Sunday. I try to work in the Zazzle shop on Sundays. Creating cards from this week’s good photos.



The postcards and greeting cards are my favourites. I leave them blank so you can add words, if you like.  This is why Zazzle is fun for you, too. This is an example.

A lovely shot of Alex and her baby.


I have worked it up a little and as a black and white image it makes a lovely postcard. Very moody.

piglets 010_edited-1

If all goes well today you will find it in the  Zazzle Farmshop.  in a couple of days.

Molly really is a lovely Mum. Her babies are growing at the rate of knots. Soon they will be outside playing in the sun and I will get better shots for you. Their big door is open – in fact, it has never been closed – the weather has been so nice. This has contributed to Molly’s calmness too.


I am after this shot for a postcard. We need the good light though.  This image to too fuzzy.

It rained all yesterday afternoon and cooled off a bit. Of course, it waited until I was out there doing chores before the heavy rain started and I was soaked to the skin by the time I had finished. It was just too hot for a raincoat, so I just wore my rain hat to keep the rain out of my eyes and let my clothes get wet.


Then the sun came out and we were rewarded with a double rainbow.


You can just barely see the second rainbow.  But it is there.

I will try to make this one into a postcard but that ribbon of land will make my life difficult. Still, it is a beautiful shot with the golden corn.

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi

WEATHER: And now some warm sun to help the grass grow.

Sunday 10/08   0% / 0 inPlenty of sunshine. High 78F/25C. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph.

Sunday Night 10/08 10% / 0 inClear to partly cloudy. Low 54F/12C. Winds light and variable.

6:57 am 6:22 pm
Waning Gibbous, 90% visible8:43 pm 10:00 am



27 Comments on “REAL RAINBOWS

    • Yes rainbow appears only when the storms and the heavy rains had stop or gone. then, when you fix your eyes upon the skies there you see wonderful rainbow nice with flamboyant colors, suddenly you even forget that there was a storm and heavy down pour, may our life be like the rainbow to those who are going through life of storms. good post with great ,eaning.

  1. Beautiful picture of the rainbow. The sky where you live is perfect for rainbows and I never tire of rainbow photos.

  2. Lovely shots! I need some greeting cards and will visit your shop. I wish I was energetic enough to make my own cards – and I could, but oh the work involved. 🙂 We too are enjoying some beautiful weather… but I heard on the weather report that this week a front from the north is swooping down to the south. Time to get the jackets and coats out!

  3. I think ALL your photos are ready to be postcards, but the ones you’ve picked are perfect. I hope you manage to make the rainbow work for you.

  4. Exquisite and unique…each and every photo! Thank you! And you, too, have a lovely day.

  5. Wonderful that you are exercisng your creative talents. Farmers need to be multi-skilled! I loved the newest air bnb pic of coop on Instagram… Design – interior & otherwise also on your cv!

  6. Cecilia, I was lucky enough to spot that double rainbow from my alley. Took a couple of shots but regrettably with electric wires spoiling them. It was stunning all the same and yours is magnificent

  7. All the photos today are card worthy, especially the mamas & babies. The copper colored corn, vibrant green field, Slow sign & distant barns is a very beautiful one of your country too.

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