Poggy, poggy, poggy. How has this happened – we have had such a poggy winter. Though I am not complaining – I have not been Bad Cold outside once this year. You remember that cold that brings such pain to our hands and feet that I grimace and grit my teeth as I work until the cold makes my hands and feet numb then it is easier. None of that cold so far this year. cows

Poor old cows are once more locked up in the yards. Best they have their knife like feet on the concrete rather than sinking into my precious field killing the grass.

Lady Astor

I am after all a farmer of pasture as much as a farmer of cows. Cannot have one without the other.  Well, not in my world. So it is back to the Cow Art Car Boot for the meantime. It is going to get cold again soon. Once the ground is frozen again they can go back out.


It rained on and off all day yesterday and was in the low 50’s so it was a good day for working in the barns. Everything needs to be completely up to date and super organised before I go away in two weeks.  TWO WEEKS then I will be in California then Aussie then New Zealand then Aussie again then California then home. Are you coming? Wherever I have coverage, I will be posting the whole time so you get to see what I see.


old barn

Just like here on the farm. Here is a climbing wall in the West barn (taken with IPhone) while Boo and I were resting in the haystacks.

Home barn. Our old favourite.  You can see from both these angles how the pigs have the run of the barn!

I hope you have a lovely day!


72 Comments on “The POG

    • Laughter- that would be perfect. The cows could stand around eating out of their car boot and watching the people go by and the people would be wondering what the cows were offering for sale from their boot not wanting to buy half eaten hay bales themselves!

      • They’d look very cool beside Pam Hogg and Gavin Turk. One year someone sold cup cakes with pig faces 🙂

  1. Here in Dordogne we have also had a very mild winter. My first daffodils opened yesterday and I just noticed the magnolia is blooming!

    • Yes, it is a solid and strangely fragile structure.. these old wooden barns were made with untreated timber so if surprises me that they are still standing really.. lots of paint needed.. c

  2. It has been poggy in Canberra too Miss C. Not cold though. Humid, blargh! The leaves will be starting to turn when you get here. Did you say Melbourne?

  3. Oooh yes please, never seen more than Sydney airport so I’m looking forward to the Aus leg especially. Lady A seems to be happy to eat wherever you serve up her hay. I think that horrible winter of 2014 deserves at least 5 years of mild weather to compensate, for your sake. Laura

    • 2014 was truly horrible – I look forward to the Australian landscape too – lots for us all to discover and I think I have internet at the first location too! I must check.. c

  4. Can I day dream of sitting in the haystack with you and Boo, and listening to the cluck of the chickens? That sounds so delightful!

    Mom is transferring to a beautiful skilled nursing facility this weekend. It is only 5 miles from her home and her husband of 60 years. (Dad is 83 and Mom is 79) The facility is providing a bed (just like Mom’s) for him to sleep in at night where he will be with her. And for $14 a day, he can have 3 squares too. Mom’s feed tube has made a world of difference. She is awake and sparring with us some. She loves to tease the male physical therapists and my husband who is relentless in making her do her OT and speech therapy. Still can’t walk or get up/down yet, but that is our purpose at Skilled Nursing. She will have 1 hour a day of PT and 30 minutes each of OT and speech. They will eventually build up to it being 3 of PT and 1 each of the others. When she can walk (with a walker minimum) and do her normal activities of self cleaning – she can come home.

    That is a our goal, but it is a longer term goal. Short term goal is to get her transferred and settled.

    Thank you for the prayers – kind words – candles and everything else this love community has given us. There is such power in this faith of our! Love and Hugs! Pat

  5. I was getting worried that something awful had happened to you since I’d had no email in days about a new post. Ventured here without the email link to investigate. So pleased to see all is well. Wondering now if the email problem is just on my end or if others are having troubles too?

    • Yes John and my neighbour Jake. One for the mornings (Jake) and one for the afternoons (John) – this suits their work schedules as John leaves for work before sun-up. c

  6. Yep, we are having a spell of cold weather as well, but days are predicted to still be above freezing, 40s and 50s. But dipping below freezing at night.
    We have started planting seeds and are planning our garden beds! Exciting!!! xo

  7. Love the American hay feeder – a continuation of the American dream in another way.
    My best loved pic today is the shot of the light flooded tall West barn. I litterally can smell and feel the fresh and clean air there. Aaah, and lucky, lucky pigs they are in their home barn… Stunning leaden sky, a very uniform grey, just as painted.
    Of course I’m coming and looking forward to your big trip! 🙂

    PS – Could not find “pog” or “poggy” in my dictionary. 😦 – is it NZ and does it mean “foggy”?

    • I’ve always read it to mean wet, boggy, soggy, muddy. My father had another made up word that means exactly the same: He called it ‘chompy’. There’s a lot of need for words like that in places where winters are long, cold and wet!

    • Thank you to both of you! I did not come up with the idea of searching by “b” instead of a “p”… Silly me 😉 Now I found bog and boggy – yes it makes sense now. And I found swampy… New words learnt… – Nevertheless I hope that the rain will stop soon in order to let the cows go out again.

