You will remember that I separated Tima ( the kunekune girl) from Tane (the kunekune boy)  so that they would not breed during this cycle. This would give Tima a break after her miscarriage and any piglets would be later in the spring.

Anyway yesterday, I was walking into Tane’s field with buckets loaded with feed for the chickens, and bowls of food for the pigs all piled on top of their hay and all crashing about together in the wheelbarrow,  when I felt Boo brush against my leg as he bolted through, taking advantage of the open gate. This is naughty behaviour as he is supposed to wait until I am through a gate then I invite him through after me. But I was hurrying to get through before Tima saw where I was and so I yelled at Boo for being badly behaved and  kicked the gate shut with my foot and hurried along to feed the squealing Molly and Tahiti.Tima

I fed the two little pigs then continued on and fed the chickens and collected the eggs, popped around the corner to check that the gate to the other field was secure, sloshed through the big puddle on that corner before remembering that I had holes in my gumboots, swore (nicely – I am a lady after all) threw all the empty buckets back into the wheelbarrow, picked up the handles turned 180 degrees and there was Tane breeding Tima.  Yes there was swine field jiggy jig just around the corner  by the bike sheds.  Congress.  I sighed (I do a lot of sighing lately)  It seemed so unfair to break it off. Tima was standing nicely with a very calm look on her face and Tane, with his dodgy hip and all, it is such an effort for him to get up there, I did not have the heart to drag them apart.

So I averted my eyes and let them finish then Tima settled her hat back on her head picked up her handbag and happily followed me back out of Tane’s field apologising profusely for pretending to be a dog to gain entry and went back to her corner of the barn for a wee lie down. With her legs in the air no doubt. Leaving Tane to totter about with a dazed expression on his face. And Boo grumbling on the other side of the gate.

spanish black

A while ago the vet said to me that it only takes ONCE for a pregnancy but which ONCE is the question.

They are apart again now – but is it too late? Was that Once THE Once?

We will see in three months, three weeks and three days.

Sheila hereford pig

That is just after I return from my Australasian trip.  In fact I will log this date (in my new breeding book) and in exactly 21 days I will put her back in with Tane and see if we get a reaction again. Then we will know. Or not.

If she does have piglets they are all for sale. Want one?

I hope you have a lovely day.


PS 9.28 am.  I stand corrected: piglets would be due April not March. April is better.




50 Comments on “OOPS

  1. That is one of the most hilarious posts you’ve ever written. Tima having a lie down, Tane tottering about with a dazed expression, as they do…heehee! March wouldn’t necessarily be such a bad time for a litter of cute piglets.

  2. At least Tima apologised for pretending to be a dog to gain entry 🙂 I would so love a Kune baby …. sigh. Laura

  3. She must have been plotting for days on the best way to gain access to Mr Jiggy Piggy! Poor girl, obviously gagging for it and able to ginger up Tane so he’d get to work. I’m surprised she didn’t have a wiggle in her step on the way to her snooze… I laughed till I cried, read it over the phone to the Husband, who was cackling and snorting with laughter too. It’s a GOOD day: Tima and Tane get some lurve and far north Queensland gets the monsoon AT LAST! Rain! It’ll be our turn at the end of the week…

  4. That was so hilarious, it hurts. I’ll be grinning all day thinking of your sneaky Tima and Tane. Best laid plans and all. 🙂 Have a wonderful day.

  5. Whoops.. Let nature rule….brings a smile to my face as well thought plans go down the plug hole..we shall see

  6. whoops is right! Just goes to show what happens when well laid plans go down the plug hole….But you can’t fight nature..we shall see

  7. Very good description of post tryst behaviour on Tima’s part. Too funny. Fingers crossed it was just a practise run. Think of it as therapy for Tane’s hip.

  8. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! I calculated 114 days from yesterday which is April 14, 2016. Hopefully ti will be good weather again by then.

  9. Snorts – what can I say. The heart wants what the heart wants – snorts with piggy laughter. 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  10. And that KuneKune in the photo has a most definite grin on her face as she struts, with purpose, back to her snoozing spot! Wonderful story today, thank you! I would suspect that the Once that counts would occur if she’s actually in heat. If so then, given she was so happily willing, I’d be definitely counting off the days for the three months, three weeks and three days! You have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  11. Oh no!
    Must tell you that Robert laughed his head off when he read the post. Oh well, I’ll write to Chloe and say possible piglets in 3/3/3! 😀

    • Yes ! It will be a better time for that road trip anyway! I know it is just a dream but i would LOVE it to happen and kune’s love riding in cars especially on someones lap. c

  12. Ha! Gotta wish I was a pair of secret eyes watching while you balled out Boo and it was Tima running by you. And off you went, totally unawares. Animals HAVE to have a good sense of humour watching us, don’t you think?

  13. I ordered some chicken hatching eggs a while back and got a couple oddballs once they hatched. I notified the seller and they told me a Buff Orpington had slipped into her cage of special breed Ameraucanas. Her exact words were “I can’t believe he nailed one of them that fast!”. Now I have an amazing story to tell people about my chickens, haha!

  14. oh hahahah this has to be one of the more hilarious posts in a long time. !!! One cannot thwart true love you know! Cheers!

  15. Dear Tima only wanted to offer her lover the best Christmas present ever! 😆 I am sitting laughing and we all know laughter is good for the soul and the heart!

  16. I held in my laughter until the part about , “picked up her handbag” and I burst out loud! Oh, how I needed that laughter in wild abandon today. Thank you so much… That was one of your best posts EVER!! And what is this about holes in your gumboots? What farm girl can do without proper gumboots?

  17. Romeo & Juliet. What a romance there on the Farmy. Isn’t it love? I’m waiting curious what will happen in 21 days…. – 13th of January if I am right…
    Now all you need is a new pair of good gum boots for Christmas, Celi!

  18. Well, let us hope that the kunekune lust and our hilarity are followed by a second-time lucky scenario . . . Christmas babies: how lovely!!

  19. Oh my, you, and all the commenters are just too funny and I sorely needed funny today. It’s foggy, drizzly, dreary and thankfully my John is on the road to recovery but it is soooooo very slow and we are all a tad discouraged and cranky and a good laugh was just the ticket! Thank you all.

    • . . . here’s another set of fingers and toes crossed . . . may 2016 be kinder . . . .

  20. Oh gad! I can just see Tima barrelling past you to get to Tane. Just the thing for getting over a miscarriage so my friend told me, having had that happen to her, she and her hubby wasted no time getting busy to get pregnant again. I’m sure Boo will forgive you for yelling at him when he didn’t do anything. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year, and thanks for sharing your life with us.

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