The face of Boo

This is the face I get when it is time to go out and feed everyone.  This is Boo’s are-you-coming-now? Look.


Yesterday it was so cold and blowing hard out here.  Wind is often hard to take a photo of in the winter  but the chickens are helping out – showing their petticoats.

chickens in wind

Geraldine at her post waiting for her dinner.


My lovely herd – still grazing in December. What a bonus for their health.


Tane is still looking for treasures (dropped corn)  in the field and finding them too.


I hope you have a lovely day!

Love c


39 Comments on “The face of Boo

  1. Lady Astor is showing now, she’s got quite an angle to her tum. I find it so interesting how the colours change and evolve with the seasons; that last photo of Tane could almost be in black & white…

  2. The weather world seems to have turned upside down this year. I read a couple of days ago that Arizona had snow and was the coldest place in the US! While at my house I was basking in 12- 14°C. The front window gave blue skies and warm sunshine while from the window to the back of the house, in the same room the sky looked leaden grey as if it was given the kiss of death! I love the pic of the chicks, they are sure having their cobwebs blown away. The wind is strong here this morning and the tree branches are bowing down before.

  3. Good Boy Boo 🙂 Look at Mr Flowers tail – is he going to be able to pick it up to display this spring? Enjoy your weekend, hope that nasty wind blows away soon. Laura

  4. Aw Boo, what a charming character he is. Growing into a fine man isn’t he? The sun is shining here and it will be 60 today. Yea! Mom has only one appointment this week but the Monday after its 5 days a week of radiation and chemo. Prayers for all the staff treating her that they can heal her are greatly appreciated.

    • So hard–illness! Puts a pall over everything. Sinner that I am, I’ll pray the staff heals your Mom.

  5. I just love the Boo shot! We have a window similar to yours, and both the dogs and the cats line up and stare into the house at us, not only at feeding times, but often during the day checking to see it we are inside and sussing out what we are doing. It’s hilarious! 🙂

  6. What dedication there is on the farm. Everyone has something to do, a post to monitor, work to be done. It is a wonderful thing to have purpose. I often think those who have purposeful lives are the happiest. A happy day to you Miss C. 🙂

  7. What a lovely dog Boo is, always ready to do his job. And Geraldine “at her post”…. very clever….. lol
    Yes, this autumn has been a wonderful one, for us at least in southern Ontario, and I have been loving it. Anything over the freezing point at this time of year is a great bonus, I figure, and, except for a very few occasions, we have enjoyed just that so far. I’m happy if it continues!
    Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  8. Such a simple post, but the photos tell a clear story of life on the farm in the early winter. I find this montage very pleasing. BTW, my farmy book arrived right on schedule and after looking at it over and over I have wrapped it up with the granddaughters Christmas present and it is waiting to be opened Christmas day. I think they will love it and it will provide us with hours of discussion and imaginary stories about farmy animals.

  9. I can almost see his muscles twitching in anticipation. What a good heart that boy has. Wind is not my favorite weather and we appreciate the lack of bitter cold right now but this weather is just plain odd and too warm for December. Tane is certainly getting plenty of exercise for those treasures. 😉 That’s what I need to do. Walk a mile for each morsel. :)) Have a lovely day.

  10. Oh that Boo! Like someone else said, you can see his muscles tense just ready to GO! I love your description of the chickens’ petticoats. Perfect word.

  11. I love the expression and concentration on Boo’s face. You can learn a lot watching the animals expressions and behaviour. Enjoy your day.

  12. Love your petticoats… Wonderful. And Boo – he’s such a good fellow and co-worker. So sweet how you made today’s presentation of everyone… Your pictures give me some peace.

  13. Such dear happy animals. You are all lucky to have each other. I always get a warm feeling when I read your blog. All seems well with the world. Boo is darling. So insistent.

  14. Boo is such a wonderful dog! We have terrific winds here ( terrific meaning high blustry and extreme winds of up to 60 mph)……Have a warm cozy evening!

  15. Hot greetings from the Highlands: methinks I would rather have a peremptory looking Boo, the cold and the wind than today’s 40+ C temperatures and high winds here accompanied by the first ‘severe’ bushfire warning for the Season . . . it is great that the cows can still be outside to find food . . . even that extra bit of Vitamin D 🙂 !

  16. You can just see that eager anticipation on his face! And those fluffy ruffle chickens! Hah! Does Ton wait for you with as much enthusiasm as Boo?

  17. One knows the wind is blowing when feathers get ruffled! It does seem odd for the farmy to not be covered in snow this time of year.

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