      • When it’s more poggy than boggy your feet sink in, then slurp and suck as you try to get them out. If you’re in Oz and just wearing your thongs (flip flops) you’ll lose them in the poggy mess 🙂

  8. My bag is not yet packed, but there’s a little stack of things to go into it, standing ready. We have a long drive down to Sydney to do first, friends and family along the way and a bit of business. 2,000km each way. I’ll be taking my internet world along with me too…

  9. Will the cows eat the hay if it gets damp or wet?? My goats won’t touch it after it gets rained or even drizzled on…winter time I have to keep the hay feeder inside their barn. Just curious.

      • My picky goats won’t even eat it if it falls on the floor! That gets scooped up and the donkey eats most of it.

        • Goats! I had no idea they were so fussy. Just like pigs, I hear people say all the time “oh i thought pigs would eat anything” – UM – No. they are actually quite sure what they want to eat or not.

  10. Poggy here in New England too! The good news, is its making me feel like working on my seed order earlier, and I’m actually getting excited about the upcoming planting season! We’ll be planting carrots in the hoop house by next week, and onions, leeks, celeriac, etc., (early stuff) in the nursery. We’re working with the Compost Boys again. They’re delivering food scraps from a nearby town’s compost pickup pilot program. Local horse farms deliver manure, and my son mixes with leaves dropped off by locals doing fall yard clean ups, with his skid steer. All that smoking hot mix gets piled up against the nursery’s north wall, and the heat gets cycled through the greenhouse. I’m starting onions, etc. in there next week too. What’s growing in your greenhouse? Have you tried microgreens yet? Scrumptious! Can’t wait to see photos of your trip. Be sure to catch a pic of the bangle exchange! 🙂

  11. Yes, C…my bags are packed and I can’t wait…have never been down under or even anywhere near it! And oh, to be transported to summer! 🙂 PS. I could live in that barn! How beautiful the wood work!

  12. We used to get yelled at for being out in the muddy pasture- “Quit stomping out the oxygen and making it hard to grow grass!”
    Loved the barn pix under the cow one – rural abstract art. Whew, 2 weeks? You’ll be busy. Take the good camera!

  13. Don’t know where besides Melbourne you will be going whilst Down Under – but methinks you will have internet coverage almost everywhere. Odd about mobile [cell] cover tho’ – I am only just over 100 kms from Sydney but in a ‘black spot’ – can text but not receive or send phone calls . . . . yes, amplifiers are available but most not allowed to be used and those that are cost twice the price of the phone! Must email you to get your phone number: do selfishly want to hear your voice just for five minutes whilst you are on our side of the Pond 🙂 !

    • melbourne and new zealand – but to speak to me on your side of the pond and on my phone – the voice jumps all the way to America then back to australia which will be expensive for us both so hopefully you can down load a whatsapp or something.

  14. Poggy is right! What little lawn I have in the back yard is a complete wreck. Of course, Max loves it and heads straight to it whenever he’s in the yard. It’s a mess, yes, but still infinitely better than looking out and seeing a half-foot of snow waiting for me and the blower. I do hope we get a little snow — note I said “little” — before you leave. It will make your departure to a warmer climate that much sweeter. 🙂

  15. I did actually, have a lovely day, and thank you! Did you, Celi?
    Of course I finally made it back to the Farmy only to find that you will be leaving so soon. Ah, but you have invited us to come along. So generous of you and I would love to, thank you! ❤

  16. Wow – that’s a whirlwind holiday you have planned – can’t wait to read your posts during that time!!

  17. WHERE in California? It’s a big state but you just never know. Lots of love, Gayle

  18. Hope you have a great time down south. It’s been so hot here is my part of Australia (I live in Brisbane) over the last week or so. Temperatures in the mid 30C range and really really humid!!!! If you are in Brisbane, come over the the STate Library, art gallery and South Bank. Great things to see and some good food too. margaret

  19. When I zoom out the pic of the climbing wall in the West barn (taken with IPhone) I feel like I’m IN the barn… great perspective, or composition… or whatever magic it is that you work regardless of camera!

  20. Poggy, boggy and soggy… it’s here too, though your muck and mud is very different than our sandier soil in the south. We have a bit of clay mixed in and that’s where it gets tricky. I wore the wrong shoes to the pecan orchard the other day and managed to slip and fall in a boggy area. I figured since the cattle were in there I’d have no problem tip-toeing around, but alas, my big human feet didn’t fare so well. I always love to see your barn photography. I feel so “at home” there. 🙂

  21. Celi, I have fallen in love with your life, blog and animals but have decided to stop blogging for the time being because I just can’t keep up any more. I am not cancelling any blogs so I will still see them but just want to be invisible for awhile. Thank you so much for all of your beautiful support and please know that I will be your silent reader (as I have been anyway). I think you are absolutely amazing! Julie x

    • Julie it is in your nature to retreat at times. The good thing is that you see this need in yourself and respond to it. So go with my bestest of wishes darling. Build on yourself. Love love, celi

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