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There is not enough of it.  Sleep that is. This is yesterday’s sunrise through the fog. The air temperature was so unusually cool. But warmer temperatures are on the way. So we will be cutting the next load of hay on Monday. I will… Continue Reading “Sleep”

Spanish Black Turkeys

The  Spanish Black  turkeys are growing very slowly. But surely.  They are inquisitive and have a shrill call when they think they are being ignored.  I still have no idea what the gold one is. I am hoping it is a hen though. Then we… Continue Reading “Spanish Black Turkeys”


My new helper has arrived.  She has quickly learnt how to drive the tractor and is helping clear out the dirty straw in the barn.  She has been working on farms all summer and is very adept at picking up new skills. Plus she… Continue Reading “Arrivals”


Doors to the chook house can get left open (probably by me actually)  ..and doors to the mind can get left open too.  And my international visitor is teaching me ever so gently that language is just another door that needs to be left… Continue Reading “Doors”