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Ploughed out – again

I still love the snow. But I am always grateful when I see the snow-plough rushing down our little gravel road clearing a path for me. Sunday yesterday. A quiet day. Look at this naughty big fat pig following me around bossing everybody about.… Continue Reading “Ploughed out – again”

You can run…

But you can’t hide. On the way to pick up the honey frames that the bees had cleaned. So I could pop them in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any bugs, then wrap them and store them for the winter. I saw this.… Continue Reading “You can run…”

The Land of Milk and Honey

Good morning everyone.  We spent almost all morning in the garden yesterday, weeding and gathering for our vegan feast.  The young people were entranced by the Duke of Kupa, who spent a lot of time sashaying about looking gorgeous.  His tail sways as he… Continue Reading “The Land of Milk and Honey”

This was not my breakfast

Our John reckons that this beer looks like something they might drink in The Hobbit!  But I have not been the mad scientist again. If you look closely you will see the tree hut! It was so beautiful and warm yesterday evening that TonTon… Continue Reading “This was not my breakfast”

Is it against the law to plant vegetables on the median strip?

Put your hands in the soil every day. This was my grandmothers advice. She was discussing with me how I should behave when I became a wife.  I was being brought up to be a good wife. There was no discussion from the women… Continue Reading “Is it against the law to plant vegetables on the median strip?”