Slow Learner

That Cat is a slow learner though he was safe in yesterdays cold. The ice was thick. No quick dip for him. Sheila

Sheila has got her eye on me.

These cats have their eye on something.


We had a morning of sunshine! And there was colour in the sunset to.


Today sounds windy. It is already 37f/2c and we are looking for a high of 40f  with lots of Westerly winds.  Five more sleeps until I fly out to the UK. I had better start thinking about what I am going to WEAR!  But first one more pen to completely clean so John is up to date before I go.

I hope you have a lovely day.


ps Let’s look at January of last year for a calm moment.  It looks so much like this year too.


38 Comments on “Slow Learner

  1. Yes it was ayear ago that John came home and here we are one year later and you are jetting off to the Uk leaving John at home….Maybe he should write your blog as well whilst you are away..or maybe like most men he can only do one job at a time!!

    That Cat is a twit if it tries sitting on the ice shelf again…lesson not learnt..

    i think Sheila has a twinkle in her eye..probably planning mischief whilst you are away….

    Have a good day Miss C


    Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 2:18 PM

  2. I thought cats had more intelligence than that. Sheila’s eye looks all seeing, missing nothing. 😀 I hope the weather cheers up for you here as it’s dull and rainy . ☔️

  3. Yes we’ve have wonderful weather here for a few days too! I’m getting excited about your trip! I so miss traveling! 🙂

  4. Well, here I am catching up again…… What did the vet say about a tonic for Tia? What a scare that was! How is Tia with John & Jake? And chickens – I swear my eyes read LONGHORNS at first…. and that post because quite confusing quickly. 🙂 Silly Texan that I am….

    5 sleeps until your adventure! Time is flying so quickly.

    • I could not see a vet but she is dong so much better. She (and the others ) have had electrolyte in their water to help her.. She is bright and her usual self this morning c

  5. I always check the weather up your way when I check my own weather for the day here. I love this lull of gentle weather (at least here in the south), but I understand we have another Arctic front approaching – probably about the time you jet off to the UK. I saw lots of robins yesterday… always a sure sign that spring is just around the corner! YAY!!

    • You know, I thought I heard a robin here yesterday but it is still much too early and much too cold , but the sound made me stop and look up, – it is getting colder but lots of these kinds of temps too so maybe feb will not be as frigid as my own dire prediction of a terrible February. But we will see – i still think the cold will come. c

    • Ha ha aha – lets hope never to put you through that again! Mercy that was close! Yes my passport is good and my green card up to date – though both are up for renewal in a couple of years. I know I am alright but i am going to do a panic check now that you mention it. c

  6. You’d think a cat would have more sense – evidently that one still has a lot of it’s nine lives left 🙂

  7. We have wind and possible snow coming in too. ;( I will run all my errands today. You had such a beautiful sunset! And such a silly cat. Wishing you clear skies for your travels. SO exciting to get to go somewhere for a little while. Hoping Tia is doing better. Have a wonderfilled day.

  8. We have 5 more sleeps before we leave on our cruise. We are also planning our first European vacation. It won’t happen until at least next year and we certainly won’t have enough time to see or do everything we would like, but it will be my first trip to Europe. I look forward to seeing pictures and hearing of your adventures in the UK.

  9. You’re coming to the UK? That’s brilliant. Very wet here at the moment but mild with it. 12C today, dropping to 8-9 in a few days time and hopefully less wet. Of course, it does depend where in the UK you’re going but wherever it is, the weather does change quickly. Faster than the weather forecasters can keep up with it!

  10. Times like this are the only ones where I wish I was back in London. I’d take you to tea at the Ritz and ply you with scones, jam and cream, especially cream, now that the cows are dry… Does Sheila have green eyes? They look greenish in that photo. Or maybe that’s my eyes, and they’re light brown after all.

  11. Our Disel-Dog loves icecubess in the hot weather but doesn’t get that they melt. Maybe Ginger Cat has the same understanding gap… That other thing melted but this thing here now looks fine. Or he/she plays the odds… Being a cat likely the latter.
    Days before a trip always are intense, getting ready mixed with anticipation. Breathe. Enjoy.

  12. the cats are watching one of two things …birds or rodents! And so my guess on where you are going is Lands End? Where ever you are going do have a lovely time and safe travels…uneventful would be nice also! Cheers!

  13. I am excited for your travels! Glad to hear that Tia is doing better. We have a wimpy snow coming in overnight. I appreciate the warmer temps we have had so far, but it’s not a real winter for Maine and I worry. Farmer’s Almanac says we are going to be slammed in February too! Enjoy your pre-travel excitement Celi!

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