The little cats have discovered that milking time means free hot milk. Guess-what!-004Guess-what!-008Guess-what!-021

So now there is a full crew of cats perched on beams and doors and gates all over the barn,  waiting patiently for the pump to turn off when they silently converge on the milking room.

Guess what Aunty is up to?  I will call her so you can see for yourself. Guess-what!-023

Aunty!? Where are you Aunty Del? Guess-what!-027

There you are, Aunty.  What is going on with you Aunty. You have been behaving differently lately.  Though I can’t quite put my finger on it until I saw this.


Hmm. Are you pregnant Aunty? I think maybe you might be.

Do you see dear reader? Her udder is dropping and one side of her belly is dropping too. Though she did not look pregnant last week – Carlos’s babies are so small I have had very little warning of any of them.  And Aunty had a very small udder last time too.


If Del were pregnant I would be very, very surprised as I was sure she came into heat when we first brought her back from the other side. What do you think? That looked like a little udder filling up to me.

I have no intention of milking through the winter though, I am not even here at Christmas time,  so if she does have a baby she can raise him herself without me milking her as well.  Let’s hope her udder stays nice and small and this stays an option. Guess-what!-043

There now. That certainly was a bit of a surprise. Though I cannot bring myself to believe it.  I will bring her into a field closer to the action today so I can keep an eye on her.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: One more nice, nice day.

Friday 10/20 10% / 0 in
Sunshine and some clouds. High 78F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph.

Friday Night 10/20 0% / 0 in
Partly to mostly cloudy. Low 56F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

7:10 am 6:04 pm
New Moon, 2% visible 7:48 am 6:59 pm


50 Comments on “GUESS WHAT?

      • John Steinbeck took the title of his 1937 novel Of Mice and Men from a line contained in the penultimate stanza: “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley” (often paraphrased in English as “The best-laid plans of mice and men / Go oft awry”).

  1. Aw, I love surprises like that. Carlos the Tiny is one sneaky fellow. I envy you those eggs. Our chickens are on strike right now.

  2. That would be exciting, another tiny beautiful calf. And lovely photo of the eggs.

  3. Hee HEE and you thought Carlos was a dud stud! He’s out playing the ladies’ man somewhere else, now. Cute little cavorter! Sunny

  4. It just might be that Carlos deserves to be re-christened ‘the Busy’. Small but mighty! And so far, he’s produced some mighty beautiful calves with his beautiful lady-friends-with-benefits. No—ahem!—small feat.

  5. Keeping cows makes one udder-wise!
    The ‘experts’ insist that cats are ;lactose-intolerant. Surprising how many cats completely disagree.

    • Seriously? That’s hilarious! I wonder how they figured that out.

      I’ve never met a cat that didn’t like milk. It’s a classic!

      • It is fascinating to research this. It appears that the majority of humans are similarly intolerant, as it happens. They lose the ability to process the lactose. Like animals, they still like the taste so drink it for that reason. HOWEVER, if a milk diet is continued uninterrupted beyond babyhood or kitten-hood, the tolerance is retained. This doesn’t happen in the majority of countries.
        That does make sense.

  6. well these things happen….who is looking after all the animals whilst you are away  

    Sent: Friday, October 20, 2017 at 1:42 PM

  7. Hi Ce. I found the perfect Christmas gift for a couple of real coffee hounds but unfortunately, Amazon will not send these to NZ. I guess I shall have to find something either here or in Australia, but that means you miss out.

      • When are you comng home. Do let’s meet up if onky for coffee. I am very mobile so you dset tge time and place. Really looking forward to meeting you after all this time. JX

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