This was not my breakfast

Our John reckons that this beer looks like something they might drink in The Hobbit!  But I have not been the mad scientist again. If you look closely you will see the tree hut!

It was so beautiful and warm yesterday evening that TonTon and the cats and I sat out on the verandah.

We had a cold beer and watched the sun go down.

I will be loading a few more of last summer’s garden pages onto the FACEBOOK Page every day or so. The Kitchen’s Garden Project FaceBook Page is all about gardens, sharing gardens, helping our neighbours build their gardens  and the food and friendship that  gardens grow. So if YOU have any vegetable garden pictures, old or new. Or posts you wrote that would interest us all, or books you have read, please feel free to put them up on the page as well. Let me know in the comments, or email, with the link or I will pop your name in as an administrator if you want to post ideas and tips frequently.  This is a community page! 

Don’t forget to press LIKE here and on the FB page. We need to get the word out that gardens are cool.

The sun is rising. It is going to be another beautiful warm day. But there are dangers for the bees in this fluctuating weather so I am going to work with them a bit today. I will update you on how the bees are tomorrow.


63 Comments on “This was not my breakfast

  1. So you drink beer in a wine glass?!! I’ve never been a beer drinker but it actually looks good presented in that glass!! cool photo!!

  2. That’s a fabulous photo, Celi, and you’re right – looks otherworldly. I’m curious just what temperature you consider warm where you were sitting outside with a beer in January. We are up to 10C which is 50F, and it feels quite warm. Deceptive though.

  3. The thought of hobbit beer warms my heart! We spent five days in September at a small Tolkien convention held at Shaker Village just six miles from our home! Ritchey was Lord Elrond and I, his wife, Lady Celebrian. I’m sure I have pictures – and a blog or two from this summer’s adventures in gardening!

    • How wonderful, were you in costume the whole 5 days.. that must have been something.. looking froward to your links for the FB.. everyone loves gardens .. c

  4. It’s supposed to get up near 50 today. People will be rolling around in their convertibles with the tops down LOL. Great shot as always even if I am more of a wine/cider girl than beer. t

    • I love pear cider, it will be interesting to see how johns is, maybe we will taste some on the verandah tonight.. c

  5. Ah, warm temps here in MN yesterday, too. Oh, how I wish I could have sat with you on the veranda sipping beer from a wine glass watching the sun set. I can see that it was a gorgeous sun set. I miss the prairie sunsets, living here in town, down in the valley.

  6. SItting on the veranda in January! Who knew? And wIth a forecast of 54*, today’s going to be a scorcher! So glad I rushed out to get that new snowblower in November. We best enjoy this while it lasts. I’m afraid we’re due for a rude awakening on some not-so-distant morning. I better double check the snowblower’s gas can.

    • I just love it. and i suppose we can blame you for the weather, thats what you get for being prepared for cold weather!! c

  7. Gosh from below freezing to warm weather in a few days. The weather can be very capricious. Glad to hear you didn’t have the beer for breakfast!

  8. I won’t even tell you people what the temp has been here in TX since the end of the year. But it’s impressive what y’all are having, all the same, and makes a perfect excuse for a drinkie on the verandah, and *that* is the very definition of good weather, I should think. 🙂 I absolutely love those photos. You *know* I’ll be stealing the idea, of course!

    • I bet you are walking about chatting to the bobcat barefoot, with a glass of something cold in your hand! I hope you steal the idea kathryn, we can call it research! c

  9. ARgggg…I remember frost on windows like that. It’s been years. Deliciously lengthy, not-touching-me and much warmer years. Okay so I miss nature’s artwork a little.

  10. Well, it’s late or I’m the only dense one here.. I was trying to figure out what on earth got into your wine, er beer glass? The second photo help… and was my favorite one because of the building in it:) I’ve liked you on facebook…I’ve got a page up myself and if you get a chance you could like me back:) That would make me very happy!
    ps I don’t have a garden… of any size or shape… so I live vicariously through you:)

  11. Love these photos. You have such a wonderful artists eye. My only comment about the wine glass is that it doesn’t look large enough to hold the full 12 ounces. Might I recommend an upgrade?

  12. Hi Cecilia, What fabulous photos!! Hope all is well. Off to see what else you have been up to. I have missed your blog over the last few weeks.
    Regards Florence x

  13. i have a question for you! i went to the store this morning to buy cream to make butter and there is no cream that is not ultra pasteurized. what should i do?

    • Oh how boring.. well buy the heavy cream or whipping cream, there will still be a fat content, I think it might take longer to turn into butter though. I know that kids do this in schools and i bet they use the ultra.. give it a go and let me know how it turns out and remember to start when it is room temperature.. good luck! c

  14. You have solved the bad rap that beer gets. It isn’t the beer – it’s the bottle – or gulp – the can! In the glass it looks like it should have a vintage and a cork and come from a brewery high in the Alps where the cows wear bells and eat flowers.

    • What a great comment! .. I can’t drink out of a can, it is too much like sipping!.. have a great weekend renee..!!

  15. thanks so much! i will try it as soon as my chrun arrives and let you know how it comes out!

  16. I think drinking beer in wine glass is how kiwis do it, I only saw that when I lived here in Auckland, even some bars do it.

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