ah yes, Mary’s cat is so determined in that shot and the naughty Murphy, these are good ideas Maggie. I shall put these on the list.. c

  9. I love Peghorn! And Cow and Cat. But, honestly, it’s hard to select one from so many wonderful photographs. Good Luck!

  10. So long as there are pics of Daisy, TonTon, the frog (done), the bee (done), Queenie, and Hairy, I’ll be happy. I will trust that my fellow bloggers will choose wisely and, most importantly, that TonTon will, too. 🙂

    • Yes, well TonTon and I need to do a little more work .. but he will make a choice in the end I am sure. Actually now that you mention it i do have a nice shot of Queenie and TonTon together, maybe I will see if I can find that! It was the first image ever so it also be quite poetic to include it.. stand by! c

  11. Well, as much as I Iove cow and cat, I still love the artistry of the backlit Daisy, Mia’s moostasche and peghorn, and the cat in the barn even more…in other words sticking with my choices from yesterday as they would make such striking postcards! You and your team probably already know this but on Mia, you may be able to clone the top of that image to give yourself some extra image for live area and bleed. You definitely can do that with the grass on the right of the group shot. Would adore having a set of your postcards…add me to the buy list with Chica!

    • Thank you I have put your name on the buyers list and you are spot on with your observations. Each image has to be perfect. I often crop for the blog pages so the original of Mia has heaps of room. To rework the images we will go back to the originals. From now on i shall be more careful about edges, as the calender shots will need the same attention. c

    • NO need to panic, i found another one this morning! It is of her and Queenie .. all good, you can stop panicking now!! (laughter) c

  12. Good look with the printing there is a lot for you to consider. I love the idea of Ton Ton picking the number. I like the shot of Daisy on her own.

    • I have dealt with printers before so it will be interesting for sure. The guys i have chosen seem very approachable which is half the battle really! c

  13. Good morning C, the cow and the cat are now a favorite as I love to see how animals will find friends with those we’d think would never get along. My daughter had a bunny, he was bigger than my chihauhaus! He’d love to come in the house and play with them!! (he was potty trained!) My chi’s would then curl up next to all his fur and sleep….it was the most special, beautiful thing to see.

    • It is a sweet shot linda but I a not sure it is of high enough quality, we will see what the tech team says, do you have a pic of the dogs and your rabbit?. c

  14. Hi C,
    This is all very exciting. I think Cow and her cat is just adorable and the Rooster in the Garden is another favorite. In fact, I’ve been using a bunch of your chook, rooster and guinea photos as the screensaver on my computer at work.

    • That one legged rooster has got a good number of votes, i think (if he passes the techs) he should be IN.. thanks greg, we have to have rooster one way or another anyway! c

  15. I love Daisy in the door way, but Pegleg would look great with the bee and the frog in a set! Tough one! All such beautiful photos!

    • cassie, lovely, well from me, being a reader you will get mates rates. I shall pop your name on the list then i can email you when everything is in order! brilliant.. c

    • It is pretty isn’t .. i must print a larger copy for some children I know. It is one of those ones that you look at until you fall asleep! c

  16. So I had planned to browse through a few months of postings, because I had been missing some really great photos of kitchen equipment in the examples, but then, I didn’t do it because a single voice won’t make the top-8. Instead my vote goes to “Sunrise”, because a variation of that gave me a welcome on your blog for many days/weeks/months (? I’m not sure when you switched the banner picture to sunrise).

    • Klaus you are naughty, you might have come across something we missed. One voice does count! But the sunrise is lovely. Yes that banner has been here since winter started which seems like a long long time!! c

  17. My favorite so far is the cow and the cat. Of course, I love it when my animals become a family even though they are of different species.

  18. Poor Ton-Ton, it’s a shame he’s getting left out; I love that photo of him!

    • Hullo and welcome.. Don’t feel sorry for him he is giving you that look on purpose.. I have found another one of him that may work.. stand by.. c

  19. I like cow & cat, because it is so unusual – also Moaning Mia’s Mustache. I can really see that one as a postcard – imagine all the postal workers getting a giggle out of it!

    • True, we need one to make the postman laugh! .. good choice.. the tech team is in love with it so he will get it through I think!! .. c

  20. I LOVE Ton Ton’s photo. He just looks so darn cute. Love it.. and look at Mia.. adorable. Now onto my girl Daisy :). I love both photos so it would be hard to choose. But I will choose the first one because Daisy is a star all on her own. BUT I love both.. sheesh. Don’t ask me.. I am no help LOL.

    • you are in for the draw, just tell me which images you like, we are still choosing!! check yesterday as well tho.. there are more there.. c

      • My votes (because I can’t vote just once) are in no particular order- the cornfield, the old truck, bee in the brook, the butterfly, and the sunrise.

  21. I like the cow and the cat a lot. But I love the lighting on solo Daisy. Can you pretty please make the group animal shot work? It’s precious. Moaning Mia’s Moustache and the one-legged rooster are two other shoe-ins, in my opinion.

    • Yes i am liking the solo daisy too and we will have a serious look at the group shot.. it is such a restful pic.. c

  22. I like the family shot a lot. Plus Mia’s mustache. Is there a reason you can’t add a white border around the whole thing for the bleed? Sort of pre-mat it?

  23. Picks in this order: 1)Cow and barn (winner), 2)rooster( love the texture and colors), 3)cat and cow (people love kitties), 4) mama ( love that pout, but may be too dark?) and 5) group shot ( just so farm family-ish people love that peaceable kingdom thing) 6) sunrise ( just glorious – but maybe not as popular a subject?) 7) oh they are all good…just like asking which child is best…no I need to rearrange the order…no I have to leave them alone…tooo hard!

    • fantastic work and you are right Mama sheeps face is too dark.. ah well, It is so hard to be objective isn’t it! c

  24. I love both the Bee, and the Butterfly ones, although, Daisy and Her Cat will always hold a warm place in my heart and memory.

  25. the cow and the cat! After a lot of investigation when I was printing my recipe book, I got myself a printer for my recipe book. Hope your printer is real good Celi 🙂

  26. I love Daisy at five days old, queenie, thing one on a bale of hay and of course Ton Ton……….that’s the pared down list!

  27. Hi, C!

    I’m a C, too 🙂 It’s very nice to meet you. Jess over at “A Winsome Journey” was sweet enough to nominate me along with your beautiful blog. I thought I would stop by and check things out. So glad I did! These pictures are great. That cow just about melted my heart into a puddle, and the group picture . . .Wow. Oh, and I hear you are a fabulous cook. Looking forward to that, most definitely! God may have given me an abundance of desire, but the culinary gene was not part of the menu 🙂 I do, however, LOVE to craft and have a Tutorial every Tuesday if you into that sort of thing, but mostly, I write.

    So good to meet you!

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