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The little cats have discovered that milking time means free hot milk.  So now there is a full crew of cats perched on beams and doors and gates all over the barn,  waiting patiently for the pump to turn off when they silently converge… Continue Reading “GUESS WHAT?”

The Vet Bet

If I were a betting man, the vet said, putting his head to one side then to the other studying Lady Astors belly and crinkly udder – I would say she was not pregnant.  She is wide enough, he said,  but that udder should be… Continue Reading “The Vet Bet”

The quiet feathers

After I dropped Hugo and his family at the railway station to begin their journey to Chicago, I drove all the way home to the farm again in an empty car. When I got home I stood in the drive and the silence was almost crushing.  I… Continue Reading “The quiet feathers”

Lady A

Oops, I am late. Just got back in. I went to bed early last night, and got up late. I must have needed the extra sleep. Mucking out the stalls is hard work. And my muscles are still wintery and stiff. It is all… Continue Reading “Lady A”

The Runt

While Daisy’s calf hides, growing fatter by the minute, (not too fat we hope).. though at the moment I have quite given up hope on a calf at all, is it a fantasy calf?  but there sure is milk! (larger breeds will calve up… Continue Reading “The Runt”

Bees and Bees and Baby Bumps

So much good news. I was clearing the bees doorway yesterday afternoon.  It was above freezing and such a beautiful day without a breath of wind. I put my ear to the beehive and there they were, making their disapproval  known with a deep… Continue Reading “Bees and Bees and Baby Bumps”

How do you open a door?

I have always wondered this.  How do you open a door? Do you step up turn the doorknob, push the door in a little,  just wide enough to slip through, then shut it behind you.  This is what I do in the winter. In… Continue Reading “How do you open a door?”

Blankets for Pigs

Last night was not so cold, but late in the night I got it into my head that Sheila, my big Hereford pig, needed a blanket – and you know how these thoughts are, after the initial thought, nothing will turn it away.. not… Continue Reading “Blankets for Pigs”

A perfect housekeeper is my pig.

Every  evening before bed-time Sheila has a little routine. I am allowed to place her clean straw on top of the old straw and she carefully tears it apart and pushes it this way and that until he has a nice high soft bed.… Continue Reading “A perfect housekeeper is my pig.”