The first thing I do every day – even before I sit down to write to you, my friends – is I check the weather.  As kids, when the radio man read the weather forecast woe betide anyone who spoke or rattled pots or slammed the door. There was a hushed almost religious silence for the reading of the weather. zq-003

Now with the advent of the insidious smartphone, I have the weather at my fingertips.  No need for silence. I can read the news and the weather quite silently to myself with no interruptions as often as I want.  And as up to date as I need.

Ironically this has demoted news to bites of newsy hyper puff ‘n fluff. Usually ‘leaked’. And not critical at all.



But the weather, from the weather agents we trust, (though one must also add ones own local knowledge to a forecast), is still as critically important in the reading. It still holds that raised Papa finger “hush now I am reading the weather.”  It is still high on the list of influences in our management of day to day dealings out here on the earth.  For everyone. Except possibly those who are incarcerated – voluntarily or involuntarily.  But I bet they watch the weather on their televisions.

The rest of us are at the mercy of the winds.

Though today is above freezing, those high winds will make it a two glove and three sock day.  A huddle down in the straw day.

I am not sure it will be a lovely day but when the animals get another share of my rapidly diminishing straw, they will feel lovely thoughts.

Love celi

WEATHER: High Winds. Above freezing.

Wednesday Morning 01/30

Partly cloudy and windy this morning. Cloudy with diminishing winds this afternoon. High around 45F. Winds WSW at 20 to 30 mph. Higher wind gusts possible.

Wednesday Night 01/31 20% / 0 in
Cloudy early with some clearing expected late. Low around 25F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.

7:04 am 5:09 pm

Full, 100% visible 5:34 pm 7:05 am


37 Comments on “HIGH WINDS

  1. I frequently ate evening meals with my grandparents as a child, and my grandpa (a farmer) always had the TV on in the background of the kitchen so he could watch the weather when it came on. I frequently got scolded or sent away from the kitchen table as a child for talking (or worse…singing!) during the weather. Thanks for reminding me of those meal times. Now I’m craving my grandma’s scalloped potatoes 🙂

  2. It’s great to see the tree house again! And it looks like it is still in use, with the ladder solidly going up to the ‘kick back and take it all in’ area! Nice!

  3. Hubby always wonders WHY I always listen to the weather guy on TV each morning. My answer is that it is what my parents did and it’s what their parents did, but with radio. I’m the 2nd generation away from the cotton, dairy and beef industry. Which all three needed to know the weather forecast. I think as our generations move further from the farming life – we lose the awe of the weather patterns and subtle changes that happens. Yes, we all open our eyes and ears for tornadoes, hurricanes, nor’easters, and major events. But to watch the slow change to spring or the creeping color changes in the leaves…..

    Oh, now I’m getting all nostalgic….and pitiful.

    Saw a news report of a miniature pig on the lose terrorizing home owners and pets in upstate New York yesterday. I wondered if it was being a terror because it had no roast beef!

    • Do you remember that woman who has the pig rescue shelter? She has had to put down two miniature pugs who were brought to her – nasty, angry ,biting animals. You just cant rehome them when they are like that and she will not have attacking animals there so maybe this one is like that – never trained, locked up – mistreated. Now hates people and attacks dogs. I can see it. We were lucky with Wai – he got over his anger and is a gentle soul now. c

      • I feel so sorry for the woman having to do that…. It hurts to put any animal down even when they are suffering. But you and I know this too.

  4. Love this story about listening to the weather on the radio. What importance such simple day-to-day things assumed, a ritual almost. And weather forecasting was much less reliable when I was a kid. We had a huge windstorm come though one October night that devastated the city–and it wasn’t forecast at all. There was no warning. So I guess, while we miss a bit of the awe of things (as Pat said above) there are some good things about itl

  5. As a cyclist, I always look at the forecast, and generally have a good idea of what’s what for a few days in advance, however, I’ve yet to find a forecaster that’s trustworthy (accurate).

  6. Here, it’s the Wet, the time of year when northern Australians are very interested in the weather forecast, especially when the the isobar map shows big circles with L inside them off our coastline, and the satellite maps show fluffy swirls in the Coral Sea. Then we know it’s time to check the cyclone kit. About 10 months ago I was riveted by the forecast, listening to hourly updates, watching the Bureau of Meteorology map and reading updates on Higgins Stormchasing (one of the most epically exciting weather websites ever!), while we watched and tried to guess where Tropical Cyclone Debbie was going. I confess it, I am a total weather nerd.

    • Not a nerd though dear – checking the weather is what everyone does from what I am gathering in the comments. Do you have that wind APP. It is literally called Windy. I love it. c

    • Fellow weather nerd here. I need to consult thr BOM to choose my activities and outfit for the day. We only occasionally get your extremes as a flow-on effect but I like to know what’s about. I’ve been known to wander around the backyard with the BOM website open to the rain radar so I can cross reference it with the cloud I can see irl.

      • Done that too! It’s also a matter of what’s on the menu for the Husband; dark red spot and lightning on radar does not combine well with large tanker full of fuel to be delivered…

  7. Beautiful sunrise. I sure do miss sunrises and sunsets. And every one is different. Thanks for the memory!

  8. We all watch the weather here hoping to see rain over the south western Cape Province, they are in dire straits because of the drought and now have water restrictions of 25L per person/per day. My sister lives there and we were discussing how I could ‘post’ water to her, 2000km away. Our Met office is often ridiculed for getting the forecast wrong, sigh. Laura

    • Oh my. So they do not shower or bath more than once or twice a week then reuse the water to water the plants – no garden – only flush when necessary – al that stuff – how truly terrifying. I have always thought that good water will soon become a commodity and countries with water will be the wealthiest. How frightening for your sister and the people who cannot move if it comes to that.

  9. I used to think it was only the Brits who obsessed about the weather but when I met Big Man I realised the Spanish are equally obsessive…probably most of the rest of the world too, it impacts on us all in big and small ways!

  10. Spectacular shot of the sky this morning Miss C. Just spectacular. And I’m very glad TonTon is slowly gaining weight!

  11. In our household too the weather was important. My mother would come downstairs in the morning, open the door just enough to stick her hand out to “feel the weather”, then listen to the weather report before both she and my father would leave for work. My mother had a commute which involved a walk, train, elevated, bus and walk which reversed coming home, my father was a carpenter and depending on where and what he was working on the weather was a big factor. I still check the weather even though I don’t go out much except to take Smoky for his walks on the driveway, but I sure like knowing what to expect when i walk out the door.

  12. Well, if we didn’t have the weather to talk about..whatever would we have to complain about! Hah!
    That sunrise photo is just spectacular! Now there’s an example of stunning weather! For the moment anyway. 🙂
    Listen to George Carlin’s “the hippy dippy weatherman” Hilarious!

  13. Weather is a true “reality” that affects us all; most particularly those who actually walk upon the earth. Sadly, there are many who could use a good dose of reality but choose to be oblivious and feel entitled to remain above it all.

  14. I’ve been “under the weather” and missed this one. The weather is the very first thing I check everyday. I don’t know when that started but I’m almost fanatic about it now. It was never considered in my growing up or in my life until the last 15 years. Maybe driving long distances in all kinds of weather made a believer out of me. Wind is hard. I don’t care for it only proceeded by white out driving conditions that I did not catch on the weather. Was not watching closely enough. Maybe that’s when I started waking up. I love the weather on my phone. I can time when I can do things almost exactly. I live my life around the weather these days.

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