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Tia found her confidence today and allowed me to give her head a good scratch for quite a long time. In fact each time I stopped she would angle her head into my hand again. Every cow has a sweet spot and Tia’s is… Continue Reading “TIA FINDS HER SPOT”


My friend John from Chicago has many Aunties called Zia (Tia means Aunty in Spanish) and his favorite  (though he has other favorite Aunties too) has an apple tree here that has just come into blossom. Planted right beside the turkey house. And then… Continue Reading “THE THREE TIA’S”

Untidy Mr Flowers

Mr Flowers tail drags a bit. I know this sounds like an unusual concern but the feathers underneath his tail have been dragging in the mud. I have never seen this happen in any other peacock. He is a very shy bird so there is… Continue Reading “Untidy Mr Flowers”

Tia almost dies

Tia (my beautiful little heifer) was laid flat out on the ground, in the yards by the hay feeder, snow falling on her face. I threw the hay into the hay car to distract the others and walked swiftly to her side. The one eye I… Continue Reading “Tia almost dies”