The Eyes of a Toad

Look who introduced himself to me in the glasshouse yesterday.


A Glasshouse Toad with very determined eyes.  I left him in there – the cold is coming back soon and he has come out of his hibernation – better he stays in the glasshouse and hunts for bugs in there until it warms up for good.

rubbish eating birds

I brought the old vegetables  back from the store and left them on the tail gate  of my white truck to be chopped up and divided later. But the vandal flock found them first. These turkeys are a menace, ripping the bags open and scattering good food everywhere and Geraldine the peahen is not much better behaved. They stand in front of moving vehicles, stand ON parked vehicles  and poop all over the verandah, standing right on me while I garden, soon they will have to find some quarters.


peacock tail

My herd. This will be an interesting summer. TonTon is ready.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi



41 Comments on “The Eyes of a Toad

  1. Well good morning Mr Toad. What a cheeky fellow he is. Does Geraldine know she is a Peahen or a Turkey? What do the other Pea’s think of her and her gang? (And did only two Turkey’s survive? I can’ remember)

  2. It would be good to have a pet toad eating greenhouse bugs on a permanent basis. Perhaps you could get someone to kiss him, to see if he’s human 🙂

  3. Good idea to leave Mr Toad in the glasshouse to eat bugs. I must admit that I do have a fear of frogs and toads though!

    • Oh no! I have never known anyone afraid of frogs – how interesting.. do you mind looking at them in pictures, I never put up pictures of spiders because i have readers who get terrible frights just looking at pictures of them.. c

  4. Look at that tail! It’s like a waterfall… so beautiful. And Mr Toad is like a nuggety lump of roughly carved rock. My backyard is sprinkled with tiny baby toads the size of the top of my little finger, but they jump to an amazing height, like little brown leaves drifting up and down…

      • I was wondering if all those feathers are still attached to Mr. Flowers. Spending a little time this evening catching up. Was that Carlos wavy hair a couple of posts back?

  5. The toad doesn’t look as cuddly as our specimens. As for the turkeys, try muttering, ‘Thanksgiving!’ at them!

  6. USA toads are creepy, no way I would pick up one of those monsters. SA toads are fairies in comparison 🙂 My lawn is finally the greenest it has been for nearly a year, but a bit confused as it should be going brown and dormant now. We have been lashed by big storms again, but the rain is welcome. Laura

    • Yes, they have a space waiting for them – once I start planting and all the plants come out of there the turkeys will go in – to be fattened up I think. c

  7. Maybe explain the concept of Thanksgiving to that turkey…. I’m glad you’re offering shelter to the toad. They’re ravenous insect eaters.

  8. What a gorgeous fine fellow your toad is…or gal! I wonder how you tell the difference? Besides kissing it to see if it turns into a prince or not! 🙂
    Ps. Who was your guest from Michigan? That’s where I am now!

  9. Your Toad must be looking for education on the Farmy. Will it be Public School, or “Croakial” school? I just had to say it.

  10. LOL – I can sooo relate to this one! Our nephew came out with his family a couple years ago. They came in a truck with a nice camper on the back. The top of the camper had a type of sunroof/vent. Guess where the turkeys ended up (we had about 12 of them roaming around at that time)? They like perching in the trees along with the peacocks – but this warm summer night they were having a ball pecking on the top of the camper. (hee hee ) When my Nephew first heard it, he said he freaked out – thought some weirdo was trying to break in. Then he realized what it was and laughed. By morning he did not think it was so fun as the silly birds nested on top there all night – pecking and of course pooing! I still get giggles remembering it all! thanx for the memories!!

  11. Handsome Toad! At least this one won’t be arrested for driving too fast. Looks like this is a good worker toad. Mr. Flower’s tail is gorgeous, you certainly caught a more unique view of it. The turkeys and Geraldine sure have the nerve popping into the house uninvited and gobbling up those veggies. Have a lovely day.

  12. Much love and greetings, Celi and all! – Hope the toad does not attack your seedlings and vegies in the green house!

  13. Love the toad photee. Lost our old cat today, I look like that toad. … though, I think he’s feeling better than me.

  14. I sure hope there are enough bugs to keep your new lodger happy for the next few weeks. You’ve enough animals to feed without branching out to amphibians. 😀

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