The Vet Bet

If I were a betting man, the vet said, putting his head to one side then to the other studying Lady Astors belly and crinkly udder – I would say she was not pregnant.  She is wide enough, he said,  but that udder should be moving by now. He had an emergency to get to though and I was not going to ask him to put a sleeve on and check her. I think she is empty too.

So, there you are – no ice cream this year. I can’t say I am disappointed. I need the summer off.

Back to the herd, Lady Astor. I will find a bull for Lady and Aunty Del to go and stay with.  They are both quite slim so hopefully they will breed alright with a bull. Just got to find one. 

Roxxane had her horns burned off yesterday. The Vet gave her a sedative and also a local around each horn. She did not feel a thing and stood perfectly for the whole procedure. After she was released from the stanchion she lay right down where she was and went straight to sleep.  Later The Cadet gave her coat a good brushing and sent her back into the field. 

The piglets are now big enough to try and catch a drink as their mother walks past. Cheeky monkeys.

Sheila and mud – no discussion necessary.

Hard to imagine that these plonkers were ever small.

The wind has changed to the North and it is a bit cooler. Good weather for planting though. Yesterday blew a gale and we worked in the barn instead of the gardens. The wind made most things just impossible.

Today should be better. A little less breezy anyway. Friday TyDay. Everything gets put in its proper place today. Tasks completed. After the planting we will have a good tidy up. The feed shed will be sorted.  The old lists finished the new lists made.  The lawns mowed, the edges trimmed.  The paper rubbish burned the plastic rubbish in bags to recycle. The young people are going to the supermarket for me and I will take the trash into town and fill all the water bottles for next week then buy next weeks feed.

By this evening everything will be ship shape and ready for me to take over for the weekend by myself while the volunteers have their days off.

I hope you have a lovely day.


Weather Forecast

Friday 0% Precip. / 0 in

Partly to mostly cloudy. High 56F. Winds N at 10 to 15 mph.

Friday Night 0% Precip. / 0 inCloudy. Low 41F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph

41 Comments on “The Vet Bet

  1. Miss Sheila looks a different breed of pig altogether with that thick dark coating of mud – perhaps an exceptionally large Berkshire Black. I’m sorry to hear about the future lack of ice cream, yoghurt and cheese, but not sorry you’ll have a bit of a break from the endless milking.

  2. Goodness Sheila is trim enough for her summer bikini already 🙂 Pat for TonTon. Laura

  3. No ice cream, butter, cheese…. bummer. But I do think it is good for a cow to have a rest. Kind of letting a field rest and recover or crop rotation. And Sheila is so slim and trim!

    FYI: Don’t worry if you don’t see me comment for a couple of weeks. I am un-tethering and going on an adventure south……

    Y’all take care and I’ll catch-up in May! Love Pat

    • They say the problem with resting a cow is that she will put on too much weight and fat cows do not breed – however we did not have a fat winter so I don’t think there is much of a worry there – she is a bit wide – hopefully that is not fattiness.. c

  4. Those little piglets need to grow into their own ears! They do look like they are having fun in their explorations.

  5. Well, it’s nice to know about Lady Astor, instead of playing the ‘is she or isn’t she game’ for weeks longer and being in a perpetual state of guessing and hoping. A summer off milking duty will be wonderful though, that’s for sure! 🙂

  6. Sheila looks so much slimmer these days. She’s such a beautiful pig. The little piglets are so darn cute! I’m a little disappointing for you with Lady Astor, but also happy that you will have an easier season…knocking wood as I type this. 😀

  7. OMP! Those piglets are growing so fast. It’s so hard to imagine that *I* ever weighed 3 pounds! XOXO – Bacon

      • We grow up so fast these days! Next thing you know, your piglets will be stealing the remote to watch their own television. XOXO – Bacon

    • Resale value plus all my other long term cows do not have horns so when they are fooling around there can be some major injuries. Plus it is safer for me. If my whole herd had horns and i was set up for horned animals it would be different.. c

  8. Seeing Sheila reminds me of a visit the girls and I made to the farmy. I don’t remember exactly what we were looking at, maybe the chickens, when all of a sudden you told us to stand still. I think it was Poppy who suddenly joined us and you were concerned we would get mud on our clothes. 🙂
    There is something so peaceful and joyful about the farmy and I miss living close enough that we can come say hi to you and all your farm friends.

      • Sorbet! It would be special with your own fruit. The young man who first called me Grannymar way back in 1973, still drives to Belfast a couple of times a yea to take me to lunch. On one of those lunches, when it came to desserts, he chose Eton Mess. I declines as all the options had cream, ice cream or milk. The waiter felt he had failed me so suggested he speak to the chef. Back he came to ask if I liked sorbet? Long story short he produced a sorbet version of Eton Mess :- Sorbet, fruit and meringue. Delish!

  9. I can totally relate to needing a break from some things. With all of the labor involved in having butter and cream and milk, I think I’d be happy to give it up for a while too. Our weather is in a pleasant place right now – except for the usual spring storms moving through. My sweet potato vines should arrive any day, and I think we will have pleasant weather for the next week so they can get a good start. Most years it’s hotter than Hades right off the bat and I lose many of the tender vines that first few days. Maybe this year I’ll have a decent start!!

  10. Better to know what you are dealing with I suppose. Carlos the Tiny not a good match? I like the idea of tidying up and looking at fresh projects. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Perhaps without the milking & processing, and with the help of your visitors you may get to have a summer staycation of sorts…
    We are heading into our last month of autumn towards winter and I’m already looking foward to summer. Sigh.

  12. Sorry about Lady Astor. We had a disappointment this spring as well … Of our three cows, only two were pregnant. The third, Tshepo, still looks pregnant, but she just can’t be. The bull was here only three weeks instead of a full month (he kept breaking out and taking the girls off in search of more girls, so we sent him home early), so I guess he missed her.

  13. Are you breeding Lady for a beef calf?
    Those piglets are just adorable. I still wear my Sheila T, a piglet one would be nice… just a thought there. 🙂

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