Mud on my foot

Peghorn (in the header) has mud on his feet from being out in the field searching for forgotton corn too – he is my oldest rooster. He is Old old. He is a loner. He had a tough summer as the oldest rooster – all the young roosters lined up to fight him. He did not win every fight. But he did survive. I think there is a lesson in that. “There is no shame in a strategic retreat”. Someone said that but I cannot remember who.

dog and birds

BooBoo spends a lot of time watching over his growing BigBird flock.


Here are Tahiti and Molly. Back in the mud for a few days – it is just too warm to keep them inside.


With the rain yesterday I closed the cows up onto the concrete pad.  We need to protect the pasture from their big heavy feet. Most of the fields are closed now anyway so we will get some good early growth in the spring(fingers crossed).  I am very protective of the pasture. They can go back out  into this years sacrifice paddock (every winter I let the cows have one field and in the spring I resow that field) when it freezes up again. Until then the cow gate is closed.


No frisbee is safe here. Maybe I should buy some new ones for Christmas. I hope you have a lovely day.

cat on fence

Love celi


57 Comments on “Mud on my foot

  1. It’s been warm here too, freakishly so, but I’m not complaining, it’s a far cry better than 10 feet of snow and -25C with wind chill.

  2. I love that photo of Boo. It’s as if you told him to strike a pose. Happy Christmas to you, c, and to all the farmy!

  3. Peghorn is looking quite good still, Celi! Our oldest rooster, a Rhode Island Red Rooster, thus the name R Cubed, is looking quite old and weary lately. He removed himself from the chicken yard, and doesn’t go back in anymore at all, as he just can’t compete with the other 2 roosters. He also has had a bum leg for the longest time, and limps around everywhere he goes. Now, I look for him always, thinking that he won’t be with us much longer. He is 4 and 1/2 years old. Sure hope he hangs in there a while longer. We head northeast today to be with My John’s family in Dayton, OH for Xmas. I’ll wave your way as we pass south of you!!! 🙂

  4. What is your head count on Peafowl, Turkey and chickens now days? I have always wanted to have guinea and geese along with a nice brood of chickens. I know the noise they make -> but I actually love their sound and my grandmother kept guinea all her life and I have very fond memories of helping her hand raise guinea chicks.

    • To date we have — ah let me see – Two turkeys and Geraldine, Mrs Flowers and Violet, Pania and Mr Flowers. Chickens i have no idea – 8 in the West Barn, maybe a dozen in the home barn and about thirty in the chook house.. Not sure really as they all roam. c

  5. It’s warm and stormy here – too bloody warm to wear a coat unfortunately. I should have been a pig – they look happy 😉

  6. I looked for the name of the cat in the last photo, and seem to have missed it, even on the Cast of Characters page. Whatever her (his?) name, it’s a wonderful photo of a beautiful cat.

  7. I thought Boo had a bucket to chew on, and a rather sad one at that. He needs the industrial strength frisbee for sure. We got a dusting of snow yesterday, very wet and mixed with rain pushing it down from our mountains, which are buried. Still, it was lovely to look at.

  8. I know you say it’s warm but that sky over the weathered white barn in the second pictures looks COLD to me. Yowza. Maybe I’m just imagining what’s coming…

    • Above freezing in the daytime feels warm I have not lit the fire in a while – We won’t have enough wood to last the winter if I heat the house every day and the all house heater has been broken for a while – I guess there is a plan to fix it but it is not my department and as I am here alone I don’t mind wearing an extra warmie.. but when i work outside I am without my jacket sometimes too.. c

  9. Grey skies and bare trees… sure looks cold, even if the temp is still rising above normal. It’s still very mild here also and I am not complaining one bit. I am absolutely loving this bonus weather and hope it at least lasts beyond Boxing Day when most folks are safe home again after their holiday travels to spend time with family. Dear Boo… it’s not easy looking after an unruly bunch of kids.
    Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  10. Question – are any of your roosters aggressive to you? I am pet sitting two chickens (hen and rooster) tiny little things with feathery legs (not sure the breed, some kind of bantam I think). Well the rooster keeps attacking me! And as small as he is, he flies up with legs extended and those sharp claws aiming for my legs! I have to take a broom into the pen with me to protect myself. Never been attacked by something so bloody small LOL.

    • Only once did i have a rooster who attacked – they are dangerous. I had to put him down after he began to attack visiting children – a nasty bird. Since then I have had no trouble at all – I think some birds are just more aggressive – i would be tempted to entice him into a nice big dog crate where he can stay for the duration – does he attack his owners? c

      • They surely have built up bad karma in their former lives… – and do so again in this present life. Poor guys…. 😉

      • Yes she did mention that he was getting aggressive. This morning I stood and threw their grains over the fence – well although it is damp it is very warm so thought they could forage for it rather than me get attacked LOL.They have a large fenced off area that has a lot of grass and weeds, so should be ok. Will let the owner deal with him when she gets back in three days time

  11. Boo is such a sweetheart! And look at your flock of big birds- my oh my!
    I do believe Boo would love a new frisbee….or two! Cheers!

  12. Looks like spring in your neck of the woods! We woke to a beautiful blanket of snow this morning. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll finally have a white Christmas for the first time in many years. Merry Christmas! 🙂

      • I think all countries that get snow in the winter and celebrate Christmas love a white Christmas. We’ve vacationed in warmer places for Christmas which was a nice change as well.

  13. Enjoy the warmer weather. It’s raining here in California which is exactly what we need . A cold front is moving in with lots of snow in the mountains.

  14. Good old brave Peghorn. Blessed be he. Love that Veranda shot. So much traffic there… 🙂 Piggies photo is so cute, too. And what the heck is Boo fighting with? Ah, a new game called “Broken Frisbee”, haha. Funny picture.
    Have a lovely afternoon and evening, Celi!

  15. BooBoo seems to be watching for the stragglers of the BigBird flock Choir, gathering for rehearsal! May your days hold the warmth until year end at least!

  16. Boo works hard enough to deserve the occasional frisbee to bash to bits: what a great way to get rid of his frustrations at ‘these stupid birds’ 😀 !! When he arrived at the farmy as a tiny pup, and you thought he would never ‘grow up’, who knew he would become your ‘third hand’ !!!

  17. It’s the 21st and “it’s just too warm to keep them inside.” And tomorrow is supposed to be warmer yet. Unbelievable! I hope winter doesn’t hit us with both barrels when it finally does get here. Unlike your John, this JohnI likea not having to pull out the snow blower. 🙂

    • Its the 23rd here and I am SO happy for ‘aminals’ on the ‘Prairies’!! May it truly be a non-worrying Yuletide up there on the windy and flat lands !! Huggers to Boo 😀 !!

  18. “For he who fights and runs away
    May live to fight another day;
    But he who is in battle slain
    Can never rise and fight again.
    Roman historian, Tacitus (55 AD to 120 AD)
    You made me curious (and is his name where the words “tactical/tactics” come from… easy to get lost in this stuff)
    I know exactly what you mean by protecting wet pastures from heavy trodding
    Cheers to all and to all a good night

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