Look Good on Paper

I went to Our John’s Work Do last night.

I had forgotton about it so I was still in my work clothes, filthy, straw in my hair, working, when he came out to the barn, home from work early, showered and dressed to tell me we were leaving in thirty minutes.


I did one of those fast changes from filthy overalls and fat gloves to tights, short tunic and city boots. The drive to the venue was long, Johns work mates were bearded and be-jeaned and very polite. I started to play pool to pass the time and ended up on the table half the night. Beating them all one after the other not because I am any good but because they were very bad.  I have no idea where all the wives were.

I said to one fellow that I am really a terrible pool player and he said “Yeah. But you look good on Paper.”

That made me laugh.  In New Zealand when you beat a guy in pool you walk over and shake his hand and thank him for the game. Here they shake your hand and then hug you –  go figure.  Must have been the drink.


And now I am late for work.

Love celi

52 Comments on “Look Good on Paper

  1. You late? It must be something in the air. If I see an armchair I want to sit and snooze and my bedroom is out of bounds during the day in case I crawl in and cuddle up. Maybe that guy reads your blog!

  2. Sounds like a fun party!!! Yep, we Americans are a nation of huggers, and that’s the truth! Not sure quite why, but even around here, which is sort of ‘in the sticks’ people will stop cars and jump out and hug each other! I know in other countries people kiss one or both cheeks, which is also fun! But, I can’t see anything wrong with any of it. Being a very social species, it seems we have the need for loving physical contact. And that includes coming from our animals too!!! 🙂

  3. I’m sure you were very popular as the only wife – I bet they won’t come alone next year, when the ladies hear of a blonde who plays great pool 😉

  4. Yesterday hugged by a peacock, today by a man. Is there no end to your depravity? 🙂 I watched a dear little old man give his wife at least 10 kisses when saying goodbye after a hospital visit. The bisou frenzy (kisses) is dying down here. A few years ago it was 4 kisses, making sure you both started on the left, so you didn’t bump noses. Nowadays its down to one each side.

  5. hahaha Made me laugh too! I wonder where all the wives were also but, once again, sounds like you made lemonade. Appears your critters have survived your long weekend away.
    My experience has been that we Canadians are not much for hugging, but we are getting better at it. Years ago when I was in my early-30’s I had to teach my Dad to be a hugger in his family and he learned gradually over a half-dozen times. Gradually, as I said, from the beginnings of standing stock still like a statue to hesitantly raising his arms slightly to all the way to a full-blown hug… it was fun and I know, once he got the hang of it, he loved it.
    It’s supposed to get cold and snowy here today and tomorrow… but so far so good, grey out there this morning but still rather mild. And next week the temperature is scheduled to rise again. Hope you have a great day! ~ Mame 🙂

  6. And what was your John doing while you played pool with all those fellas? 🙂 Probably have a good laugh at how lucky he is. I like the idea of a work do that lets you relax and play a little pool in skinny jeans and city boots. Sounds like more fun than any I went to in years gone by. Glad that’s over. Back to work sounds like more fun to me. Have a fantastic Friday.

  7. You were The Belle of the Ball last night !! I love that you were winning at pool – there’s yet another talent we didn’t know about. ; o )

  8. Sounds like a fun evening for all. Had to laugh at Tima ‘wearing’ her dinner bowl 🙂 Laura

  9. Do you find midwesterners are big on being friendly and hugging? We’ve talked with quite a few people who have come to Iowa City for work, etc. They’ve come from all over the world. It is one thing most of them agree on. Iowans are just plain nice. On that note, here is a video to back up that claim. Warning…there is some un-nice language in it. https://youtu.be/qLZZ6JD0g9Y

  10. Nice evening you’ve had. And got so many hugs by always winning the game! – Brava!

  11. This doesn’t surprise me. Boots, tunic and some lipstick == trifecta. You can do no wrong.

  12. I have always loathed Christmas parties with a passion, trying to make small talk with people you have nothing to say to, the tedious drunks, the arguments and disappearing into dark corners by giggling and inappropriate couples… Luckily I’m spared that with the Husband’s work; as a shift worker, there’s no party that all staff can attend, hurrah!
    I do love the idea of you, fully dressed for the event by virtue of smart boots and lippy, conquering all comers even with your rubbish pool skills!

    • Agree totally. I always figured I spent enough time with work people without socializing too. I often (somewhat churlishly I admit) wished they’d just give me my share of the cash they spent on the party!

  13. Sounds like you had a fun time- tights, boots and long sweaters are my go to for winter dress ups! Have a lovely day today!

  14. I really love that last picture. I can’t quite put my finger on it… maybe it’s the low angle or the peacock saying, “No one here but us chickens.”

  15. Laughing, Celi, laughing! We’re actually ‘birds of a feather’ in this . . . don’t know the difference twixt billiards and pool, but used to be pretty good at the first and would have joined you immediately . . . politely ‘sitting down with the ladies’ has never ever been my scene 😀 !! Boots, tights and tunic: uhuh!! Can relate to that also . . . perhaps some could not . . . and I DO like Big John – my guys would have laughed [and been proud] also . . . .

  16. I love that you said ‘work do’. It’s so very not American, and I say it now too! I only win at pool because I have a talent for letting the other person clear the table and then scratch when shutting for the 8 ball. It’s actually happened way too often for me to keep thinking it is coincidence!

  17. Is it a Kiwi thing to not want to get stuck in a wive’s huddle? I have noticed it before when travelling overseas, and had others comment on it too, how the Kiwi women always join in with whatever is happening, even if other women are hanging back. Glad you had fun at the ‘do’ anyway!

  18. I did not know northerners were huggers. They certainly were not where I lived in Nebraska. My family are a sorry lot of huggers – kind of wimpy at it. Hugging is big in the south though. I was always the girl hanging out with the guys. Maybe I was a fella in a previous life. 😀

  19. Having been at a few work holiday parties, I’ve overheard the wives talking about laundry detergent, which cereal their kids were eating that month, which brand of box mix mac and cheese they preferred, what beauty salon they went to, etc. Since none of those things are remotely interesting I played pool when it was available and usuall beat the pants of the guys, getting menacing looks from the women. I always end up hanging out with the guys too.

  20. If there’s a pool table, you can’t keep me away. I’m pretty good too, much to the surprise of my gentleman opponents.

  21. In my carousing days, I was a fixture at many a pool table and handled myself pretty well. Haven’t picked up a cue in 10 years, at least, and I see no reason to give it another shot, so to speak. I’ll get the drinks, instead. 🙂

  22. Sounds like you had a fun time, and I’ll bet you looked fetching in under thirty minutes!

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