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The little cats have discovered that milking time means free hot milk.  So now there is a full crew of cats perched on beams and doors and gates all over the barn,  waiting patiently for the pump to turn off when they silently converge… Continue Reading “GUESS WHAT?”

Maybe just maybe –

– just maybe  Alex is pregnant. I think she is developing an udder. This will be her second calf. It is not unusual for a cow to fill her udder in the last few weeks.  (As  Lady Astor showed us recently).    In fact… Continue Reading “Maybe just maybe –”

Utero babies

Molly’s belly fairly bubbles with baby movement now. Two or three times every day I go and sit with Molly  in her room -the moment she hears me croon, she lays on her side so I can stroke her belly. As long as she can feel… Continue Reading “Utero babies”

You take your foot

No matter where you go. You take your foot. Yesterday I kept feeling a wee prickle in the sole of my foot. It was almost a subconscious annoyance. For a while I moved my foot  about in the shoe, taking it in and out as… Continue Reading “You take your foot”