The Nod

Geraldine the peahen does this  very sweet thing when I call to her.

Geraldine the peahen

I call her name. She gives a little nod, a dip of her head, then lilts her eyes to the side and tipping her beak she looks to me out from under her lashes  as if she had lashes.  A tilt of her head that is a mixture of deep boredom and controlled apathy and a smile. A teenager with only a little attitude. She wants to be nice but not too much. Her knowledge oldy worldy and mossy.
geraldine the peahen

Just for fun here is Geraldine as a chick with a similar look.


Of course Molly and Tahiti are completely without guile. Their piggy happiness fair and square, innocent and ingenious. Unlike Sheila who is coming up behind, her mouth ready to bite their little pigs arses for being in the way and a little too close to her bowl.

tween pig s

pigs house

chook house

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi





67 Comments on “The Nod

  1. Beautiful close ups of the lovely Geraldine. She has such wonderful rich chestnut highlights in her wing feathers, a gorgeous contrast to her head and neck. She is such a perfect little lady, adolescent attitude aside. But those twins, and their radiant smiles, such happy young creatures…

  2. Geraldine likes her Master and wouldn’t like Ms Celi!! Then there’s the Piggies!! What a pair!! I always love those crazy little faces!! Stay warm!!

  3. Always find it amazing when we can talk to the animals, and they can talk to us! We may not *speak* the same language, but the messages are loud and clear! and those colors on Geraldine, really beautiful.

  4. Geraldine is one of a kind. One of my tortoises has the same kind of head-tilt, and then he tries to sit in my lap. He only weighs 500lbs, you know. Total lap-tortoise.

    • It must take many years for a tortoise to get to 500lbs. That is huge! I still want one though, I can just see a Tane and his Tortoise going out into the field to grub for corn kernels. (That sounds like a line in a story!) c

      • He’s about 150 years old. The documented record for his species is over 250 years. Amazing!

        Tane and a Red-Footed Tortoise would get along well.

  5. Teenagers can be a handful sometimes, but then they smile with outright joy and all the angst goes away and we forget their sometimes snarky ways 😉

  6. Our goats move their heads in circles when they see us coming and when they are happy. It’s very cool to watch them! Of course they are adorable!!! Just as are Molly and Tahiti!!! Those piggies are just too much!!! Their joy is contagious!!!!! XO

      • No, their billy goat boyfriend was only with them a little over a week. That’s all the time he needed! 🙂 Gosh, talk about stinky!!! The whole farm smelled like a billy goat! Very, very stinky!!! I think it is the smell that brings the girls into heat if they aren’t already. The instant he joined them in their yard, he bred Betty Boop. It was amazingly fast! And his actions of licking her all over and continuing foreplay was something else to see! So, we think three of our girls will be having their kids in April!!! And those babies are just too adorable!!! They do demand a lot of attention though, that’s for sure!!! 🙂

  7. you see we al have our beauty in one way or another. Peahens may not have the beautiful plumage but they sure have a cheeky grin ..

  8. The body language of animals is so amazing. We miss those signals, if we’re not tuned into them. A very happy day to you, c. >

    • So very true Misky!! All animals send us signals through their eyes and their body language, if we just take the time to pay attention. My parakeets stretch their wings and their leg (can’t stretch two legs… or they’d fall off their perch!) when they see me. And, just like cats, they slowly blink their eyes when they’re very relaxed. ; o )

  9. Mom raised a lot of chickens. We’d go to their fence and call out a long monotone sound. The chickens would shake their heads hard. Simple pleasures of farm life for kids.

  10. Good morning… even though its almost noon here in Massachusetts!! I got a real kick out of the photo of the two pigs… each with their little noses sticking out of the fence!! ; o )

    • Mmmmmh – your mentioning Massachusetts gives me goose bumps and very lovely memories coming up being a school girl: The Bee Gees – Feel I’m going back to Massachusetts. Ah, I loved it (and all songs of them) very much then. 🙂 – Thanks, Cecile!

