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Grim weather and Great Escapes

Yesterday began cold and blustery. Sprinkles of rain but nothing to write home about. This morning is more of the same. I hate to say it but winter is coming. Yesterday I miserably hunted out my winter jacket shook the spiders out of it… Continue Reading “Grim weather and Great Escapes”

New Friends

Now that the small and infirm rescue piglets have moved on, the two big healthy piglets the last of Tahiti’s litter have been blended rather reluctantly with Molly’s Mob. They will soon get used to being one of a big group. They will certainly… Continue Reading “New Friends”

Pig Mama

Every two hours I make like a Pig Mama and wake up my charges (The rescue piglets) and escort them to the Darlek for a quick drink. They never drink for long. They are still very weak – too weak really – but we… Continue Reading “Pig Mama”