Pig Mama

Every two hours I make like a Pig Mama and wake up my charges (The rescue piglets) and escort them to the Darlek for a quick drink. They never drink for long. They are still very weak – too weak really – but we are pushing on, at least they are and I am pushing on. We have made it through day three without any fatalities which is positive. fog

As you know the Mother pig wakes her babies up for a feed so this has become my job, I can load up the Pig Saver with enough milk for 10 hours, but with this heat they are succumbing to sleep and not getting up to drink by themselves. So I wake them with the same sounds and the same words every time and now they obediently shuffle towards the milk, though some of them still have real trouble walking and need supporting so they can have a good drink. They should be standing strong by now. And a few are, but the ones that were injured are having a hard time. They sleep all together though and are shiny so this is good.  Generally piglets do not sleep close to their mothers after the first few days,  they will drink then move somewhere safe for their slumbers so they have the sleeping bit down pat. DSC_04622

I find that being on a two hourly schedule has actually increased my productivity. My phone alarm is set to go off every two hours so I find myself frequently looking at the count-down, thinking to myself, I have 20 minutes left, I bet I can pick all the tomatoes in 20 minutes.  Or start a loaf of bread or clean out a pen in the barn. And keeping very busy helps with the tiredness. After the early morning feed I stay up and this has increased my production too. I had better get busy fixing those gates today. They are so wonky. And the cows broke another gate yesterday so I need to take to that with a hammer and get it lined back up.

old barn

Broken nights do not affect me that much. I have a gift for sleep!  But I am still doing chores at 9pm,  the piglets take a good part of the day.

molly - hereford sow

If I can keep this up for the week and they live it will be worth it.

After the fog cleared it came out quite hot and Molly decided to take a bath.

While her babies slept close-by.  piglets

These piglets are easy!

I hope you have a good day. Today I feel more tired than God but I am going to take advantage of the morning and get heaps done.




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  1. I love the photo of Molly enjoying some blissful me-time in her bath. 11 babies at once is quite an ask; I feel she deserves it 🙂

  2. you are a saint and a gift to all creatures great and small. i’m so glad that all of the littles have survived another day.

  3. I am wishing I could fold an extra four hours (just for sleep) into your day. Love the pictures of Molly and her babies. Laura

  4. Take care of your piglets ..yes…but take care of you too?..

  5. You are quite amazing and lucky to be able to get by on so little sleep. Hope the piggies pull through ok,

  6. I woke an hour ago and I’m ready for a nap now. The heat is draining. I honestly don’t know how you do it but I guess you just do what has to be done. I’m hoping for the best for the remaining piglets. Love the pictures of them all.

  7. Good afternoon, c. That foggy, wonky fence photo looks so sad and desolate. Take care, my friend.

  8. Squeals with piggy laughter. That last picture just did me in with a bunches of oohh and aaww. And my mom – rolls piggy eyes. She is a total sucker to see a pig or other anipal so relaxed and trusting that they kick their legs out behind them. It really touches her heart. We all do that here at the Hotel Thompson. So darn cute! You are a great human for taking care and stepping in as the piggy mommy. Wish we were closer to help you out. You know Uncle Bacon would love to step in. XOXO – Bacon

  9. I am amazed at how wonderfully you are with these little wee piggies….wish I lived close- I’d give you a hand ….hugs!

  10. I was worried about the little babies.

    Does NutriCal work for Piggies?
    I gave it to my orphaned kitten when she was 6 weeks old and had a set back. The vet told me to give it to her. She got to love it so much that she would try to take the tube away from me.

    It’s a high calorie, vitamin, mineral supplement for sick or injured animals.

  11. You continue to amaze with your strength and unending energy. I want those mommy less piggy to survive and with the grace of God…they will. Again, I would give you a medal for such dedication and caring..but a medal is worthless…I give you my prayers for another good day and for life to continue.

    • Thank you Connie but I am not putting you on the night shift – and I fear it is a losing battle – most of them still cannot walk, from some physical trauma from the attacks I think – I don’t know

  12. Pig Mama – you look after the foundlings – who looks after you? Please: you DO need sleep – nature’s law!!! Could someone from the neighbourhood not come in 10pm > 6am to ‘love’ the babies to their foster mother . . . just for the next 3-4 days . . .

  13. It becomes like a game – what you can get done in the time allotted by your phone alarm. I do this all of the time. And, like you with the piglets, I call the fawns to me like Daisy deer calls her babies to her. A continual little buzzing-type noise until Emma and Ronnie come to me. I’ve learned a lot from Daisy. This go-around with deer fawns is going much easier for me thanks to observing Daisy over the years. 🙂

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