Untidy Mr Flowers

Mr Flowers tail drags a bit. I know this sounds like an unusual concern but the feathers underneath his tail have been dragging in the mud. I have never seen this happen in any other peacock.

He is a very shy bird so there is no way to catch him that would not traumatise him and endanger him. But it is a concern.  He seems to spend more time in the barn that out of it but it is also midwinter and who wouldn’t. I will keep a weather eye open, note any changes.


As I write I see a sunrise gathering itself at the horizon. It seems an age since we saw a sunrise. The colour is very welcome.

I have decided that this years layers will be the Lonhorns.  I bought a flock of Leghorns years ago (the chicken in the foreground of this image is not a Legorn by the way but the others are)  and they are still laying big white eggs, plus they are small so they don’t eat as much and their combs do not get frostbite.  They are also terrible escape artists,  lay anywhere they please, are hard to catch and frankly not pretty with bottoms that are not always clean. But they are a very old fashioned breed, originally from Italy actually and don’t mind the extra heat or the extra cold. Hardy. They seem to thrive in our conditions. Even the old birds are still laying all this winter.

So this spring – soon actually –  all my new chicks will be the Italians.

I am stalking Sheila in the night trying to record her snoring for you but all I got last night was the sight of two calves cuddled right up against her straw wall and Sheila breathing deeply and slowly and almost silently. I will try again tonight.

Tia is still not quite 100%. I took  her for a walk yesterday afternoon, pushing her all around the field while the others ran and gamboled. Maybe she is still in recovery but she seems very sluggish. I am watching her closely. She is  eating slowly and everything seems to be working but her attitude is still way too calm and slow.  Maybe she will be a bit better today.

You can see from the shot above – her head is still down.But her ears are up.  She is the one in the middle of our wee herd.  Today when I go to the vet to pay the bill I will discuss some kind of tonic for her.

At least the weather is being kind. For the foreseeable ten days we are hovering in and around freezing point with wind and a few snowy variations but nothing dramatic forecast yet. This is good for  the animals especially Our Tia. Though this morning is 13f/-10C but it is calm and there will be a little sun to start with a high today of 33f/0c.  Some wind though if I remember correctly. I will leave all the big doors open until the wind comes up.

I need to investigate those long heavy strips of plastic they hang in refrigerated  doorways in the pack houses. They drive straight through them on fork lifts, pushing them apart. I could hang those in their doorways?  I think a cow or pig would push through. Unless the pigs chew them. These strips would be great for two of the big doors that have to remain open for pigs. Then at night (if it is calm) they will drop shut.  and they are heavy enough to keep out much of the night breeze. I have seen big truck mud flaps hung above low doors for pigs – it is the same idea just bigger. Hmm – thinking out loud here.

OK. Time for me to get moving. I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


52 Comments on “Untidy Mr Flowers

    • Yes – good thinking – She is much brighter this morning – Maybe she was just tired and probably even more tired after I made her get up and go for a walk.

  1. I have seen those big flaps used for animals too; the top half was clear heavy vinyl to let in the sun, and the bottom half was heavy black rubber sheeting, which the creatures didn’t like the taste of, so it remained unchewed, and was easy to hose off if it got dirty. The two materials were joined with something like carpet edging strips. with screws through.
    Love the sleeping portrait of Miss Sheila. She sleeps with such dedication and concentration…

  2. Maybe you could get a strip of that plastic and test it on the pigs to see if they fancy eating it. They might consider it to be like chewing gum. I suppose i might depend on the smell 🙂

  3. I think most hardware type stores sell those curtains, you can buy cut to your requirements. the trick might be to retrain animals walking through them if they are not used to them,at first. I hope Mr Flowers is ok and that Tia improves. Mr Camera House says not to leave him out there 🙂 Laura

  4. Love that photo of Sheila fast asleep. I wonder what she dreams about? 😀

  5. What am i missing here? Whose ‘butt’ is that in the photo? LOL I hope Tia starts perking up soon. As mentioned above, maybe a tonic will help.

  6. I love the photos of your young calves. They are such beautiful animals. I hope Tia keeps improving. I wish we could get our fencing straight so I could finally get some cows of my own instead of just keeping track of the neighbors’ cows that break through fences and graze our fields and front yard. I raise Buff Orpingtons for my layers and they lay through the winter except for a few weeks after during and after molt. Their combs are too big for really cold weather, you always seem to be 10-15 degrees colder than us at night. The roo gets frostbite most winters, the hens not so much. I love them because they are docile Heritage breed, good layers of large brown eggs, temperature tolerant, and good Mommas. Since I lost so many to the hawk late summer, I am in the process of getting 7 more pullets that were hatched in mid August, so they should be laying soon.

