Pat’s Eye

Pat agreed to pictures not words so here is what she saw yesterday.

boy and dog



I hope you have a l0vely day! We will.

calf and boy mowing

Your friends on the farmy,

Pat, Hugo and Celi



42 Comments on “Pat’s Eye

  1. Poor Poppy alone in a field with that huge pile of food ๐Ÿ™‚ Laura

  2. Boo is clearly in heaven, and Pat’s loving eye on the Farmy shines through. Thank you, Pat, for the recipe and these beautiful photos.

  3. Those piglets look huge! Are they as big as Tima?
    I’m impressed by the neatly cropped lawn – it’s not like you don’t all have enough work to do. Thanks Pat ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hugo looks like he is force-feeding Boo to learn French. Love, Gayle in sunny Sacramento, California

    • Gayle, does all the green in the background make you envious, too? Jan, also in sunny, dusty, dry Sacramento.

      • Where are you Jan? I’m 2 blocks away from Arden Dimick Library at Northrup and Watt.

  5. How lovely to see Boo having fun instead of being responsible and conscientious!
    And how beautifullly groomed the piggle-lets look…

    • She is HUGE! I should have used a wide angle lens. You have to see her to really get how big this pig is.

  6. Beautiful pictures Pat!! Thank you. I love your corn field shot. And the pig that looks like a submerged mountain range.

  7. Thank you Pat, for sharing your views.
    Beautiful header with TonTon. Manu seems to be a lonely fellow โ€“ doesnโ€™t have any company? Love to see Little. All looks so tidy, neat & well-kept at / on the Farmy. No wonder, youโ€™re all so industrious and attentive!
    With love to you all!

  8. These are such fun to see. Of course, like everyone else I LOVE Hugo giving Boo the time of his life. Elegant Ton amid the greenery. Manu and the one calf alone look lonesome. But Sheila doesn’t! She looks like an entire world of her own. Thanks, Pat, for these.

    • They are never really alone. There are chickens and pea hens running in and out of each area all day. Mostly sharing (stealing) food.

  9. Wonderful photos, thank you! My goodness, those piggies are getting big! And so fast too. Everyone is looking so quiet and contented in a well organized environment, so neat and tidy, in the late-summer. Beautiful. Hoping you all have a great day! ~ Mame ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Great shots of the Farmy Pat, especially the one of Ton lying in the tall grasses watching over his domain! What is growing in the field in the shot of C. feeding the piglets? Beans??

  11. What is it that you are trying reach standing on those bricks?? Is that corn for people, animals, or both?? If you are drying it for the animals, how do you do that??

  12. Well Boo is obviously becoming conversant in French and Hugo speaks ‘Dog’ and I have to think way back to have seen Boo so relaxed and happy! Thanks heaps Pat for catching so many nuances . . . hmm. including Celi’s handsome buttocks ๐Ÿ™‚ ! More please Ma’am!!

  13. I like seeing the different angles and subjects you captured, Pat. That little calf at the end is adorable! It does my heart good to see Boo and Hugo working on their language skills. Ton is ever vigilant. And Sheila looks comfy in her overstuffed bed. Good night, Farmy.

  14. those piglets are growing so well! All of Pats photos are lovely-especially of Hugo and Boo……both in heaven!

  15. Loved all the pics ! Celi definitely has amazing things to photograph on the farmy. Lovely each and every shot.

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