        • Again goose bumps – gorgeous music – and they look and have been soooo young! Cute. Thank you so much for that real thing, for that link, Cecile! You made my day/night… (yes, it’s already night here ;-))

        • I just listened to Massachussetts and I saw that my favorite song of theirs was there and listened to it: 1941 New York Mining Disaster. What a haunting song! Thanks for the links, gals. Much love, Gayle

  11. I love how we can communicate with the animals around us- just paying attention to their subtle moves like you do! It reminds me of when the deer come out and I’ll have a conversation with them….seriously! Have a lovely day!

  12. I just love her little top not crown..It is even tipped in turquoise. Of course peahen royalty must display a bit of aloofness! 🙂

  13. We’re all so fortunate to have this inside look at communication with animals/nature. I wonder if they know what they give back to us?

  14. My friend’s daughter had a cat. Then got a second cat. Fourteen years later, the daughter went away to college. While she was away, her cat died after eating a piece of plastic. After the first cat died, the second cat –refused to eat. They tried everything to get him to eat. Six weeks later, he also died. My friend is convinced both cats died of broken hearts. I have no doubt.

    • What a sad story. This happened to me when one of our dogs died – hit by a speeding motorbike, his constant companion the cat lay down on the dogs bed where they always slept together and died. Like your friends cat it took a few weeks. Animals pine, just pine away.. sad.. c

      • Oh. Moved me to tears – both stories. They are so filled with love, our animals. People often just do not realise it.

  15. Love that you bring in the old shot of Geraldine for having a comparison…. Cute she was… and still is. Sometimes I really miss communication with a beloved animal (as was my cat to me or could be anyone at a farm). – And love the sweatheart shot of our lovely Twins…

  16. Wonderful photos today… well, every day but today’s grabbed me. Especially those piggies, Molly and Tahiti, and your commentary about Sheila ready to nip their little arses for being in her way and too close to her bowl brought forth a great guffaw from this quarter. Temp is dropping here to just above freezing today with a forecast of continual dropping to more seasonal normals (i.e. very cold) over the next couple of weeks. We can’t complain though, as this winter has been blessed with a rare ease. Fortunately, we’re past the halfway point of winter so we can look forward to a bursting spring before too long. Hope your day is a nice one too! ~ Mame 🙂

  17. Terribly cold here…3* for the last two nights and a high of 16* yesterday. I’m looking forward to warmer weather. Your pigs are a delight!


  18. we are preparing a coop not unlike yours for our “plumpers” Orpington beauties. An old piano box. just working out the roost and egg collection. love to see you do what you do!

  19. ‘Ma, she’s making eyes at me,
    Ma, she’s awfully nice to me . . . .
    Ma, every minute she gets closer to me . . . ‘

    Methinks you DO have a little flirt there, Celi . . . and what a fun ‘game’ that is . . . Oh, no complaints about Molly and Tahiti either: hope no bottoms nipped tho’ 🙂 !!

  20. Do you ever hear news of the animals you sell on? Queenie, the goats, the other Dutch belted cow whose name I can’t remember – there’s probably others as well! If you hear any snippets from their new owners please let us know – they are still part of the animal Farmy!

  21. My little doggie died almost a year ago. I have about a minute’s worth of conversation between him and me. It warms the cockles of my heart to listen to it. Those twin pigs are a marvel! Love their smirky little faces. Much love to all, Gayle

  22. Geraldine’s baby picture! She has grown to be quite a beauty, hasn’t she? The gilts do bring a sense of fun to the day.

  23. As far as I’m concerned, you just cannot take enough photos of Molly and Tahiti. Those 2 characters love the camera, as critics often say about a movie star or supermodel. Give them their own calendar, Celi, and I bet you’ll sell more than any other. 🙂

    PS Don’t forget about Sheila’s calendar. I need to see her on my wall.

  24. I missed you so while I was gone for 3 days without my laptop! Such happy photos and lovely piggy smiles. Geraldine looks as though she is quite tolerant of you. Have a lovely Saturday.

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