  7. We’ve eliminated all plastic from our farm around livestock. Our pigs would destroy those flaps, but worse yet – our Jersey milker and her calves are addicted to plastic – chloroplast, poly, the plastic sheathing on electrical cables, tarps…..and it does not pass through or degrade in the gut. Fortunately our house milker is fine – but when she regurgitates to chew her cud – her breath actually smells like plastic 😖

  8. Keeping my fingers crossed for Tia. I’m glad you are having a good think. They are always helpful. Out loud is best. 🙂 I’m feeling spring coming shortly. I realize we are just coming into February but winter came in early and with a bang. Spring will probably do the same. I never look forward to summer. 😦 I know we need it for things to grow but… Have a wonderfilled day yourself.

      • I’ve had a heatstroke and no longer sweat properly. Heat makes me very ill. Anything over 80 and I’m in the shower all day trying to cool myself down. Or I have to stay inside. When nights don’t cool down, I don’t sleep. My thermostat in winter is set to 64. I can’t even stand it when my son turned it up to 68 and most of my friends have theirs up in the 70’s. The old ladies club likes it warm, except for me. I love the longer daylight hours and that everything is green and growing, but when temps go over 80 I’d rather be inside the fridge. 😦 Last summer was the pits. Record breaking heat. But there is no global warming…right? :/

          • I know the summers there. I spent several years in St. Louis, MO during High School. My dad retired there from the military and moved into Illinois soon after. 😦 They offered me an acre to build a house. Couldn’t do it.

  9. Tia is looking better, but like you, she looks a tad off still. We will all be interested to know what you find out.

    Fingers and toes crossed for a faster recovery!


  10. Maybe Tia’s electrolytes are all out of whack? It will be interesting to see what the vet has to say. Sunny and warm here….high 70’s. My spring bulbs are already coming up. I hope it doesn’t freeze again. I have a cat who is very attracted to styrofoam…he gnaws on it, so we have to be careful with packaging. Have a good day!

    • Good thinking – I might take a bucket of electrolyte water and see if she drinks from it. There were the meds too . She is much better today though and she has always been a very calm slow moving animal – i should not forget that

  11. If you were to leave the barn open at night, would that not be an invitation to your resident coyotes? … just wondering. Of the photo of your three black cows, is the one on the far right expecting a calf, or is it perfectly normal for her to appear rounded in the belly like that? And I went back to view the photos another time after reading Laura’s comment about Camera House, thinking I had missed something…. but her comment remained a mystery until I was done reading all the comments and slid down to the very bottom. That is sucb a nice shot and wondered how you captured it but figured you must have had your telephone with you. Hope you have a lovely day too, Ms C.. ~ Mame 🙂

    • 1. I have never had a coyote wander into the barn – as a rule they keep outside the fences. We have dogs here. Three of the doors stand open all winter for the animals to get out to water and Sheila would be a very good guard pig of the calves. 2. The one on Screen Right is Txiki – she is a fatty isn’t she, many of her breed are like that. Plus she has a very heavy coat. All of these are calves and at least a year away from being bred. Way way too young yet. 3. The instagram photos can ONLY be taken with a phone (there is a way with the computer but I have neverr worked out how) and then the idea is that they are instantly published and just for fun. For me instagram is from the phone. Blog is from the camera. More fun that way.. Does all that make sense? c

      • wow, all questions covered and answered well, tyvm ! Ahhh, I wasn’t aware that coyotes would be scared off by domestic dogs, interesting. Yes, if that’s Txiki, then she’d still be too young… might call her barrel chested if it wasn’t her belly that was so rounded… heh heh Maybe barrel-bellied? …and, yes, it does all make great sense, ty ~ Mame 🙂

  12. good choice of the Italian chickens! Hope all is going better for Tia and Mr Flowers and your idea of door flaps is a good one as long as they aren’t a snack!
    cheers and warm wishes for everyone!

  13. Ooooh, I’m glad I went back to see the three amigos because I didn’t spot TonTon the first time–does he manage to appear in photos deliberately or do you wait till he arrives? I hope Tia continues to improve and that Mr. Flowers’ tail is not indicative of something wrong.

  14. Since you didn’t grow up in the states, I don’t know if you know of the very popular cartoon character that was on the Saturday Morning cartoons called Foghorn Leghorn. Foghorn Leghorn was a rooster, though, not a layer. You should google that cartoon! 😀

  15. Great color in the chick ‘n bird pix! Amazing how appearances can suggest personal qualities.But like you, I am concerned about Mr. Flowers. Would staying indoors be a symptom of something, or a cause?

  16. Ok so looking at your pictures, you are most likely going to laugh, but is that very colorful rooster real? He is beautiful.
    Also hopefully Tia is getting better all the time

  17. You mention that her head is still down.
    I’m wondering, in that same photo, does it also look like her back is hunched up in the middle? Might this be a symptom of pain, or just because her head is down?

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