Chubby Piggies

The Seven little  piglets I rescued three nights ago are finally looking OK. I still go out to their little den in the Turkey House every 2 hours and lift them up to have a drink.  They were so weak and wobbly yesterday but by early this morning I could definitely feel weight gain and a bit more resistance and balance.

I am not going to say that they will come through yet, I will wait for the end of week one for that, but I will say so far so GOOD.  They have successfully changed from the colostrum formula to the regular baby formula with no sign of scours yet.  The wounded ones are healing fast which is good.  Keep your fingers firmly crossed though.

I had help yesterday for the day which enabled me to get my rhythm back and a decent dinner on the table. My house is clean again and the farm chores are up to date again, mostly. My next wwoofer comes on Monday evening.  He will hit the ground running!


The two hourly visits to the piglets will only  go for one more night then I think I can trust the piglets to feed themselves and  go to three or four hourly checks.   You remember that a Sow will lie down then call her piglets across to feed? Well that is what I am doing, I use the same sounds every time, waking them up, then get one drinking and the sound of that one drinking is like a catalyst and they all  gather about to fight for the teats. If my luck is in I can get all seven up and drinking at the same time so the visits do not take long at all but that does not happen too often yet.  A few of the piglets are very wobbly and cannot stay on the teat for long  so I hold them up.  I am hoping that they gain in strength today.


Above are the rescued piglets napping around Darlek between feeds.  They are all putting on little weight and a few are even starting to look a little chubby.

In the night I could hear Molly’s brood  of eleven drinking from my bedroom window as I prepared to go out and wake my rescue piglets up.  Molly’s lot are like an alarm clock all of their own – so loud. (If you do have instagram pop over to see the short video I put up of them drinking  – the noise they make is deafening- cecilia_thekitchensgarden.  I cannot get anything from my phone to the computer anymore so instagram is my way of showing you the phone images.)


Time to start my morning,  first up is the Rescue Piglets  and then on from there. Amanda my help will still be here this morning and will drive me to the big feed store to stock up on stuff. If I drive myself I would be asleep at the wheel within minutes. Our roads are dead straight – forty minutes on one straight road is perfect for napping!

The header image is of one of Molly’s babies heading outside.   So well fed and shiny. piglets

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


PS I have looked to buy one of these PigSaver contraptions in case I have piglets to raise again but cannot find one anywhere. If you come across one in your internet wanderings let me know. This is indeed a pig-saver.  Though still in the early days.

30 Comments on “Chubby Piggies

  1. The little piglets look quite good – if anyone can save them you can, though I appreciate it’s not easy. Good job there’s a new woofer coming 🙂

  2. So glad you had Amanda to help you yesterday and again today for the driving. Good news that the regular baby formula is working so far and thanks to vesta8 for the quick response and link to a Pig Saver.

  3. Nasco has a pig saver too. In searching I found a really interesting paper on raising orphan piglets at
    Iowa State University written in 1922. It states the benefits of whole milk, buttermilk, eggs and tomato juice or orange juice, which I’m thinking would have been rather difficult to come by in 1922 Iowa on a regular basis. Also found a the patent and blueprints for an artificial sow . It is actually built to resemble a sow on her side. I will keep having positive thoughts for you and the little piglets.

    • Random thought that came to me while watering the flowers. Do you think the new piglets would respond to a recording of Molly calling her litter to drink? Also meant to comment that the little orphans seem to be filling out nicely, definitely more weight on them in today’s pictures.

  4. You continue to be the best piggy mom and my everything is crossed that the little ones make it. Have a strong and blessed day…

  5. The little piggies are growing so fast. Squeals with joy – you know I love me some oinkers. Give them sloppy snout kisses for me from afar and tell them Uncle Bacon is rooting for them. XOXO – Bacon

  6. My sister in law says I could find Jimmy Hoffa online if I tried hard enough – but a pigsaver just didn’t produce much…. But in 30 minutes this is what I could find:

    Not available but might try calling them – this is one of the best leads I found – a manufacturer of them…..

    Request a quote for a kit: They make the nipples for the saver…..

    Instructions on how to make a pig saver – and they sell the nipples but not the kits…..

    And I found this a Garage Sale item – doesn’t say sold yet – might be work a call:

  7. Good luck with the remaining piglets and get some rest. I’ll see if I can get some useful information about nasty pig mothers from my brother.

  8. Oh I can’t wait for piglets again! Our little fatties have all grown up and are heading to the County Fair this next week. How time flies! Ms C~ I was trying to observe your sweet babies a bit closer in the instagram video but couldn’t be sure of what I saw: how many little boars and how many little gilts do you have now?

  9. I have this mad vision of a Dalek storming up your drive saying “exterminate, exterminate!”, only to be mobbed by a swarm of chubby piglets all squealing “Mum, mum, mum”… I’m so glad your little Bacon Brigade are doing well so far…

  10. I’ve been following this story over the last few days, and being on NZ time of course I come in pretty well last. But I’m impressed at the collective wisdom that is gathered in these pages, and all the support flowing in. I’m seeing collective resilience at work.

    They say it takes a village to raise a child. I reckon it takes a fellowship to raise a litter of orphan pigs. You and your animals are so well loved. Even though I don’t always have time to comment, I am watching and holding you, along with the rest of the fellowship.

  11. such a relief, so far, so good, as you say. you are a miracle worker and if anyone can save them, it is you. I don’t always comment, but I read, and send good thoughts. always.

  12. Not only a pig saver, but a Miss C saver, too. Yay for Amanda! What a blessing she is.

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