Tag: Black Spanish Turkeys

The Eyes of a Toad

Look who introduced himself to me in the glasshouse yesterday. A Glasshouse Toad with very determined eyes.  I left him in there – the cold is coming back soon and he has come out of his hibernation – better he stays in the glasshouse and hunts… Continue Reading “The Eyes of a Toad”

Mud on my foot

Peghorn (in the header) has mud on his feet from being out in the field searching for forgotton corn too – he is my oldest rooster. He is Old old. He is a loner. He had a tough summer as the oldest rooster –… Continue Reading “Mud on my foot”

Spanish Black Turkeys

The  Spanish Black  turkeys are growing very slowly. But surely.  They are inquisitive and have a shrill call when they think they are being ignored.  I still have no idea what the gold one is. I am hoping it is a hen though. Then we… Continue Reading “Spanish Black Turkeys”