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The first thing I do every day – even before I sit down to write to you, my friends – is I check the weather.  As kids, when the radio man read the weather forecast woe betide anyone who spoke or rattled pots or slammed… Continue Reading “HIGH WINDS”

The girls decide

Have to run – we are leaving for the Bantam Swap early so here are yesterdays pics. What is wrong with those pictures?  Naughty opportunistic pigs taking advantage of high winds and broken gates. And combine without fuss. And as they will be ten months… Continue Reading “The girls decide”


It seems that the wind is directing my days at the moment. The other day it was the Northerly and now it has swung to the East and settled there with all the gloom and damp that always seems to accompany an Easterly.  It… Continue Reading “Easterly”

Rocking the Barn

Not as in rock ‘n roll either. Just a’rockin’. The frozen winds were so strong yesterday that the barn was heaving in and out, like a giant loudly asthmatic bellows. Often I anchor the camera by leaning it on the barn wall or a… Continue Reading “Rocking the Barn”