Dog with Pipe

Yes – who would have thought it – TonTon is a smoker. Sigh. He knows there is a no smoking rule in the barn. He assured me he does not inhale. What rot.  Like I have never heard that before!tonton and pipe

A pigs dinner.
pigs dinner

Though some pigs have to fight to get to eat their dinners unmolested by dratted chooks.  Tima has begun her months separation from Tane and is more than happy about it. Tane is locked up in his (two) fields (and deeply unimpressed) and Tima is left to roam the grounds.  Every hour of so she comes up to the back door to check in with me, stare in the windows with the dogs and ask for a carrot. She always get the carrot too – that way I don’t have to go outside and check on her. In the evening she toddles back to the barn and tucks herself into an enormous pile of straw close to Tane’s inside gate. So they can still say goodnight to each other.

pigs and chickens

Violet is turning into quite the young lady. Peahens are such characters.



We seem to have quite a few of these passive protests between the cats and the peahens. I am still unsure what they are about.  But they always end in a stand off. The barn crowd are deeply patient when it comes to making their point. They can sit glaring at each other (or pretending not to)  for hours.

barn standoff

Below are Boo and Ton on their truck ready to drive around to the West Barn. If I even Look at the truck they leap into the back. The command is On the truck (as it would be) and no matter where they are on the farm they race for the truck and leap into the back. It is a dogs life.


Farm Life.

It was cold again yesterday – below freezing all day but the sun was out.  And you know how everything feels better when it is sunny. Though the days are so short now. I start my afternoon rounds at 3pm so I am done by dark.  The nights drop fast.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

33 Comments on “Dog with Pipe

  1. Good morning Celie! Your photos are beautiful as always. We have to keep our eye on Monday and the Solstice! Light will be returning soon. (Although never fast enough, I know).

  2. Those two dogs! Such lovely, funny creatures. Love the “peace” between the peafowl and the cats. I wonder what would happen if you wrote some sort of a barn peace treaty and left it up in the rafters for all to inspect. 😀

  3. Ton certainly seems to have a found a pipe to last a long winters night 🙂 Is Violet as tame as Geraldine? We once again are sunny and very hot 33C/91F, wish I could send you some heat. Laura

  4. Love the picture of the boys in the truck — the look on their faces just screams “Are We There Yet?

  5. Tons expressions in the photos crack me up. So dapper with his stick pipe and the orther so alert and ready to take his command. So ready to go.

  6. TonTon a smoker. And – obove all – he even seems to be proud of it. Cute photo though. – Crazy game between the peas and the cat. But interesting. – The dog’s truck ride seems to be a highly welcomed diversion / distraction, no?
    I wish you to have a sunny Sunday.

  7. That last photo…. There’s a look of truly uncanny intelligence on TonTon’s face as he peers out from behind Boo. “Are you coming, Miss C? Are we off yet? What’s the job for today?” Glad to see the chooks do not have their frilly undies in a bunch today, much more dignified!

  8. Ton a smoker. Well, he doesn’t drink, chase women, or gamble. He could do far worse than a few puffs after a hard day’s work. What is is about dogs and rides? Max seems to know intuitively when I’m going out and he is coming with. When he thinks he’s being left behind, he heads for his crate — all before I’ve even reached for my coat. Fact is, he’s right at least 90% of the time and I cannot figure out how he does it.

  9. I am on the same page as RuitFarmNorth, thinking and looking forward to Monday Night, December 21st, the shortest day of the year, Winter Solstice, because after that night the days begin to get longer, once again! Yahoo!!! Although, as he says, it doesn’t seem to happen fast enough, but it will be happening!!! 🙂

  10. Love those eager doggy faces. It’s funny…looking at them I’m wondering: What makes me feel like that? And, sadly, I’m not sure. That ladder in the last shot portends a shaky up-the-tree chore. What’s going on up there?

  11. Good morning. All is organized on the farm. A sunflower pipe? Nice to have a little of life’s pleasures, but I hope it’s a bubble pipe

  12. My day is complete. Coming here to see all those lovely, wise creatures does my heart good. The world still has a wonderful place in it. Thank you for that. Happy Sunday to you all.

  13. The food for the pigs looks very healthy, my grandfather had a huge outside kettle where he cooked potatoes to feed the pigs. I loved eating those potatoes as a child.

  14. Good morning! Just curious as to how you spend your long winter evenings. Do you knit? I imagine you pouring over recipe books, or reading a book with a cat on your lap. Winter evenings are spent knitting around here. Looking forward to longer days soon ; )

  15. Ha ha ha!! That smoker photo is clever. So many candid farmy photos this morning. Life as it is… I can even feel the cold despite the bright sun. Happy day to everyone!

  16. I love Tons pipe and wonder if it is filled with St Bruno ready rubbed?
    Your pig’s dinner looks rather tasty, unlike our meaning of the term ‘ A pig’s dinner’: Something unattractive, unappetizing, distasteful; a mess, a muddle.

    • Ahh, to me that was always ‘a dog’s breakfast’… never heard the term ‘pig’s dinner’, but of course they mean the same. 🙂

  17. Wonderful shot of two expectant doggies in the truck. Hope Tane gets extra carrots too, all alone and separated from his best pal. I have always wondered how pigs, living on a vegan diet and not dipping into sweets and pastries, get so round and fat. Is there a simple explanation?
    Many years ago a sister-in-law of mine, at Christmastime, commented on how the days were getting longer. At the time I thought she was bonkers but since then have taken note and, sure enough and although extremely subtle, within a week of the winter solstice the change is noticeable… and just keeps getting better with each passing day. So, yes, as it seems our winters are just getting started with the cold and snow, the march of time into a new cycle is assured.
    Hope your day stays bright and sunny and you have a lovely one too! ~ Mame 🙂

  18. So many fun comments from the fellowship this morning. I love that you keep track of Tima because she comes to ask for a carrot! You are just SO clever to see it that way! It is raining here in the desert this morning, REALLY raining, wonderful!

  19. MY lovely day always begins with reading your blog- ALWAYS see new things and envy you your animals- would not dare do it here- too many bears, cougars etc ….so I enjoy your animals from afar! Cheers!

  20. 9 hours and 7 minutes of daylight here in Michigan for 3 days in a row now. We have reached the shortest day. Daylight hours will start to increase now. 😊

  21. Mom – it’s a pipe, not a cigarette – tho’ the rules should clearly state that smoking indoors is not on 🙂 !! One ember in that hay . . . Our longest day tomorrow tho ‘the benefit may disappear as heavy rains forecast . . . don’t mind: 38 bushfires burning in the State yesterday – might extinguish some of those . . . .

  22. This post cracked me up. Having a temporary separation, smoking dog, begging at the back door, face off with a cat and much more and all on one page. Oh I forgot – On the truck. LOL We just have one dog and he sits on the back seat and the command is, hop in! Well we ARE down under. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  23. Ton looks quite debonaire with his pipe. Of course he doesn’t inhale. Funny standoff with peafowl and cat. Glad Tima and Tane have a little closeness. I’m sure they miss each other.

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