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The Nod

Geraldine the peahen does this  very sweet thing when I call to her. I call her name. She gives a little nod, a dip of her head, then lilts her eyes to the side and tipping her beak she looks to me out from under her… Continue Reading “The Nod”


It seems that the wind is directing my days at the moment. The other day it was the Northerly and now it has swung to the East and settled there with all the gloom and damp that always seems to accompany an Easterly.  It… Continue Reading “Easterly”

The List

Today I intend to compile your AMAZING list of books. Yesterday evening strong winds and rain from the South were forecast so after the milking Hugo and I closed up the barn, replaced spent light-bulbs, made softer and deeper beds for the pigs and calves,… Continue Reading “The List”