Feathers Unfurled

STOP! Go no further until you have guessed whose feathers are in the Header Shot.

Yes. Well admittedly that was not hard. Mr Flowers is officially strutting his stuff.

peacock feathers


And here is something you seldom see in the mash of pretty peacock shots in the Social media.

peacock bottom

A peacock From Behind!  A proud peacocks bottom. (Proud in every sense of the word). Such a lovely fluffy bottom.

You have to be very careful when you take a shot of a peacock with his train raised. If Mr Flowers sees me – all the intention drains out of his .. um .. feathers and he droops.  Stage fright. So I was lucky to get these shots through the window.

Mr Flowers is like a cat. When in doubt – Wash.

Mr Flowers

Alex my grumpy teddy bear cow.
teddy bear cow

Cow Art. The cows often eat out of her boot.  The car (a Chrysler New Yorker 1966 which was used as a parts car when John rebuilt the convertible of the same year) is sulking because I am feeding the cows out in the field.  She is listing to starboard. At least I think it is starboard – I am facing aft – and starboard is always on the left if you are facing aft.. I think. I had better ask Mr Google.  My father used to build boats you would think I would know this without checking! I am turning into a Land Lubber!



Last night the colours of the sun setting  in the West were caught by a cloud flying with great determination across the East.  He is like a bird this cloud.

I hope you have a lovely day!

love celi


74 Comments on “Feathers Unfurled

  1. Beautiful bird! The sunset WAS pretty special last night…..great picture.

  2. Oh Celi what lovely photos ! You live amongst ART! Nature is the most beautiful art – eh? Love that old car too! 🙂

  3. Oh fine – Mr Flowers has posed nicely for you. And you got him so nicely! Great back side shots either…
    Hm, Alex still looks a bit distrustful…

  4. It’s clear Mr Flowers has been hiding a secret! Under all that fabulous male finery, he has a secret penchant for fluffy undies! He’s wonderful, and how clever you were to capture his display.
    That flying sunset cloud reminds me of a flying stork, with long trailing legs and a long beak at the front…

  5. Oh to be so lucky to have such beauty wandering around in the garden. Love the back view, interesting to note that he uses his wings to hold the whole lot up. Enjoy. Laura

  6. Mr Flowers is spectacular!
    If the front of the car is the bow of the ship, the cow feeder is def lilting to starboard. I always remember left is port cos both have 4 letters so right is starboard 🙂

  7. Like some others, I never have seen the south end of a peacock heading north. I was completely delighted by all that fluffiness. Good grief — how much do we miss by assuming we know what’s beind, or under, or over there?

  8. Agreed ! He is spectacular. If this is what we humans all think of him, imagine what the peahens are thinking! We are blushing.

  9. Could Mr Flowers be vying for Punxsutawney Phil’s job? If we see his bottom on February 2nd, there’ll be 6 more weeks of winter? We have to keep track. Phil has put Punxsutawney on the map, bringing in tourist dollars. Mr Flowers could do the same for the farmy. If he unfurls it, they will come. 🙂

      • Gloomy here, too. There was snow predicted but it looks like it’s going north of us. We’ll probably get some rain, though. I just hope my roses stay dormant. Several years ago, during a similar warm spell, they awoke only to freeze when the cold returned. I lost a few of them. Even so, it has been nice not having to bring out the snow blower even once. 🙂

    • Yeah, so right, John, we could take Mr. Flowers for our “Groundhog” Farmy wheather man. Why not. We’ll keep in track concerning the wheather predictions (need to take notes) and re-install him next year on the same day. When he displays his wheel on that day again we’ll know when spring will arrive. Great. And your idea of connecting this with some tourists for making money isn’t a bad one. What do you think, Celi? – Just some more PR necessary then… 😉
      Thanks for that funny hint on old PA traditions, John. Never heard of it before but read now (on wiki) that the roots of that might lay in Germany’s old country sayings… There’s even been a US movie on that in the nineties (‘Grayhoundday’) presented also in Germany and in German, but haven’t seen it then.

  10. Your posts are always like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day… even your posts when you, yourself, are not having such a great day. I really likes seeing Mr. Flowers’ (I almost called him Mr. Feathers…) bottom. As you said, that’s a sight seen by very few. And a lovely bottom it truly is. Hope you’re having a good day and its not too cold outside. ; o )

  11. Mr. Flowers is beautiful. Maybe Alex isn’t grumpy, just thinking deep thoughts? Maybe she’ll smile in the spring. I like the Cow Art! Have a great day.

  12. A peacock is as beautiful back end as he is from the.front…I envy him his feathers…..many years ago I bought a peacock feathered fan and it is still beautiful

    On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 1:22 PM, thekitchensgarden wrote:

    > Cecilia Mary Gunther posted: “STOP! Go no further until you have guessed > whose feathers are in the Header Shot. Yes. Well admittedly that was not > hard. Mr Flowers is officially strutting his stuff. And here is something > you seldom see in the mash of pretty peacock sh” >

  13. Behind every brilliant cock is a fluffy bottom. No. The man behind the curtain. No. Looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker. Yes.

  14. Any regular visitor would have needed all of a fraction of a millisecond to guess that header!
    The listed vehicle is definitely leaning to starboard, which if it had sails would mean being on a port tack and having to give way when under way on a collision course to anyone yelling, ‘Starboard!’ (Don’t worry, all that would only make sense to a yachtsman!)

  15. my brother used a defunct volkswagon bus as a greenhouse in Minnesota. Maybe this would work in the front?

  16. Fabulous photographs!
    I was reminded of a passage from the great Swiss saint, Francis de Sales: “When a peacock spreads its tail you can see its backside!”

  17. Gosh i am so late today. Celi you have me worried… Do you have a fetish for animal rear ends? I seem to remember you bringing our attention to Manu’s back-end when he first arrived. You do realise that I am teasing. Mr Flowers has a wonderful fluffy bottom! I love the stork cloud. There were some amazing clouds over Ireland in the past two mornings, but I was not up in time to see them.

  18. Okay, gang. Did I miss something? I re-read “To be a cow” and found nothing Celi said about taking yesterday off. I searched and searched my inbox to no avail. Please, someone, put me in the know! Much love, nonetheless, Gayle

  19. Oh what a mid-winter show . . . . almost too beautiful a frontage for a ‘Mr’ and certainly the first time I have ever seen what lies behind 🙂 !!

  20. Mr Flowers has a very cute bum! Old caravans are very popular as chook houses so why not old cars as cow feeders. We do the cloud thing here too, the clouds looking to the coast are particularly creative, in the past few days we’ve had dragons, witchetty grubs and cigars 🙂

  21. Well, I have never seen a peacock from behind! And those beautiful little feathers along the arc of the display look like little flying birds! Nice photos.

  22. That cloud is something to behold. Bird. Sealth plane. Space saucer. Maybe even how G. M. Hopkins saw God:
    “. . . the Holy Ghost over the bent / world broods with warm breast and with ah! bright wings.”

  23. What a gorgeous cloud. Growing up, a rancher friend raised peacocks and fainting goats. (He was really a high school principal who enjoyed creature – ones that didn’t talk back ) His wife always collected peacock feathers to hand out to the kids. I had forgotten how fluffy and funny their rear view looks.
    Your dad built boats? No wonder you like big skies and wide spaces.

  24. Mr. Flowers has a lot of stuff to strut. You did a great job capturing the sheen of his plumage. And you’re right, only here do we see “the other side.”

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