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Making Wicks for Candles and Winter Honey

Yesterday was a rainy and blustery Sunday.  Just the kind of Sunday we need when there is lots of work to do inside.  I am two thirds of the way through decanting all the honey from the empty hives. Now I really have an… Continue Reading “Making Wicks for Candles and Winter Honey”

Can you sleep in?

Yesterday I took the last of my allotted honey  from the bees.  This year each small  super has yielded just over 2 gallons of lovely clear honey.   I had three honey supers on two hives. So all up we have harvested  a little… Continue Reading “Can you sleep in?”

The Land of Milk and Honey

Good morning everyone.  We spent almost all morning in the garden yesterday, weeding and gathering for our vegan feast.  The young people were entranced by the Duke of Kupa, who spent a lot of time sashaying about looking gorgeous.  His tail sways as he… Continue Reading “The Land of Milk and Honey”

Hairy MacLairy Babysits while Miss C Harvests Honey!

Hairy MacLairy, the long suffering ram, was left to watch the Shush Sisters yesterday.  He is benevolent Uncle personified.. or ramified as the case may be.  So he took them over to visit with Queenie Wineti under the tree where they could play in… Continue Reading “Hairy MacLairy Babysits while Miss C Harvests Honey!”

How to have Soft Working Hands

My hands are so rough and dry at the moment that I put runs in my own sheer silk stockings. That is a joke! When was the last time you saw me in black stockings and heels!  But my working hands are pretty rough.… Continue Reading “How to have Soft Working Hands”

Honey Lemon Marmalade on a lovely late Winter Day

With the last of my lemons I made Honey Lemon Marmalade adapted from a recipe I found at Food In Jars.   It was the most amazing day yesterday. We let the fire go out and I had the windows and doors open. The air… Continue Reading “Honey Lemon Marmalade on a lovely late Winter Day”

How do I ruin a perfectly good pair of Sheer Black Stockings?

Make beeswax!  Didn’t expect that did you? I have these beeswax cappings left over from this fall’s honey making process. They have been sitting and waiting patiently for me to render the honey out of them and collect the wax. I have a special… Continue Reading “How do I ruin a perfectly good pair of Sheer Black Stockings?”

lemon verbena honey with mama’s pikelets

Yesterday, much to the bemusement of the bees,  I swapped their last little honey super (box) for a bigger brood super to expand into for the winter. The theory is that if they come out of winter into spring with a bigger house they… Continue Reading “lemon verbena honey with mama’s pikelets”

Hi Honey I’m Home.

Well, we looked inside all the hives and there has not been a huge escalation in much of anything.  I would say things are just puttering along slowly. Much slower this year due to those two hives swarming  at the beginning of the month… Continue Reading “Hi Honey I’m Home.”