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Yesterday a man who I will not name because he is a local mowed the ditches ghen set fire to them then left the area. Of course it roared up in the wind and shot out in all directions burning up dry, dry grass… Continue Reading “HEAT and FIRE”

New bobby

We all melted in the heat yesterday but Leia managed to give birth easily to a wee Bobby calf before breakfast. She kept him under the tree for the day and has not brought him into the barn again. 

Maybe just maybe –

– just maybe  Alex is pregnant. I think she is developing an udder. This will be her second calf. It is not unusual for a cow to fill her udder in the last few weeks.  (As  Lady Astor showed us recently).    In fact… Continue Reading “Maybe just maybe –”

The thistle war

The war on thistles is being lost. There is one particular variety that is taking over the fields.  I run the cows through. Then mow the thistles  behind them. Again and again but it will not give up. I have tried all the organic… Continue Reading “The thistle war”

Growing in the Hot Storms

It is hot and muggy. Wet. As I am writing (4.45am) we are in the midst of quite a squall. The gale force winds have softened to just very high winds so I went through the torrential rain to  check the animals and the barn is quiet and… Continue Reading “Growing in the Hot Storms”

OK, just one more! Then back to work!

One more story. Just one and then we HAVE to get back to farming. Spring fever starts in the autumn you know and I have to get out the calenders and charts and do some planning. Then open and shut some gates.  So, one… Continue Reading “OK, just one more! Then back to work!”