The Green

Still the weather is holding. And the fields have some green. During the long nights it drops below freezing then in the day times UP the temperature comes and grass

It is not unusual for us to hover around the freezing mark at this time of year, and not unusual for there to be a little green left in the fields. But 60 is pretty warm then dramatic drops way below freezing at night. But not unheard of.  The temperatures dive and rise very fast out here.

Here is an excerpt from a weather discussion I was reading yesterday.

The most extreme temperature range recorded  within one calendar day occurred from a Blue Norther’ in December 1919.  At noon on Friday, December 12, the temperature was 67 (19C) degrees.  By 1 PM the temperature had dropped an astounding 44 degrees (6C)  to a reading of 23 degrees.  By 7 PM that evening the temperature had bottomed out at 1 degree above zero (-17) , a full 66 degrees lower than the high temperature 7 hours earlier.

Things change very fast on the plains.  Right across the American Plains.  The variations in temperature within one day are wild. And hopefully we do not get a  Blue Norther’ out here this winter. Or maybe they call it something else now. But we are presently getting some high winds.

cows in field

Sheila and Poppy making nice.


They were sweetening me up I so would open the big gate and let them out into the field.  Sheila was acting very peculiar yesterday I think she is in heat again. I need to check the diary. Everything is written down in my farm diary – every suspicion and every thought and every observation.  The more I write the clearer the picture becomes.

And now that I am running three cows (hopefully all pregnant), one heifer  and two sows (Tima is technically a sow now)  and two gilts I will start a Breeding Book. Until now I have relied on my memory and the diaries. But in 2017 I am starting a book to record all the breedings, births, deaths and marriages. My memory is not what it used to be!


Naomi the part Dutch Belted heifer Without a Belt. She still has this wild teddy bear crossed with a street urchin  hair do! She is still a lovely wee heifer and so kind to Not so Difficult.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


31 Comments on “The Green

  1. The piggy – Molly or Tahiti – from the header shot is still young and slim. I’m envious. And so so cute Sheila & Poppy. Again envious… Oh my. Do they have Christmas feelings already? Starting singing soon?
    I like your doing the Farmy book – it’s like the captain’s ship’s log offshore, isn’t it? But you meant 2016 for the Breeding Book I think (not 2017)? – Have a lovely day, too, Celi!

  2. I thought it was only in Ireland that we often had four seasons in one day! I so sincerely hope the warmer days last a little longer for all concerned at the farmy!

  3. Cannot remember? That’s me ! a name. a place, an event…if it was further back than yesterday its all gone. i put it down to being a much intelligence in my brain that it cannot retain do not worry you are in good company!….I love the names you give your farmy creatures and they always seem to ‘fit’ just right….clever you.
    in Bulgaria it is very mild…cold at night but during the day we still have sun..most unusual…..but my animals love it

    happy Christmas

  4. Naomi is a sweaty, I love how she is almost always grazing close to Alex. Are you not recording hatches, matches and dispatches in 2016 then, curious why not? Laura

    • Yes since I started farming I have had farm diaries, plus the blog is another form of recording. But I need to get it into a book that will last as long as I am farming.. c

  5. Oh I want Naomi’s hair! I have flat as a flitter hair sadly…. I tried growing it out a few years ago (I have had SHORT hair for 35+ years) and I just couldn’t stand it in my face, so I started pulling it back. When I realized that I would be wearing it pulled back 99% of the time, I went to Kim the hairdresser and said CHOP IT OFF. If I am wearing it out of my face all the time why have it. 🙂

    We will be in eh 70’s this week……

  6. We are getting only 4 degrees difference between day and night and it’s quite warm for Dec. 43 degrees at 5:30 am. It will change soon. At least right now the streets are not icy. I love how your critters all like to hang out with one another. They know they are family. Beautiful photos of them.

  7. Lovely loving piggies and sweet calves. No wonder you need a complete record to keep tabs on all the hugs and results.
    Twenty minutes ago I had to put the blind down as the sun was blinding me. Now it’s pouring down and the washing is in the garage. Hey ho.
    Have a lovely day,
    ViV xox

  8. SHEILA!! You know she is my favorite. I dream sometimes of me and her running through the fields playing. I just know she would love playing with me, you think. Hogs and snout kisses. XOXO – Bacon

  9. It takes a pig of Sheila’s ‘traditional build’ to make Poppy look svelte, and Poppy is not a Small Pig… Has pretty Naomi with the gamine hairdo lost her red necklace, the one I thought suited her so well…? I suppose she must have grown out of it, and perhaps she no longer needs a collar in any case, she is very well gentled. We are holding our breaths down here, not daring to rejoice: the monsoon front is starting to build, two months later than you’d expect, and with no firm promises about dropping lots of lovely rain on Queensland. But if we’re very, very lucky, we may get rain, and not just cyclones!

  10. Sheila and Poppy making nice makes a great picture. I came across my grandfather’s records. He was part of a Saskatchewan Beef breeders association. It actually was quite interesting to follow the bloodlines and see what qualities they were looking out for. I hope you have more autumnal weather. Sheila will keep you advised I’m sure.

  11. such sweet dear animals. We have no green here only white and we’re glad of it! Have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers!

  12. This time last year you had similar weather, opening barn doors to let the sun stream in, Queenie had just come home, and we know now, pregnant with the bobbie, Elsie was fairly new and being difficult still, and Lady Astor’s arrival in January was anticipated…..she was The Christmas Cow! Another year rolls on by. A journal sounds like a good idea, but better yet, I’ll come live there and be your PA 🙂

    • Christmas Cow sounds nice! – And me too, I’d like to apply for being Celi’s PA at the Farmy… What a nice thought. 🙂

  13. Naomi is a sweetie! It does seem to be harder to keep track of things, and you have very important days to remember.

  14. Iowa is a pretty big state. I’ve seen weather with a 40˚F difference from one corner to the diagonal one. Illinois is really long. It can be several seasons different from north to south. 🙂

    I like the do on Naomi the beltless belted heifer.

  15. Happy about your ‘green’ at this time of the year: bet the herd is also! However trust me to be ‘different’ – having been hugely ‘greenie’ for over three decades now I just love the ‘moo’ picture to bits showing the amount of electricity being generated by those wind turbines in the distance in your present weather! Don’t think there is much manmade more beautiful in my world – and you should not hear the side effect of the noise as far as you are . . . do you know that on many days Denmark is fully self-sufficient in power from these wind farms . . . ? No coal, no atomic power needed!!!! Glory be . . . .

  16. Even with wildlife there are friends and foes, the dominant and submissive, the troublemakers and the peace keepers. I love the personalities, and how they act when they “want” something, or what they do when they’re naughty. Not so different than humans, come to think of it! 🙂

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